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  1. Your Avatar and Your Intentions

    Interesting question... Somehow a picture of myself seemed out of the question, not because I don't like how I look; because I feel blessed for who I am and how I look, but the hole virtual identity stuff gives me the creeps, especially on something so personally linked like this site and all the sharing of personal information that comes with it. I guess I have a personal fear of being virtually stalked, lol. But with this said I admit it's more rewarding to see a face linked to the words so maybe I will reconsider it in the future. The picture I chose is more like a statement("Never underestimate the power of a woman"), even though I'm not a feminist nor against what feminists stand for ( I absolutely understand, after all, I am a female). But it's a statement that I shared by which I simply want to remind myself - of my personal power, to other women - of their personal power, to males - of the complementary power that a woman can bring. So, something about the power within... oh, and the blonde hair is right on spot - at the time at least. .
  2. Single Life

    I've been single my hole life and I just turned 25. I somehow feel younger maybe also because I don't feel "used" in anyway. I have been heart-broken but I never really felt I loved someone so that's a weird thing to say. Being single: sometimes it's unbearable, sometimes it feels like a blessing; like everything in life it depends on something else and most of all it depends on your attitude towards it or simply your perspective. I do believe the singleness time is a period set for personal growth, re-learning love towards the self(society, even family in some cases, has a way of taking that away from you) learning your personal values, your place in the world and so much more exploring of the world and yourself. But if there's a period/feeling I would like to pass, it would be that period exactly between singleness and relationship, when I'm just meeting someone that could be relationship/marriage potential (it never really happened so maybe that's why I don't like it) and I start wondering... "what if? what if he could be the man?" ... I find that so time consuming and tiring. That's why it's very important for me to start a friendship at first. I also embrace the idea you guys shared about dating strangers. I've been there, I've done that but it's so strange(/strangers... figures) and awkward(maybe because of the forced meeting context) and even boring at times(which is weird because not knowing much about somebody should make space for a lot of discussion but it turns out the opposite most of the times).
  3. I find it hilarious that I got "picked-up" (not really, this was after I met this guy and continued to talk online) with the very first line in this thread: "Your daddy must have been a thief because he stole the stars out of the sky and put them in your eyes." and I only realized it was a pick-up line after I read it here... talking about being blonde.(it's okay it goes away with washing) But when he said more like texted it all I could think of was how beautiful my eyes seemed to him... yep. That's how much pick-up lines are used in my country. (and he's not from my country, figures) Pick-up lines I've heard? : "Can I grab you a beer?" - yep, pretty much straight-forward ... or another line of my favorites when I asked a guy what his age was(in a club, my bad), his answer: "I am a vampire." ...
  4. Hello everyone :)

    Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone :)

    Thank you!
  6. 1. & 2. Motorcycle Diaries 3. Man of steel 4. The lunchbox 5. I origin 6. Lost in translation 7. Casablanca "Listen to me, Theo. Before you can change the world you must realize that you, yourself, are part of it. You can't stand outside looking in." - The dreamers I'm certain I'll come back with another post in here... ah, movie lines...
  7. Hello everyone :)

    Thank you all very much for the warm welcome!! Very happy to be here
  8. Hello everyone :)

    Nice to be here!
  9. Hello everyone :)

    Hello everyone It's nice to have discovered this site and community which seems like a treasure in this world we're living. I hope to find answers in here to questions that I have related to this topic and to get to know you special people. Waiting 'till marriage was not something I thought about in my childhood or wished for but I always imagined I will simply meet "my one" at the right time, we will marry and it will all follow through without hassle. Secretly(not anymore) I still wish for that, but I'm old enough to know it's not that simple. As I've seen in the relationships around me, starting a sexual relationship with someone brings a closeness that is very hard to forget once you brake up with that person and it's something you will bring along with yourself in all your future relationships. So when I understood that, it sounded like a lot of pain that I didn't want and didn't think I could go through. It simply breaks not only your heart but your soul and it's not only a matter of how strong you are but it could also be, for any path you choose. Unlike most of you guys, I didn't grew up in an active christian family nor atheistic. We were all baptised at birth as orthodox christians and my parents like everybody else kept the religious holidays and festivities but without any spiritual concern attached to them. Spirituality was not something we talked about because other things were considered more important, but my parents were moral, conservative people and in a way I appreciate that. I do have a sister that has changed her religion because of her belief system so I think this is the thing that kept me in touch with the more spiritual side of life.Personally, I'm a christian believer but am not attached to any religion at this point. So I'm the typical: spiritual but not religious example, you may say. Ok, so, other then this I like to talk mostly about anything but especially realities of life and where this world is heading, ethical&moral issues, responsible living, concerns for human&animal rights, health but also more fun stuff like films/film making, arts, music, hobbies&diy, travel and just enjoying a good laugh.