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  1. A very confused "Christian" teenager

    Hello and thank you for taking time to read this, it means something just to think that someone else saw it. So, as of a few months now, there's been times where I just question my Christianity in general. I'm not too fond of church, I've never been really fond of reading the bible either but I do want to love God. Most times I feel like I'm close to Him and that our relationship is getting better and then other times.... Well, not so much. Sometimes it seems like I run into roadblocks in everything from school to family to love to friendships to college and career choices and just about everything in between. I guess my question is, is it terrible that I'm not extremely religious? Is it still possible to have a relationship with God and not necessarily go to church? Also, is this whole feeling like God is a silent parent who just doesn't want me to do anything just part of being a teen and learning the ropes? Your answers are all greatly appreciated.
  2. So, I really do NOT want kids....

    Well, I know I'm quite young to be thinking about this now (not even being the age to get out of high school yet) but it seems like my mother and lots of other people I come across think my decision is wrong. It's not uncommon for people to ask here: "Oh, how many kids do you want?" Or "Once you're older and have kids, what do you plan to do?" And when I reply "Well, I really don't want any children, I'm just not that type of person." That I actually get disapproving glance or different statements telling me why I have to have one because no man wants a woman who doesn't want children. My mother and some of her friends on a pretty regular basis make little jabs at it, mentioning how I'll love brining my kids back and what not or just telling me I'll change my mind. And even though I am again, quite young, I am pretty fairly certain I won't want a child. So I guess my question is, am I some kind of horrible, uncaring person that people seem to see me as ? Are they tight in saying that there isn't a man who would marry me because I don't want offspring?
  3. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello, I'm new (: