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  1. I'm thoroughly intrigued by your predicate observation, Paul, taking into account the previous responses to this post, as well as the general consensus of many of my own friends and acquaintances, which typically seems to indicate a 'no', without any definitive difference between either gender's opinion. To tell of my own experience, one of my colleagues is compassionate, mature (being a number of years older than me, that's always nice), highly intelligent, has a wonderfully dry sense of humour, and the conversation continuously flows between us. Over the months, we've become very close friends. However, one day this summer, I saw him in a whole new light.... ...For the very first time, I was seeing him in short sleeves (dem ARMS, tho). For whatever reason, my heart skipped a beat, and its nearly-audible thumping rapidly increased in pace. I could feel my cheeks getting warmer and warmer, the longer I looked at him. ...Was this a likely sign that I was in love with him? Heck, no! ...Was this a likely sign that my paleomammalian brain reeeaaallllly wanted a piece o' dat? Probably. Personally, I believe in lust at first sight, as well as chemistry. The latter of these seems to be a meeting of minds, although oftentimes taciturn. For me - and I can only assume the other people I have shared this with - it wasn't due to looking at each other, and seeing a physical attraction; but, rather, experiencing an intrinsically empathic understanding of each other. As a romantic (albeit a cynical one), I rather enjoy entertaining the concept that everyone has a 'twin flame'. Supposedly, meeting each other for the first time is like seeing an old friend (and lover) whom you've known for many lifetimes. Apparently, you both 'just know' that you're 'meant to be'. I happen to like the idea that the man I marry will be my best friend. Some friendships form more quickly, and others grow over time. Surely the friendships in which you've invested more time and effort will be particularly meaningful...?
  2. Vincent DS

    Welcome to you, Vincent, from across the Channel! Reckon you'll love it, here.
  3. Welcome to you! I'm certain that this community will demonstrate just how wonderful oddities can be.
  4. religion... Why?

    In my humble opinion, GodsPhysicist absolutely hit the nail on the head when he chose to acknowledge the semantic changes of the word 'faith', which has lead to it often being considered synonymous with the word 'religion'. To me, to have faith is to have an unshakable courage in one's convictions. This could surely be demonstrable courage in oneself, a single deity or multiple deities, natural forces, etc. Whatever it may be, there is no need for anyone to share that faith, per se, as it is completely dependent on the individual's interpretation. Religion, then, I would describe as being a 'sociocultural movement'. There seems to be a collective consciousness in which human beings seek solace: if something is considered 'the norm' by a large, constantly-expanding group of fairly successful individuals, such ideas and ideals become a given. Over time, order comes from chaos. To me, that's what religion is: order. That all being said, I don't typically consider myself 'religious'. Spiritual, yes; but not religious. Although I can appreciate total uniformity in some things, there is no single defined religion - at least that I have found - that manages to encompass enough fundamental aspects of my own beliefs enough for me to adhere entirely to its practises. By having faith in myself and other things, I can adapt to the constant changes I go through, along with the world around me. I have faith in the possibility that God exists. I have faith in the possibility that multiple gods exist. I have faith in the possibility that no gods exist. Anything is possible. Personally, then, I don't need religion. I do, however, need faith.
  5. Guy's Voice

    I'm a complete sucker for a guy with a soft voice. I find them that much more approachable, in general. So calming, and reassuring... Although not to do with the tone, nor the pitch, etc., I also adore a man who sounds as though he's thinking hard about what the next words to come out of his mouth will be; maybe with the occasional pause. Oh, and if I can hear a smile in his voice...
  6. What's one thing you want to do in your lifetime?

    To bring life into this world; to become a mother. That would make me truly happy.
  7. Would You Marry Someone Exactly Like You?

    Interestingly, as far as looks go, I've found myself leaning toward men who looked very similar to myself, in the past. I guess there's an innate narcissism that always emerged when looking for a partner. Now, however, I'm a lot less focused on the physical. Still, though, I typically tend to lean toward men who embody qualities that are similar to my own. I can only assume, taking the proposition of the law of attraction into account, that this is a case of like attracting like: energy, vibrations, and all that other good stuff, y'know? I want to do good in the world; ergo, I hope to attract someone else who wants to do good in the world. When all is said and done, I wholeheartedly agree with what a few others have said, before me: I'm not looking for a carbon copy of Caroline (ew). Rather, I hope to find someone who fills in the gaps, as it were; someone who can bring out the best in me, and who allows me to bring out the best in him. That way, as two decent individuals, we can become one pretty epic whole.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome! No doubt you'll soon feel right at home, here.
  9. Hello from Toronto, Canada!

    Welcome, Brandon! Reckon you'll love it here.
  10. Date

    ...I can say going for a (vegan) dinner and talking, right? As much as I might not like to admit it, my values are incredibly important to me. I would always respect his values; and so, showing me that he would be interested in indulging my own would absolutely take the dairy-free cake. Alternatively, I've always loved the idea of just going for a walk, or drive, or cycle, or whatever mode of transport floats his boat (heck, boating is an option, too), and being spontaneous. "Hey, look! There's a canyon swing right across the street! Wanna go?" "Let's do it!" <-- That kinda thing.
  11. hey!

    Welcome, Beekay! I have little doubt you'll love it here.
  12. DHZ, Anything I say to you, it would seem, is simply going to reflect what has already been said; albeit in a manner that seems far less eloquent: go and live life. I always have been - and likely always will be - a firm believer in the notion that every single creature on Earth was delivered here for a reason. Our task is to realise our mission, whatever it may be, and to better the world as soon as we know best how to do it. Take every opportunity that is presented to you, and then make your own. Make the most of everything you do, and know that you have done all that you can. 'Transcendence' is certainly a good word. There never has been, and never will be, simply 'the self'. An infinite array of possibilities awaits you, and is there for the taking. Energy, empathy, and love are your tools - use them wisely. Whilst I've never yet been 'in love', per se, I've noticed a pattern: love comes to you when you least expect it, much like the nicest surprise. Focus on making the most of the wonderful life you have been gifted, and someday you will happen across someone who is eager to share that life with you. Do not lose hope, do not lose heart, and do not lose faith: someone will come to you when the Universe knows you are both ready to be found by each other.
  13. Singlehood

    ...What Paul said. (Dude, it's like you're in my head, sometimes. Seriously.) There are a few reasons, as far as I'm concerned, which account for my not having a partner. If I were to put things as bluntly as I sometimes want to, I have a feeling people would consider me to act all 'high and mighty'. However, in this instance, I shall do just that (Sagittarius folk are considered to be particularly frank, are they not?). 1) Inconsistency is a big one, for me; and I shall reference astrology, again, right here (my apologies to any and all of you who might think it meaningless or even offensive to do so). I'm a Gemini rising (, meaning there's a sense of duality (and then some) about me. Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of people. I just can't fathom why people are so interested in having to make conversation for conversation's sake. However, if I can see that there is a genuine want to reach out, I will respond with as much gusto as I can manage. Then, I will often attempt to engage people in fervent discussion if I can see that they are struggling to initiate the same, but keen in doing so. I've been called 'incredibly charismatic', 'a real people-person', and 'the sweetest person everrrrr' (over-emphasised rhotic ending optional) by multiple people, to date. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly appreciate hearing that people think that about me; but I wholeheartedly wish they wouldn't pay that much attention to me, in the first place. I would rather observe, and only approach a select few who I consider to be truly worth 'exploring' further (hold up, though: I'm more 'traditional' in the sense that I would rather be chased than do the chasing, romantically speaking). That is to say, if I do attempt to make the smallest of small talk with you, you can make a safe bet that I want to know everything about you. Something that seems to be cropping up more and more, these days, is my desire to socialise. I adore being able to go out and get to know people outside of work, for example, as it's fascinating to see different sides to the same person. I don't drink, as I don't feel I need to - I wouldn't be opposed to dancing on the tables even with my sobriety intact. 2) Relating somewhat to my first point, I'm always on the go, chasing new opportunities; and would even consider myself fickle, in this regard. An example of this is the fact that I own no less than 10 different musical instruments (and more than one of some of those), but would only consider myself able to play the cello and piano particularly 'well', as those are the two I've stuck at long enough to learn more than the basics. (But, y'know, my Gretsch lap steel looks really cool on the shelf, over there.) I've yet to find someone who can 'keep up with me', as it were. It's not that I get 'bored', per se; I just crave being with someone who will give me the freedom to constantly pursue new things, all the while trusting the fact that he will always be 'enough' for me to come back home to. Heck, hopefully he'd even come along with me for the ride! Life's too short, otherwise, don'tcha think? 3) In order to keep from making this an essay all about Caroline (oops; too late), I'll call this my last point. And this is perhaps the one I feel most guilty about, as it seems unbelievably superfluous. I'd like to find someone who's not from around these parts, geographically speaking. People who embody even a select few of the traits I hope to find already seem few and far between. Limiting the search area to where I live would likely be much the same as trying to find Waldo whilst blindfolded: not especially good for the nerves. I like the idea of searching further afield, and just making it work. The world is such a vast place, it would kinda seem like a waste not to explore it. Plus, I do enjoy travelling. Ultimately, if I can find a guy who shares the same core values as me (waiting until marriage, veganism, generally trying to make the world a better place, etc., etc.), we'll be winning like Charlie Sheen, in a less iniquitous way. And I'm confident that we will find each other, if it's the last thing either of us does.
  14. Haha, Jegsy - I'd say you're pretty much spot on, with that. I've always loved the idea of appreciating him lying there for awhile, and slowly drifting off into a dream world, together. I suppose what I was really going for was the notion that I would be keen for us to explore each other's minds, as well as bodies; and that doesn't necessarily have to end so abruptly. Then there's the concept of morning sex. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to that, at all...
  15. Ha - this absolutely made my day! Plenty of nights filled with Fichte and Kant ahead, I'm sure.
  16. Well...I hope not... As someone with an extraordinarily high sex drive (something that constantly surprises me), I imagine sex to be an intensely emotional bonding experience like no other. I find the notion of sex being 'just sex', as so many others seem to consider it, unbelievably difficult to comprehend. Moreover, any time I imagine what the sex would be like with my husband, I picture us having a deeply philosophical conversation before, during, and after the act. (Mood killer? I think not! Just you try getting me fired up about something - I could go for hours...!) Ergo, after what might well have been a long day of something I'll only have to repeat at the workplace the following day, I reckon I'll consider it important airtime. That said, I appreciate that, with time, things change. Children come along. Careers change. General health and wellbeing can falter. I would imagine that these three things, alone, could - and likely would - have an impact on the amount of sexual 'contact' we had. If we were talking purely about intercourse, as opposed to satiating any sexual desire at all, then I suppose the findings that I have stumbled upon whilst working for the IPC would be something to consider. There are plenty of people I have come across - men and women - who don't have any physical sensation below the waist. However, many of them have a loving partner or spouse; and others, even if not in a committed relationship, still enjoy an active sex life. I've come to the understanding that people experiment, and adapt: even if intercourse itself is not possible, there are certainly ways to keep one's significant other satisfied. In the end, love and (com)passion prevail. When all is said and done, however, I genuinely can't wait to experience that aspect of a loving relationship with a husband of my own, some day. For quite a while, I imagine - hope, actually - that rabbits will have some stiff (pardon the pun) competition.
  17. This is something that, for me, has changed a lot as I've matured. No longer do I 'require' a brown-eyed, floppy-haired older man; but I do still hope that whomever 'the one' might be, he has a few favourable traits. I'd love to find someone who is willing to adopt a compassionate lifestyle, if they don't already live one. As a vegan, I'd love for my partner to be similarly 'animal-friendly', sharing my belief that all lives are of equal worth. Whilst I undoubtedly want a partner I can trust, I also want to be with someone who will trust me; someone who will let me show them new things, and will take my hand and experience the world with me. Intelligence is an important trait, for me; although my definition of 'intelligence' is always subject to change. I suppose I'd really just like someone I can talk with, and who shares and understands my emotional needs. We could laugh together, cry together, learn together... I don't ever expect to agree on everything with him; but if he can accept my beliefs, and even learn from them - as I would like to do with his own - then I'm sure we will never run out of conversational topics. Someone who can embrace the things I enjoy, if possible. It would be lovely if we could both watch a sci-fi movie together, or enjoy a music concert, or play a game of tennis, et cetera. Perhaps we could both find new common interests. Selfishly, perhaps the most important thing, to me, is that he will be a good father. The thing I want most, in this world, is to be a mother; and a good one, at that. No matter what, I will love my children; and to know that he will always promise to be there for them takes the proverbial biscuit. ...I'm totally not asking for too much, right?
  18. Hello Im new, looking for women who enjoy snowboarding

    Welcome! I reckon you'll enjoy it here.
  19. Greetings from Denmark!

    Welcome, Peter! I reckon you'll really enjoy being here, as everyone seems to be so lovely. Meanwhile, your hobbies (and studies) intrigue me to no end; so be prepared for me to ask you about them in great detail, sometime in the future.
  20. The Island game

    3 Books: Brave New World - Aldous Huxley; 1984 - George Orwell; a foreign-language dictionary, perhaps in a language that uses a different alphabet to the Latin one I'm so familiar with. 3 Films: Benny and Joon (I'm a complete and utter sucker for a younger Johnny Depp); Inception; Love Actually. 3 Songs: November Rain - Guns N' Roses; Moskau - Dschinghis Khan; Adiemus - Karl Jenkins. 3 TV Shows: LOST; Ancient Aliens (because aliens); RT News. 1 Meal: Gotta be tofu and broccoli stir fry with rice, no question. 1 Drink: Orange juice (with plenty of pulp, please). 1 Luxury Item: My immediate thought was a pen. I guess I'll roll with it. I'd imagine that, if I were to answer this question again tomorrow, most answers would be different. Other people's thoughts certainly have me intrigued, though...
  21. From lurker to member... Hi

    The title of your post made my day. Welcome!
  22. Haha! Thankfully, I'm usually sprightly enough to leave my bed, before reaching for the scissors. I've yet to shave my hair completely, I must admit. Aye: pop some lemon juice on your hair, sit in the sun for a while, and - just like that - you're a whole new person, lighter hair an' all. It's a redox reaction, in which the lemon juice alters the structure of the bonds of the pigment found in the keratin, enabling the sun to lighten the hair more quickly than it would without the lemon juice. And it no doubt ruins your hair, in the process, I'd imagine.
  23. I have naturally very dark brown hair, which - depending on how feisty I'm feeling on any one particular day - can look entirely auburn. Sometimes, I just get downright bored. When that happens, usually I'll wake up in the middle of the night, fancying a change; and I'll chop half my hair off (as it's typically the easiest thing to alter), before falling right back off to sleep. I certainly wouldn't be offended if anyone suggested a change in colour - as long as they realise that vegan-friendly hair dye can often be slightly more expensive than your typical non-vegan dyes. The plan is to buy some lemons, so I can try and lighten my hair a little, coming up to summer. Never done it before, but I reckon it might just satiate my desire for something different. ...'Cause #YOLO
  24. The phrase 'What you've never had, you'll never miss,' springs immediately to mind. Ultimately, my primary goal in life is to successfully raise children with my husband. However, although I don't consider myself 'religious' at all (I suppose the word 'spiritual' is more aptly suited to my belief structure), I do firmly believe that there is a bigger picture, and that the Artist of such a picture has a definitive plan for me; for everyone. Admittedly, I much prefer living for the moment, and thus not dwelling too much on what might never come to fruition - opportunities will frequently present themselves as sort of 'sign posts', guiding you in the right direction; and remaining open-minded enough to be able to capitalise on these afore-mentioned opportunities seems to be a winning formula. Ce que sera, sera.
  25. Random Thoughts

    I wanna read this, like, yesterday. Just sayin'.