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  1. getting a "non waiter[a guy]" to wait?

    Thanks alot for the new responses everybody !
  2. getting a "non waiter[a guy]" to wait?

    Thank u so much for that ! It really helped & i hope you both have an awesome marriage & life together! Your words are really confronting...hope i get a good guy like yours !
  3. getting a "non waiter[a guy]" to wait?

    Thank you all alot! A bit of background for grade school up until college i was a really shy girl & not many guys were interested in me, so i didnt have any relationships young [im glad i skipped that] but once college came around & i wasnt around the same ppl everyday guys started to notice me, i made friends & came out of my shell alot. I also do runway modeling. But now when it comes to relationships or getting close to guys telling them im a virgin & how i feel about sex is really difficult. Getting them to stay around for more than a month or so is near impossible. I am only 21 but i feel like i am ready for the whole package ; marriage,kids,everything...i just need to keep praying for the right 1 to find me . Keep me in your prayers please! Our generation is driving me nuts
  4. Should there be a dating site for virgins?

    Deffinetly! I find it really hard to find people of my faith & especially guys around who are willing to wait for me. Im 21 & my generation tends to really dissapoint.
  5. I feel like its alot easier for guys to get a girl to wait then a girl who is commited. How should us girls approach the idea of getting a man to wait for us?