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  1. Birth order

    Fourth of five. Three sisters that are 14,10 and 7 years older then me and one brother that is 3 years younger.
  2. I had my tonsils out the week of Thanksgiving when I was 10 . Also had sinus surgery the week before Thanksgiving when i was 14. Neither hurt near as bad as wisdom teeth did.
  3. How many weddings have you been to?

    I've lost count of how many,i have a lot of cousins. One was my oldest sister's I was the flower girl, when I was 5 Another was my second sister as a petition reader, when I was 14 Been to two friends weddings,nearly caught the bouquet at both. Farthest wedding was my cousin in south Carolina.
  4. Favorite Films by Genre

    Anime-Kiki delivery service,spirited away Animation-Pocahontas,mulan, frozen Action/ adventure- advengers Comedy-League of their own, Princess Bride, Robin hood Men in Tights, Airplane Dance-Dirty Dancing, Footloose(original) Drama- Steel Magnolias Family-Stardust, Princess diaries,Ella Enchanted Musical- hair spray,Rent,Mamma Mia Romantic-Pride&Prejudice, Titanic Sci-fi- avatar
  5. Worst pain I've ever felt ? Wisdom teeth surgery. had to have two of them cut out, then get infected.I had bruises on my jaw for atleast two weeks,the doctor even flinched when he saw them.
  6. New to the site

    Welcome Chak.
  7. New

  8. Welcome, it's nice to meet you too.
  9. Hello, new here

    Welcome Luke.
  10. Have you ever cried during a movie?

    I'm tearing up now just thinking which movies to list. The beginning of up, titanic when jack dies,bridge to terabitha,romeo+juliet.
  11. The Island game

    3 books a beastly-alex flynn, sweet cherry ray, A better reason to fall in love 3 movies league of there own,princess bride,robinhood men in tights 3 song light my fire-doors,only exception-paramore,paradise by the dashboard lights- meatloaf 3 tvshows Simpsons,chopped,futurama 1 meal old Chicago fettuccine Alfredo 1 drink sparkling cherrylimeade 1 luxury microwave
  12. fantastic community

  13. 2nd hand stores...

    I work for goodwill so i am a fan , But i can only shop at my stor on my days off.
  14. Hi! I'm new here!

  15. Baby names?

    My mom would tell people to have a second name ready. When my older sister was born, my mom decided that she looked like a Katherine then a Stephanie. Girl: Azalea,Aralie,Aria,Daisy,Ella,Elinoria,Lucia,Luciana, Nora,Pauline(after my grandma),Poppy,Scarlett Boy:Aiden,Cade,Drake,Finn,Liam,Robert(after my grandpa),Sawyer,Tobias
  16. "Prince"

    John smith, what can I say I like the adventurous type. His hair is a huge plus Have you seen his hair?
  17. Single Life

    I've been single my whole life(21). I agree with boots ,that nobody really wants to be single,but for me its comfortable. But I am ready to leave my comfortzone.
  18. Honeylemon from big hero 6 and taylor swift. I dressed up as taylor for Halloween to make fun of her a couple year ago,even though im only 5'2"
  19. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" Dirty Dancing Hercules: "Aren't you... a damsel in distress?" Meg:" I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day." Hercules (1997)
  20. What is your favorite baked good?

    I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so this is the short list: My daddy's cookies,my sister oreo dessert or her oatmealscotchies bars ,and even better french silk pie. So any thing sweet
  21. I'm back!

    Haven't met yet,But great to have you back.
  22. hi everyone

    Hi everyone I'm kelli ,I'm 21yrs old born and raised in Kansas. I come from a large supportive family that has fought for me in any way they can. I was born with very mild asperger autism,its mild enough I have to tell people that I have it. It's made dating a bit harder,but I know that the right person is out there waiting for me and will understand and look past it.
  23. 25 facts about YOU!

    1. Avid reader 2.I am horrible at dancing 3.I love disney movies and princesses 4.I've seen Aladdin the musical on broadway favorite disney princess is Pocahontas ,who as a little girl called her cocahontas 6. Im the fourth girl of five kids 7. My parents have been married 40 years 8. Never been kissed 9. Used to breed rabbits 10. Lifetime Girl Scout 11. Been to 3 Ku games 12. The smallest in my family at 5'2.5" 13. Have 3 nieces and 3 nephews 14. Been a aunt since i was 4 year old 15. Have 6 other people living in my house right now 16. Can do a elsa braid without looking in the mirror in less than 4 mins 17. Have a small cyst on my sleep gland in my brain 18. I'm a Daddys girl and mommys girl 19. Had the nickname monkeymarie as a little girl 20. I love useless facts and triva 21.favorite gemstone is aquamarine 22. Have a mini poodle named after my great great grandmother icea 23. angora rabbit named after my great grandpa sam 24. Can not date a smoker, i get migraines from first and secondhand smoke 25.a family joke , that we can't date anyone west of segwick county with out a family history check, because my dad was the youngest of ten kids
  24. What did you want be when you grew up

    Astronaut,teacher, scientist, if it had science in the name or had to do with it i wanted to be it.