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  1. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    And countries like Russia or Belarus or Ukraine don't have disgusting magazines like Teen Vogue that exist in America.... Watch the video to see what I'm talking about, but you'll need to remove the spaces. v=39Z5xC8rpQw
  2. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    I don't think race has anything to do with losing virginity. There's really not much difference excluding race between a White girl or a Black girl in America except more Black American Girls have STDs and become single teen mothers compared to White American girls. Asians are a tiny minority of most American states except the West Coast and maybe New York. Asians in Asia have higher rates of virginity. Nationality doesn't even have much to do with losing virginity either since the debauchery was exported and like a virus it infected the entire world. All non-virgins that engaged in fornication are like hyper-sexual zombies with no shame, no self-restraint, and no virtue. To be honest, I wouldn't want a wife that works. I'd rather she just focus on keeping herself beautiful and exercising in a home-gym to stay fit and toned. I'd also move to her country to be with her, that way I would know she's a good girl and not interested in moving to America. A girl that wants to stay in her country would be closer to her family and prove she's not after a US Green Card. Russian girls also start university at age 17. Promiscuity is common and should be expected now in unmarried women over the age of 18 or 19 because the "Sexual Revolution" was exported by America/West Europe to the entire world. Communism and Feminism are different segments of the same umbrella, so of course many women in Russian are just as corrupted/tainted because of Communism as American women that were ruined by feminism, but they still believe in marriage. Poverty might have an increase in promiscuity but it would also make a girl more willing to enter a marriage at a young age to an older man, in exchange for financial security and safety. I talk with Russian girls online and one of the major differences is that most divorces in America are initiated by American Women while most divorces in Russia are initiated by Russian men. Both America and Russia have an extremely high divorce rate, but there's a major difference in what gender wants the divorce. Maslow's Hierarchy, sociology, psychology, diplomacy, and knowing how to really enchant a girl would make for a smooth path from getting the girl to marrying the girl and keeping the girl. If she's a virgin and the only guy she's been with is the guy she marries, then odds are that she'll stay with him. If she doesn't work and comes from a less well to do family or working poor family, it would be even better because she would appreciate every material thing the guy provides her with. Every relationship has one person who wields more power. The only question is what person that will be. Upper-class and rich girls tend to lose virginity more often because they have the money and can easily get whatever they want in life, regardless of being married or not and would always have more power than any guy in a relationship. That's why in countries like America, Canada, UK, France, Sweden, or wherever else with high-incomes and working women, its the women who start at least 70% of the divorces and can cheat with impunity and men wield much less power. The same is not true in low or middle income nations where many girls come from poor or working class families. The main thing though is the man must get the girl before she becomes tainted because fornication destroys a girl's ability to bond and be a good, loyal wife. Unlike what the popular politically-correct belief in the West that claims a man and woman are the same, fornication effects men and women differently. Fornication is bad for both but more damaging to a female. That's why for most of history for the men that did fornicate, there were brothels with whores. The rest of the women of society looked down upon whores and families would disown fornicating daughters because they brought shame and dishonor to their family. Good men could marry good, virtuous women. Not so today. In many countries the brothels were ended and in the 1950s-1960s with condoms, abortion, and then the subsequent Sexual Revolution, the majority of regular women in society have becomes whores and the mass media that promotes debauchery has also infected the minds of men who accept whores, marry whores, and even idolize whores. There is no such thing as equality in any relationship or even in the real world. Equality is an egalitarian fantasy part of the same sweet delusional lies like Western democracy. There will always be someone more powerful than another person, whether its in a relationship or out in the world. It's nature and all part of the natural order. Besides, it's better to have keep a beautiful bird in a gilded cage than let the world destroy that beautiful bird, like the world does to so many which is why marriage, society, and even religion is dying as the nations in the world fall one by one to economic, moral, political, and social ruin. That's why I would do whatever it took to get a 16 year old wife, so I could have a princess-quality girl that brightens my life, and I could improve her life and save her from the evils of the modern world. HIV is something that should increase in prevalence. The more fornicators that get infected, the number of immoral people that die off, enforcing fear upon the rest of humanity to live their lives without fornicating or committing adultery. I hope that in America and Europe and every white country, by 2030 HIV rates rise to those in Africa, so people begin to turn away from fornication. A blight upon the immoral and wicked.
  3. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    I followed the relationship between Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden since it made the news. He was her only partner until they took a "break" then got back together because Courtney realized that Doug Hutchinson was the guy she wanted to be with. Their break only lasted about 1 year and she was about 19 when she took that break. She was home-schooled after leaving high school because she was bullied, apparently for having a large breast size according to some of the articles and interviews. She met Doug Hutchinson online when he was instructing online acting classes. Their relationship started online and Courtney's parents watched the chat. Doug kept everything clean and respectful, and Courtney's parents approved of the marriage. Courtney did make some negative choices after age 18 like breast augmentation and that 1 year break, but she went back to Doug Hutchinson because he was the guy she wanted to be with (and being her first guy ever also probably helped Courtney to go back to Doug since the "first" is always special). One thing though is that in many countries usually a girl has sex because they still believe the guy will eventually marry them. In America, like most of the West, sex has become mostly recreational and mostly done for fun. I wouldn't ever attempt to court a girl below age 18 in America because I know it's socially unacceptable and individual freedoms usually trump marital commitment among many young women. But I also wouldn't ever court a girl above 18 because I don't play odds that aren't in my favor. Someplace like Russia or Belarus for a White Girl around Courtney's age would be odds worth playing to try to get a girl that's a virgin. In many non-Western nations, girls still marry young. I know many Russian girls that marry at age 19 and 20, but almost all Russian girls are married between 18-24. Some even are married and have two children by age 21. So it's much different than American or Western culture in some regards. Late marriage ages don't help and neither does the lust-promoting pop-culture/media in the West. There are more virgins at age 18 and 19 in Russia than there are in America which is likely due to the media and how sex in the West is mostly recreational/fun. I've talked with a someone elsewhere online who knows a Japanese guy who when he was 24 dated a Japanese girl who was age 16 or 17, along with a some European girl that was age 17. Both those girls were virgins but they ended up breaking up cheated on him and losing their virginity, probably because he wasn't willing to propose to them. The European girl was from one of the northern European countries and she told him that if he wanted her virginity, he should have just asked her to have sex. I also don't see a problem with marrying a girl before she has the chance to decide whether to lose her virginity before or after marriage, because if anything, marrying a girl when she's a virgin and hasn't made that decision saves her from partaking in sin (fornication) and also would ensure that she would get a husband that respects her and value her. Waiting is fine but I'd rather marry a virgin that isn't waiting until marriage, rather than a non-virgin that decided to wait until marriage. I'd also personally want to marry a girl that is closer to age 20 rather than age 30 or older.
  4. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    Marrying a virgin actually makes the marriage more likely to last.
  5. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    But the studies show that most girls in every White (or Asian) nation lose their virginity between 16-18 years of age so most are not virgins by age 19. A tiny minority are but not enough where it's any more than luck that would help a guy meet a girl that's a virgin. This news article has a partial map of the world but it's incorrect. The dates for some countries are higher by at about 1 year than they should be. It's only 1 chart with inaccuracies. The US should have the same color code as Russia and Brazil. I think Japan's seems +1 too high also. China's seems mostly accurate.
  6. Doug Hutchinson, age 51, married Courtney Stodden, age 16. That was a few to several years ago. Doug Hutchinson had two previous marriages. He received the parental permission of Courtney's parents and their relationship had no sex, so when Doug Hutchinson married Courtney Stodden she was a virgin. Relating to that news story, I would like to ask what you think about a different but similar hypothetical scenario: A man aged 25+ to date a girl around age 16 and marry her? (In this hypothetical assume the man is age 28 or 30 or 32, so the man is towards the younger end of age 25+) 1. Assume The guy receives parental permission to date the girl 2. Assume that the relationship would be platonic until marriage. Absolutely no sex until marriage. Only some kisses and hugs when dating 3. Assume the girl would be getting a husband that cares about her and respects her, and the man would most likely be getting a virgin bride. 4. Assume the man is a virgin and never had any relationship with a girl, and never had sex, so the man is a virgin. He wants to know what it's like to be in a relationship that he never had when he was in high school so he wants to marry a girl that age who is a virgin. Acceptable or unacceptable?
  7. Never mind. The post was about changing my legal name and asking which combinations of names you like the best. The Top 3. I deleted it because it didn't get any responses.
  8. Engagement Ring Stone

    Would you only want an engagement ring with a Diamond? Would you be happy with a Pink Spinel or Pink Sapphire instead of a Diamond?
  9. Turning 27 in 3 Days

    I first heard about Russian brides around my freshman year of high school. (probably before that but I only researched it in high school). That was back in 2005? when I really seriously started looking into it because no girl wanted to get to know me. From middle school to now I have had Zero friends in real life, made 2 online friends, and never w I didn't know shorter guys had longer lifespans than taller guys. But girls anywhere in the world usually want a tall guy 5'10"+ because those guys typically gain muscle much easier than shorter guys. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (former President) of Russia is shorter than I am. He's 5'4" according to most sources and his wife is 5'3". When some people protested him do you know what insult they used on Prime Minister Medvedev? They called him an "Imp" because he is short. So I guess height is a major source of where bullies bullying short men. I am a Christian, Roman Catholic. I really want to marry either a Catholic or Orthodox Christian since they are the closest to each other and the Russians have great marriage traditions. Orthodox marriage ceremony bride and groom walk together or so I heard which seems like a nicer tradition. 20 years is a long time so things might have changed in Russia with Russian girls preferring to marrying Russian guys? I don't smoke and I rarely drink alcoholic beverages. I honestly don't have any pictures except ones from 4-5 years ago. Mainly because I don't have friends to help me take them and there's no real good spots I could have pictures taken. Unless I paid a photographer or tried to find a spot and ask people if they would take a good picture of me with my digital camera I likely wouldn't be able to get good pictures. I was very moody today and my parents noticed it. I still live with them and I'll be 27 years old in 3 days. I can't afford to move anywhere else, and even if I got a better job like a median income job of $30,000 annually, I wouldn't be able to even afford to move on my own because rent is extreme everywhere in my region, and I can't exactly relocate either. I'd like to try to start some sort of online sales business on eBay or etsy but I have no idea what would be good. I'm not artistically talented except in writing stories and poetry.
  10. I'm like you only I'm a guy and I have never been in love with a girl. I also know I would be jealous if a girlfriend kissed other guys in the past even though I also know know it's not sex. I think people like us really want to be another's 1st with everything because we never had love before so it's normal to want to be another person's 1st love if you never been in love before.
  11. I'm turning 27 in 3 days. I'm a male virgin, never kissed a girl, never even hugged a girl, and never had a girlfriend. I've been cruelly rejected by American girls (almost every single time, other times the girl just walked away or the times they tried being "nice" they gave an excuse like "I'm sorta seeing someone" which is ridiculous because either a girl is seeing someone or isn't, there is no sorta). Either a girl has a boyfriend or doesn't. I will only marry a virgin around 18. I'm going to go to Europe eventually, probably this summer because I would feel more confident and relaxed approaching European girls, and safer too. I'd probably put it all on credit card but I need to do something real fun for once in my miserable life instead of trying to distract myself from all the pain I feel and the discrimination I suffer because I have a slight stammer. There is a girl in Belarus I've been messaging on occasion. Unlike any other girl online she was the only girl in my entire life that has exchanged messages with me for almost an entire month. She is beautiful and is a dream girl. I don't usually message her that much anymore since she wasn't always online or replied but I think one of my messages got her attention again. I just didn't reply to it yet because I'm thinking about whether to make a video message trying to make myself seem to be richer than I am or to just message her back. But I mainly just want her as a friend and get pictures taken with her, maybe a short video of me on a real date with her. She's like a supermodel only more beautiful. She posts cute videos, exercise videos, and always posts new pictures of herself. She seems fun and is probably really nice. In America I'm probably considered completely undesirable because I'm not like a Brad Pitt, I'm only about 5'7" and of course I stammer, which no girl would want a boyfriend here that stammers. I know every girl would say I'm a loser in America, I'm probably boring because what do I do besides entertainment and the gym, and don't have a life. I exist like a rock after everything that happened to me and how I never even had a single friend at all in my entire miserable life. But I am considered well above attractive when I asked girls to rate me online the one time I did that. I also have a six pack. I always feel extremely lonely and have for years...more than a decade to be really honest. I'm usually always down around my birthdays. My Birthday is the #1 day of the year you can always expect me to be the saddest (along with about 3-5 days before and after my birthday). Valentine's Day is the #2 Day of the year I'm the saddest because in America it's a "Couple's Day" and I'm just a lonely single guy. And I wouldn't ever be with a girl that was not a virgin. I can't compromise on that. It's one thing where I'd rather be alone than be with a girl that engaged in fornication. I don't know if I could make it one more year if I don't find my princess or get really close to finding my princess.
  12. I share that opinion and don't think it's unreasonable. I agree that trusting someone doesn't mean they will be telling the truth. I have also thought polygraphs are a good idea. If it was the truth then trust is strengthened and it confirms the truth.
  13. How do you bring up the topic of virginity in a relationship? How soon into a relationship do you bring up the topic? I've never been in a relationship which is sort of a long story, so I'm looking for insight if I ever am in a relationship.
  14. Will you only marry a virgin? I know I wouldn't be happy being in a relationship with or marrying a girl that wasn't a virgin. I'm waiting until marriage and I would expect the same from a girl to consider her worth me spending my life with her. It's one of my no-compromise dealbreakers. Any sort of fornication or premarital sex counts as losing virginity. Some people say I'll be alone or that I should try to date to gain experience with relationships, but I wouldn't want to date a girl that isn't a virgin. I just don't want to waste my time with someone that's incompatible for me. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'll ever find the girl I'm hoping to eventually find and marry. Do any other guys or girls else have a similar desire to only be in a relationship and marry a virgin? If so and you've dated someone that lost their virginity, did you break up with them and tell them the reason?
  15. Finding a Soulmate

    It's important to date a woman that is compatible. Virginity is more than just a hymen or not having had vaginal intercourse. I couldn't seriously date or marry woman that wasn't doing the same. There is nothing wrong with rejecting someone if you know it won't work out in the end.