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  1. I guess the title says it all But this is probably on the minds of a lot of us still-waiting ones...
  2. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi, I joined about a month ago and I'd like access to the GO forum! Thanks!
  3. There's probably a similar topic on here already, but what specifically do you believe should be off-limits until marriage? Anything but actual intercourse? Or is there a more fine line? I guess it comes down to what you believe is the purpose of waiting. On a similar note, has anyone here wondered about sex scenes in movies, and whether those are not really a form of porn? Obviously in your average pg-13 or even r rated movie they're much less revealing than porn, but I still wonder if there isn't a rather gray area there. What do you think?
  4. Baby names?

    This has been my hobby since I was about 8 years old! Girls: Finvarra (Fin or Finna for short) Shiloh Winnie (short for either Winnipeg or Quinn) Andreva Rory Demetria Boys: Asa Lukah (Luie, Luke) Aeneas Addie (short for Addissen) Harry (short for Henry) I think it's interesting how the people on this forum by in large chose rather similar sounding names, and frequently not ones that fit with today's naming fads...
  5. Trying to Better Understand Theism and Religion

    Simply, I felt Him with me. And it came about because someone finally helped me see that I couldn't believe, not really, not on my own. He does it all for me.
  6. No, I really appreciate your opinions! I guess it must always seem like your own parents fight more than everyone else's, because your friends' parents don't fight in front of you!
  7. Here's my backstory: my parents are middle aged, middle class people. I'm 99% sure they were waiters (honestly I never straight out asked them), and our household was always stable, although often stressed and always a bit crazy! Although they seem to get along, as a kid I watched their relationship get more and more stressed and less and less enjoyable. Maybe it had to do with putting kids through college,maybe I was misread some signs, but I almost never saw them act in love or anything like that. As I get closer to thinking about marriage, I've found myself wondering if a truly loving relationship is sustainable over decades. I don't just want to get along with my future husband, I want to be in love with him for my whole life. For those of you who've been married for a while, how has your relationship changed? Do you still feel in love? Do you still have sex? Is it harder to get along than it was before? Do you ever second guess your choice in spouse? This is something that has bothered me for years — what do you think?
  8. Physical strength: a dealbreaker?

    I would say that you can tell a lot about a person by how much they value personal health/fitness. So, I'm not looking for superman, but it would definitely cause me to second guess a man if he appeared to pay little attention to his body and its potential. If he takes good care of himself, it stands to reason that he is capable of taking care of others.