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  1. Pottermore Sorting Hat!

    Saw this coming a mile away Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions) Your Result: RAVENCLAW 88% Congratulations! You have been sorted into Ravenclaw, the house of intelligence, curiosity, individualism, and wit. You are amongst other Ravenclaws, such as: Cho Chang, and Luna Lovegood. 40% GRYFFINDOR! 40% SLYTHERIN! 34% HUFFLEPUFF!
  2. Lifestyle Choices

    Personally, I'm really attracted to the idea of homesteading. I've spent my whole life in a suburb, and I could do without the big house. I would like a nice lot of land, where I can have an aquaponics lab, chickens, a mycology corner, wild/cultivated permaculture gardens, the whole nine yards. I also want to build a cobb house, or maybe a tiny house. Lots of kids, livestock, the whole sha-bang!
  3. Lifestyle Choices

    Hi. Long time commentor, first time poster. I was just wondering what sort of lifestyle everyone would ideally like to live? I mean, we all probably want to get married, but what then? Do you want to live in the country? The city? Do you want kids? How many? Stay at home dad/mom? Jet-setting? M.A.S.H. time!
  4. What kind of bedroom do you want?

    Safety first, eh? Nice one, John. I don't think the style of room matters much to me either, he can choose. As long as I have my quite area with my library and large, comfortable chair that's off limits to anyone else...
  5. what would you want to know about the future

    I guess I'd ask if I ever find true happiness. WHOA, that sounded darker than I meant for it to . But I think I have a hard time imagining a scenario where I would be happy, long term (or even short term). I feel like most things in life don't hold much interest for me, and those that do only their most romanticized forms. Even them, I loose interest in them quickly. I think maybe I habituate to quickly. So I'd ask if I'm ever content.
  6. Science if flawed, because man kind can never understand the phenomenon of God without first understanding him. The bible says that all of creation stands as witness to God's greatness. How can we expect for nature to reveal it's secrets without listening to what it's actually saying? Take carbon dating, for instance. Science says that the decay of carbon atoms can date an object (a fossil for instance), but why do we trust their interpretation? There is really no way to corroborate the statement, because we can't go back in time to verify. We then base all other findings on the "irrefutable" fossil records, but science has a habit of coming back around and admitting that previous findings were incorrect but assuring the public that this time they've gotten it right. That being said, I believe that science serves as evidence of God's greatness, not as an opponent of it. It is only mankind's limited understanding that makes them cling to the tangible even though it proves the existence of the intangible. The scripture that says that a thousand years is as a day to God is prove of the shifting nature of time in regards to God. I don't necessarily take it as a verbatim description of God's timeline, but It reminds us that God is the master of time, not the other way around. In this instance, I don't necessarily believe that it took six of our earth days for God to make creation. Though he very well could have, I think that the bible paints a picture of a God who respects times and seasons, and wouldn't slap something together without taking time to craft the objects and their history together. Ultimately, I'm not sure it really matters to me.
  7. Non-waiters withholding

    If your SO feels that you are the one as well, than maybe she is looking back at every other relationship and doesn't want to make the same mistakes. Or she may feel that since you are her soul mate, she wants to give the relationship all the gravity and reverence it deserves. If she was with other people casually, or even in a serious relationship before, she wants this to be different.
  8. What if your man...

    Honestly, I think I'd be cool with it. I mean, sex is a very emotional experience (from what I'm told), and we would have waited a long time. The wedding night would not only be our first time, but the culmination of all that we had waited for, the realization that you could finally be with the person you loved, the actualization of having found your soulmate, and so much more. It's the beginning of us being a family, and the promise that he would never be alone. I think that might be worth a few tears. Plus, we'd be married. If he couldn't cry in front of me at such an emotional time, then who could he cry in front of? I think that a spouse should be your safe haven, the one person who sees all of you, not someone who judges you. But that's just me.
  9. Are there times in life...

    I think that taking some "you" time is a really good idea. While it is completely possible to find a woman in your current state, if you are seeking someone of a high caliber, you should be working toward the same. Right now you're very vulnerable, and you aren't secure in who you are and how you feel about yourself. Bringing someone else into that will only make your situation worse, as you seek to define yourself in relation to another person. Take this time to just seek yourself. It's okay not to have a plan right now, and it's ok to feel a little lost. What isn't ok is to grope around for someone else if you're sinking. You wouldn't want a woman to cling to you and drag you down. That's my opinion, but I respect your candor. Everyone feels lost sometimes, and especially when we throw ourselves into something and it isn't what we thought it was. We're always here if you need to talk I guess I would say the same to you, Invincible. But you're not the only one feeling the struggle. I'm using my "waiting" time to become the sort of woman that I want to be (spiritually, mentally, and physically). As struggling as close to "self-actualization" (as Maslow might put it) as I can. I want to make sure that when I meet the "right" person, I have something to offer them and can add to them, not detract. I think that is a better use of my time than chasing love. When I meet that guy, I want to be the sort of woman that he knows he can't be without. Thanks for sharing your struggle
  10. Maybe, maybe not. The virgin pool is to small for people to start claiming "dibs" on others. Plus, if he is in love with the other girl (and never loved the first one), then he should hook you up too. If I were you I would A) find a better friend, who wasn't hoarding girls like they were the last drop of water in a desert. and threaten to tell his current girl. I mean, if she finds out that his is hoarding another girl on the side, do you think she is going to be happy? She is going to start wondering why HER man is holding on to some other girl, and won't just pass the number on...just sayin'
  11. Love is forgiving, so if you can't forgive her for sleeping with the other guy, than maybe you don't need to be together. You being disinterested in sex with her is definitely going to affect her self esteem, and if you care about her than you won't want to cause that sort of psychological damage (which will haunt your relationship and any future relationships, should you eventually choose to end it). You chose a girl who was willing/intended to sleep with you because she liked/loved you, right? So why are you upset that she had those same feelings for someone else, and behaved the same way? I'm not trying to put either of you down, but this is obviously the sort of person that she is, and has always been. So why are you mad about it now? She can't help it that the other guy is taller/more attractive than you (your words, not mine), and she can't help it that she met him first. But she did choose to love you, and since can't change the past, you can either choose to love her back (and let go of neither of you can change) or let her go. But what you are doing right now is torturing both yourself and her for what neither of you can control, and that doesn't demonstrate love for either yourself or for her.
  12. Cheating

    I guess it depends on whom you ask. Scientifically speaking, when polled, men reported feeling betrayed (cheated on) if their SO had sexual contact with someone else, but not if the SO had feelings for someone else. Inversely, women reported that they could get over their SO having sex with someone else, but felt betrayed (cheated on) if the SO fell in love with someone else. In my opinion, they are one in the same. If my SO had sex with someone else, but claimed to still love me, I wouldn't believe them, because if they loved me then their love should have kept them from cheating on me. In the same way, if they had feelings for someone else I would feel that it didn't matter that they hadn't had sex yet, because they had already given that person their heart.
  13. Nerdy virgin

    ABSOLUTELY! Truer words have never been spoken, BC I am definitely a nerd/geek, and have been all my life. I have a huge collection of comics, a tidy sum of manga, and spend my time gaming, watching Dr. Who, or learning out of the way skills. As a woman, I'm not really sure if being a nerd has played any part in my maintained virginity, as it never seemed to deter guys from trying to pursue me. It really has more to do with standards, respect for myself, and my pursuit of God, to be honest. But I applaud you for your new(ish) found focus on self-improvement. We should always be learning, evolving, and growing into better people. This time that we are waiting isn't wasted if we spend it making ourselves the best people that we can be (spiritually, mentally, and physically). My dad always encouraged my siblings and I to consider what we would bring to our future partner that no one else could give them, so I work hard now to make sure that when I finally meet him, I will truly be worth a "price above rubies". I think that a lot of waiters focus on the destination (finding the "right" one), but forget that the journey is an opportunity to become that "diamond in the rough" that will arrest your soul mates heart.
  14. I totally understand how you feel, DZ. I'm an ambivert, and can be very outgoing, but I then I swing the other way and can withdraw. It can be hard to find people that you "click" with, and I am speaking from a general social standpoint, not just romantically. I think that I have the exact opposite problem, where I find guys that are attracted to me, but we don't really have the chemistry. In my BCM all of the guys are like brothers in the lord, and so having that type of chemistry can be difficult as well. I think the key might be exposure. Putting yourself out there to meet a lot of different people. It's a numbers game, really. If there are 6billion people in the world, and only one girl that's right for you (or even one specific type of girl) then you've got to get out and try to sift through all of them. Start with people with whom you have something in common. Since we're in the same boat, if I ever figure it out, you'll be the first to know
  15. Could You....

    I just read this, and IT. HAD. ME. ROLLING. just the mental was hilarious to me. Thanks for sharing