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  1. Getting ghosted

    Slightly new development. He started messaging me again telling me dates when he is going to be gone again for work and that maybe we could hang out before he has to leave. Then he tells me he is giving up physical contact for lent so if we hang out it will just be hanging out.
  2. I am 37 yrs old never married and a virgin. Until recently it had even been over a decade since I had even kissed someone. I had been on lots of 1st dates but never really felt a deep connection. Until I met this guy about a month ago. We went on 4 dates the first week with the 3rd date lasting about 12 hours ( going to the zoo, and just a Sunday Drive) I thought things were going really well because he didn't even try to hold my hand until the end of the 3rd date and then a little later that night we kissed. I told him it had been a long time since i had even kissed someone but didn't go into my virgin status. He seemed very sweet and understanding about the kissing and seemed to be like he would take his time. We both had a lot of travel planned right after that 1st week and were both out of the country with limited cell service from time to time. But when we were both going to be back in town ( his flight returned late) he wanted to see me and asked if I would come to his hotel and hang with him and chat, I said I would come hang for an hour but just driving around or at a restaurant not his hotel. He seemed fine with this, and I thought things were still going great. We kissed and there was some petting involved and he even went to 2nd base( which I was ok with) and even as soon as he did he asked me mid kiss if I was ok. He did seem to act a little funny that I wouldn't go hang at his hotel but didn't say much about it and kinda murmured under his breath that what did I think was going to happen? Then that night I noticed he was missing from my matches on the dating site we met on, and I didn't hear much from him the next 2 days. Today (3rd day) we had plans to see a movie if he was free and I messaged him to see if we were still on. He just replied he had been super busy and didn't answer about the movie. Another reason I may be worrying is I leave again in 2 weeks and will be gone almost 3 weeks. After the amazing 1st week I was hoping i would see him again before I had to leave again. Am I being crazy to think that he is ghosting me? How long do you all wait before you reveal your status of waiting?
  3. I am a Christian, but I don't believe that creation was in 6 literal days. But there is a lot of things I have my own view on, which makes it really hard for me to find a church I would feel comfortable in. So I just imitate Jesus the best I can by showing love for others and treating them as I want to be treated. No one has all the answers, and the main way to follow Christ is so love for others.
  4. Chaperones

    Thanks everyone! And I agree, and tried to explain my stand to my Dad. But he is just being a Dad and super protective I guess.
  5. Although waiting is a strong personal decision, I think it was instilled into me by my parents. I am 33 and mentioned to my Dad I have a date tomorrow, and he says if I don't have a chaperone that I could put myself in a testing situation. I haven't dated much recently and this would be a first date. My parents seem under the impression that if you are alone with someone and they start charming you, then you will lose all will power and go to a hotel with them. Does anyone else feel like chaperones is a good idea?
  6. I am curious what works for other, at what point when starting to see someone new do you bring up that you are waiting. I respect the fact that not everyone is like me and waiting, so is this something you should bring up on a first date, or could it wait a little longer? What has worked for you?
  7. for picking up someone in the produce section. If you were a fruit you would be a fineapple.
  8. Hi, I'm new from OK.

    I love to stay busy always traveling, meeting new people, going to new places. My friends aND family can not believe I am still single because according to them I am an amazing catch. I always try to be kind to all and a generous person. A huge reason (not the only) for me deciding to wait is because I was raised very religiously, and I still feel this is the thing to do to respect God and his arrangments. I am my own kinda crazy, I love being me. I like crafting, I make greeting cards mainly. I also love video games, retro ones like Mario and Zelda especially. Really trying to get a routine habit of working out. I always feel better when I do. Starting to try a little yoga but not too far with that yet. Love reading. I could spend a whole day in some used book stores I frequent. Now that I think of it no wonder I'm still single, lol I make no room for dating.
  9. Do you on any dating sites?

    I am on OKCuupid and Plenty of Fish, For the most part I haven't really met that I hit it off with that had the values I do. I do like the features of OKCupid that lets you answer questions and see if your answers match. One of the questions I always look for is when in relationship should you have sex, and could you marry someone before having sex. I don't expect to find someone my age who is also still a virgin, I just want them to respect that is what I want.
  10. Hi, I'm new from OK.

    Hi, My name is Andrea and I am in my early 30s and have never been married. I believe in waiting til marriage, but am really having a hard time believing that I will be able to meet someone who feels the same as me. This website was such an encouragement that I am not alone. Dating and finding people seems to be hard in any situation, even for my non-waiter friends. So for me it just seems near impossible. It was also refreshing to see many backgrounds on this site. So glad to have found a group of like minded people.