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  1. Hi everyone! If there isn't really anyone your age from church, how would you suggest finding another Christian "waiter" without "church hopping"? I've tried Christian Mingle, but with little to no success (most women admitted they weren't even Christian and just wanted to date a "nice guy") I'd appreciate your advice!
  2. Long-distance relationship?

    Hi everyone! I was just curious if you have considered potentially dating someone who does not live in the same state/province, perhaps even country as you? I feel like that may just be the only way I will ever find someone who is waiting too
  3. Say Yes- Michelle Williams feat. Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland
  4. Hello!

  5. I'm so happy a site like this exists because for the longest time, I've had the impression of being the only person who wants to wait until marriage. I'd really appreciate your advice if you have any to proffer ... and I look forward to making new friends here! Cheers, Brand0n