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  1. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    Sorry. Women check out what's in a man's pants all the time. If things don't stick out of his pants from the size of his body, it better be from the size of his wallet, at least... Let's be honest. Once couples start making babies, there is rarely a couple alive that doesn't want what's best for their kids. It seems that if given two options in a man where everything is equal between then except their income, then a woman will have a preference for higher income. I mean really. A part of a man even goes into what created his income in the first place, like all that hard work he put into it, for example. I think it also benefits MEN to realize these things by actually answering questions of this nature when they HAVE favorable traits. Are you a man that makes a lot of money? Then how would YOU answer the question? It is always easier to admit a "hard truth" in life when somebody can deliver... Also, I wouldn't mind if a woman liked a man with a large income as long as she could prove she had what it took to earn it for herself. With all the women's lib. (which I support personally for a multitude of reasons, and not necessarily feminism) out there, I would be more accepting of a woman who wants a large income man if she could prove she could earn a large income of her own. Hell, in a waiting community like this one; how much free time does one have to go after her hopes and dreams as a waiter anyways? She should work on her career if she doesn't have sexual burdens to worry about. And, that's what women's lib. has always been about: choices... It is not the money, per se. It is how one acquires it, and how someone uses it...
  2. Very wise; don't get married too young. Dragging things out while one is in their 30's is probably a bad thing, but knowing how to prioritize your goals in life as a young adult might require waiting. Don't worry, being self-aware like this is something that some folks only wished they had, but do not. You are lucky to have clear goals and a boyfriend who can recognize that. Rediscovering each other as adults rather than as teenagers is worth experiencing... While marrying for sex isn't a bad thing, it is wise that you recognize that it isn't the ONLY thing. It turns out, all the experienced couples in my life I maintain great friendships with have a way of putting it. I have read elsewhere on the site a blog that outlines it they way they do in a very clear way, so I will recite it: Sex is like the icing on the cake of marriage. If the relationship is bad, then the sex will be bad. If the relationship is good, then the sex will be good. Also, the bad or neglected sex can wear the relationship and the good sex can enhance the relationship. Good frosting is enjoyed best with good cake. Marriage is about the whole cake. But it's important to remember that the icing is the sweetest part of it...
  3. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS heh... Now maybe you might be able to turn that FROWN upside-DOWN; like this:
  4. I was nineteen years old once, and I had a really sexy girlfriend right before I decided to go to college after high school. It really felt like it was time for sex, and I didn't think it was right at the same time. I started asking other people for help. I asked questions like: "Is it really sex if I wear a condom?" "Will I still maintain my virginity if I <insert substitute activity>?" "Are we sure that waiting until marriage is what Jesus really wanted for us?" I went on and on and on like that. Asked this one person out of many. I asked many because when we feel weak, we need help from others. Why not? They are our friends, family, and colleagues, right? That one friend answered all of my questions just a simple reply everytime: "Don't do it..." It sounds like you are at a crossroads with what Jesus wants you to do with the rest of your life. That's the beginning of a great world with Him. I would put Jesus First, and watch the world get larger and larger as Jesus gets larger and larger in your life. A lot of women can become pregnant, but only a few can follow Jesus to do great things. Even if that great thing is to offer yourself as a sexually pure woman to one husband someday, that is truly a great thing. But, I suspect that Jesus Can Do even more. I was at a crossroads between what Jesus wanted to do with the rest of my life, and what I wanted to do with it. A lot of men have a groin that can "get the job done" so-to-speak, but not a lot of men can follow Jesus to do great things. I decided to take my friend's advice and take the "road less traveled by." It has indeed made all the difference. Allow me to elaborate on what happened in my own life when I chose Jesus' Way instead... Not that this will happen to you the same way or anything, but I want to show some of the benefits of waiting from my own perspective. I broke up with that sexy girlfriend because I was going on to college. After I visited for the first school breaks, I saw my x-girlfriend again. She already had a kid as a single mother by that first summer break. It wasn't mine because there was no chance of it. I could have been trapped in my town as a new father while I was meant for such big academic fulfillment. This kinda crap happened over and over too in college. I had a lot of prospects, but nothing ever came of any of those girls because they weren't right for me. Eventually, since I knew none of those girls were right, and Jesus had a plan for my life, I got a PhD, played guitar like a rockstar, became a pilot, and practiced martial arts. I tried some other things too, but they didn't take off like the others. I couldn't have done all of that if I had simply become a father at 19. I wouldn't have ever maximized my potential, but instead become lost in a sea of statistics. Even though I am a 30-something, I am not implying that you will have the same adventures that I have had with Jesus. You may not even have to wait remotely close to as long as I have. Also, I am not saying you should break up with your boyfriend. Far from it. But, I am delighted to share with you that I would follow Jesus with just as much reckless abandon as I had at 19 if I had to do it all over again, even though I have waited this long. The "proof is in the pudding," as it were, now that I have a lot to show for what waiting can help someone accomplish... The choice before you as a delightful christian woman can be made very clear: "Do you want to relieve your anxieties about waiting for sex by finally giving in even though it is driven by instincts and jealousy? Or, do you want to give Jesus a chance to show you his idea of an exciting adventure when you put your life on hold to follow Him Instead...???" I think if you choose Jesus, you will be very excited to find out just what kind of adventures might result from doing things Jesus' Way. Therefore I give you the same simple advice that worked for me long ago: "Don't do it..."
  5. Wedding song

    Since I have been single for so long, I thought this will have been appropriate... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i28UEoLXVFQ
  6. Wedding song

    Of COURSE !!! Did we just get rickrolled ??? XD
  7. Good But Not Enough

    I think its great to keep strivin' to acheive greater and greater things. I continue to do this in my own life, and I am sure you do the same. Being thorough is certainly a great tool to make ourselves better christians. However, I think there is a fast way to spot who wants to encourage a need for Jesus and who encourages a need for their own agenda. I've found that people who who never acknowledge how far Jesus Has ALREADY taken someone in life are the ones who are pushing their own agenda. This is because people who push their own agendas get mad when they aren't in control of the success that God acknowledges. It is one kind of humility to look up at the pyramid we wish to build for God and realize that it is no small task when we realize how much higher we need to go. It is greater humility, however, to look DOWN at one's own pyramid and be ready to acknowledge that something about the base could be improved or *gulp* CORRECTED. The church seems to have a real problem today acknowledging that they may have made mistakes, so they have a hard time improving or correcting. Yet, a lot of church members will tell others that they aren't perfect, but they don't want to correct it. A lot of people don't like that because they may have to start over and redo work on a pyramid they have to admit they built WRONGLY. But in order to get to the top, it is necessary for the foundation to be correct first. Otherwise, people will begin to think that they need to generate excuses as to why the pyramid is not able to support weight according to the original plans to build higher. That's because everything must be within specification if we are to build a pyramid worthy of the provision and high esteem with which Jesus Holds us. Jesus thinks VERY highly of us, and He Knows what we are really capable of...
  8. Good But Not Enough

    Personally, I think this kind of thinking leads to: "You do not have what you want because you need to do one more thing to get it." That's "chasing the dragon." You will never reach it. Someone will always try and provide another with a haughty explanation for what has not yet been acquired. I think it is better to let people help by actually helping another acquire what they desire. Not by making up a story about one more thing to do, and then next thing and the next thing, and ad nausueum. Everything else is sort of blaming the victim beyond their control. I think it goes deeper also. This "never good enough" philosophy is a trick that the mainstream church has been using to combat the failing relevance that the mainstream church experiences by leaving themselves out of the progress of the 21st century. I think most congregations are (or may not be for much longer) tax-free businesses. Since people who may have had problems at one point in life stay for a long time, they still may desire something they have yet to acquire after a very long time. Well, the church needs their money, and must continue to declare that they aren't good enough so that they stay just a little bit longer. Then they can just declare that if they do one more thing, one after the other, that it will EVENTUALLY come. But, it never does. It will always be, "You aren't good enough, so you need to keep coming to our congregation."
  9. Nerdy virgin

    Right. There are plenty of buddies I have had who have been nerds since our college days. College is a great place to get tail, and they got plenty. College is also full of nerds. Call the waahmbulance, lulz...
  10. When to let a guy know you plan to wait

    I think you should wait to find guys you like that you find "mature" enough to date before you worry about any of this. If you find one, you don't have to tell fellas you are waiting to set boundaries. You can just set the boundaries clearly by saying something like: "I am not looking for trouble. I just want a nice date, not a one-night-stand." Or maybe: "I am not looking for "hook-ups." Even though you are making your present company a man's business on a date, you don't have to make your BODY his business. You don't have to tell a man you are waiting at all on a date. In fact, if a man is getting nosey and wants to pry into your virginity (sorry for the pun), then you can retort back with a strong glaring expression by saying something like: "EXCUSE ME? Did you just call me a virgin?" You can certainly play your "woman gets away with it" card by splashing your wineglass into his face too if he gets pushy about it and just leave the table (if its a restaurant, or something). You can show him a "waiter" he should be interested in at anytime by calling for one to get the check, heh...
  11. A question for Christians

    The alleged mainstream christian church is in total contradiction of its teachings on sexuality in the present state. Drilled over and over in sermons is how sacred sexuality is supposed to be. No one ever talks about sexual problems in public, and no one talks about healthy sex. It is always a forbidden or neglected topic. If a middle-aged person is single, there is no advice on sex whatsoever except for the word "no." This is incredibly naive advice considering how sexual human beings are compared to other creatures. I'll just be kind. I get it; people regard sexuality as sacred in christian public circles. They just don't talk about it. However, all the sudden when a homosexual arrives in alleged christian circles, it is everyone's business for some reason. Sexuality is somehow not sacred. A complete 180 happens. So, apparantly, masturbation is regarded (though not necessarily true, just popular opinion) as a sin in many alleged christian circles. However, by stark contrast, the topic is always swept under the rug. Masturbation is simply not something talked about in the church. Extramarital affairs happen in the church all the time, yet that topic is clearly sinful, and it is swept under the rug. Homosexuality, by contrast, if believed to be sinful has been attacked unfairly and disproportionately by the church for no reason at all. There is another problem. I am not sure people even are defining homosexuality as sin right (if it even is a sin). Do people mean sodomy? Do people mean a man lying with another man (which may imply lesbianism is not a sin)? Do people mean that simply being born homosexual is a sin? The church usually has no idea what's goin on because it places more importance on the bible than on Jesus. Yet the people that do this have no theological training whatsoever. I invite anyone trained in even elementary bible theology to ask their local pastor where some of the canon's origins are, and what things really mean within. You will undoubtedly get a lot of hillbilly answers, or just watch your visit get turned into a therapy session by all the existential questions u get in return for asking some that actually matter. Hell, I don't even know if christians are just confusing themselves with being politically conservative anymore, heh...
  12. The four temperaments

    This is incredibly old and Aristotelian. The most similar modern version of this is the Meyer's-Briggs' Temperament Indicator. Just don't use it to find a good roommate. It always fails there...
  13. Random Thoughts

    So, my belt is holding up my pants. However, my beltloops are attached to my pants, and are holding up my belt. What the hell is going on? XD
  14. Can you just be friends with a woman??

    In short, it was possible for me to maintain platonic relationships with women. However, it was not possible for any of the women with whom I tried to maintain platonic status. It wasn't my fault, I swear...heh... I personally suspect that even if a woman isn't initially interested in a relationship, she would at least like to explore the possibility of one. If a woman doesn't feel like she is getting anywhere within it, she will move on. I find that women often say things like: "I think it is cool that we can just be friends." However, I do just that, and they give up when romantic advances never come from me. If execute any romantic gestures later, it is a miracle. Somehow the friendship is restored. I've never found that a man has a problem with platonicism. I find that women, in my own experiences do, but will never ever EVER admit it. They want men to guess that a relationship is desired by her so that she can feel like it is "meant to be" because she didn't "cause it" by suggesting anything. I think platonic relationships are a feminine invention to deal with a woman's desire to advance on a prospective mate without having to be rejected if it doesn't work out. It never works because not being clear about one's own desires leads to inconsistent results. There is no such thing as magic. Even though sexual attraction is beyond our control, the first few seconds of meeting someone new already takes care of that before a friendship even starts. Waiting for magic isn't going to change natural attraction...
  15. Guys with long eye lashes

    I am so vain. I probably think this post is about me... XD