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  1. Valentine's Day

    Have you SEEN Ghost?
  2. I have a shirt with that phrase on it...
  3. Note for the pros: Don't use this one to pick up ladies at the airport bar...
  4. I can't use a real photo because my wife and I are choosing to remain anon at this time. I used the Miata because it's something I love and I mean look at that picture, it has to make you smile! I also have a Miata picture for the image on my corresponding anon twitter account so it seemed fitting.
  5. I would say being non-religious and waiting until marriage both reduce the available pool of people willing to date you. There are plenty of people who see sex in a dating relationship as a requirement. There are also plenty of people who need to have a religious element in a relationship. Being non-religious AND a waiter makes your available dating pool very small indeed. Especially since many non-religious are not waiters (and require a sexual relationship) and many waiters are religious (and require a religious partner). However, this was a huge problem in the past, but with the internet, it is very easy to filter out the people who aren't even going to consider dating you and find the ones that are. Internet dating isn't a perfect solution, but it really allows you to broaden your potential dating pool. I can't even imagine how I would have met my wife without the internet. In fact, meeting her on the internet was a huge stroke of luck. I would say it's not necessarily harder, but statistically more rare. On the up side, I would wager that most non-religious waiters are very good people and thus very likely to be good partners once you find them. But I might be a bit biased...
  6. Hello peeps

  7. A 6th feature I haven't figured out is the member title field. Belle has an option to change hers and some people have very custom ones while others have generic ones. Is there some sort of rite of passage where one gains the ability to make up their own?
  8. Kissing Under the Mistletoe?

    If it's my wife (Hi Belle), a kiss on the lips. If it's a friend, a kiss on cheek. If it's someone I don't like, well they can kiss my ass
  9. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    The assumption that only decent people are ashamed of sex is not valid for much of the population. Assuming that everyone thinks or should think the way you do is more offensive to me than recording and broadcasting natural acts. Your assumptions hurt your argument. There are plenty of people out there who choose to do porn, enjoy doing porn, and are frank about discussions of porn. Your worldview is one where people only do porn if they are desperate, abused, deprived, or forced. While that may be true in some cases, it does not discount the entirety of the genre.
  10. Either get up and go brush your teeth or kiss locations other than mouth to mouth. There are plenty of ways to be intimate without kissing on the lips or full on frenching. If I know I have morning breath, I aim for the ears and the neck. She can't smell out the ears (as far as I know) but the intention is passed along. If we are in a mood for making out, we'll stop and brush. If the mood is more urgent, you run with it.
  11. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    Speaking as a happily married man who saved sex for marriage I have some views. I have been a porn watcher for umm yeah, since the internet was fast enough to send pictures over it. I will agree that there is a lot of porn out there that is degrading, disgusting, and horrible in general. But there are horrible books, movies, video games, and examples from every type of media that reflect the worst things in society. Just because there are horrible types of porn doesn't condemn all images and video of sex. I think that porn is like alcohol. It's not for everyone and it can definitely be abused. However, intelligent adults can use it recreationally with no ill effects if they are responsible about it. It shouldn't be used to replace a real relationship. It shouldn't be hidden or lied about to a partner. It can never be a justification for objectifying men, women, or any person at all. If one chooses to watch normal porn where people aren't abused and are titillated by the idea or the images of people having sex, I believe that is a very natural thing for most people. What isn't natural is using that as a substitute for a real relationship or using it as an outlet for thoughts of violence or oppression. I have to admit, finding decent porn is difficult at times. Often the fake sounds and swearing are too much to handle and mute is a good option. Society in general has a long list of degrading things that people partake in. But at some point as a society we need to examine why disgusting, degrading, and other horrible porn exists. The porn is a symptom of horrible thoughts, not the cause. Normal people don't watch horrible things and become horrible. Horrible people make horrible things that they enjoy watching. As to why porn and/or masturbation would be necessary or prudent in a relationship should be obvious. Because sex drives between compatible adults don't necessarily align perfectly in frequency, schedule, or circumstance. Masturbation is a good, safe, clean, fun outlet for sexual energy when a partner is unavailable, unable, or unwilling to participate in sexual activities. Even better, masturbation allows a person to explore themselves in a comfortable environment which can allow better communication and performance with their partner in sexual activities. If porn aids in that and both parties are aware of it, then I don't see a problem with its use.
  12. Hello peeps

    I am anonymous at the request of my lovely wife Belle Femme. I have some free time, and she mentioned that there could be more married men who waited for marriage on the forums. So here I am. I am a very open person and will answer any question asked (excepting those that Belle has disallowed me from revealing to remain anon). So some basics about me. I'm a 28 year old male who is currently looking for work, but I have a background in engineering (so I am ridiculously logical). I am an atheist, but respectful of religion. I did grow up Catholic and went to Catholic schools my whole life.