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  1. WTM/Relationship/Married Jokes

    A little boy says, ‘Dad, I’ve heard that in some parts of Africa a man doesn’t know his wife until he marries her.’ ‘Son,’ says the dad. ‘That happens everywhere.’
  2. 4 Temperaments test

    I thought I was melancholic from previous testing but this one came back with phlegmatic in first place...
  3. Dating Sites

    The only one that I've used mostly is OkCupid. However that site has seen such a horrendous deterioration in features that it has lost a great deal of appeal to me .
  4. Myers Briggs Personality Types: Strengths and Weakneses

    @Slayerofdragon I'm guessing you've looked into relational compatibility between the types? "Funnily", one type that can be really compatible for us is the ENFP but my dad is supposedly an ENFP.... Which given that relationship is a bit concerning haha. Of course there are other factors than personality that contribute to that. But I was like "ah... What?"
  5. Myers Briggs Personality Types: Strengths and Weakneses

    I've always typed as an INFJ and reading the descriptions it fits me well. Sometimes a little doubts sets in when I come across some other INFJs on e.g. YouTube. I guess there can still be a lot of differences just from how they grew up.
  6. Coronavirus

    @Francois congratulations on your twins! That's sure to be a handful. Where I live in Australia we've been rather fortunate and haven't had "hard" lock downs. Some areas have been hit pretty bad with lock downs though e.g. Melbourne.
  7. WTM Podcast by an old friend of mine

    Thanks Amber. Maybe one day the site will be revived. Not that I've been helping *sigh*.
  8. How is this Site STILL standing?

    What is the Facebook group if there is one now?
  9. Humorous: Why you should wait!

    You should wait because "When were you last tested?" doesn't sound like foreplay to me.
  10. We have a serious thread of why we decided to wait. I thought a more non-serious one could be fun! I made it third party so it doesn't have to be personal or gender specific. Be sarcastic, satirical, witty whatever. Shoot! Why should you wait? So your partner can't propose to you during sex! Have fun sharing that story...
  11. Virgin Therapists: Home Sweet Hell

    Sorry for the late reply; lost sight of it.... I think you're misunderstanding the concept of interpersonal vulnerability. You might like to watch some videos on youtube - Brene Brown is a researcher addressing vulnerability. Vulnerability isn't weakness (though it can be problematic if you are habitually vulnerable to an abusive person or otherwise actioned unhealthily as much as other good things like generosity can take on an unhealthy form). Take a person who doesn't make themselves interpersonally vulnerable to another human being and you're talking about a psychopath. How do you gain confidence in someone else? No matter what their level of expertise or skill they are human and failure is always an option. Intellectual belief in their capabilities only gets you so far. I'm sure you've heard the Charles Blondin Wheelbarrow Story. And again, how do you develop trust? At its core through some form of risk. Doesn't mean you're wracked with fear and nail biting or that you are some mess of insecurities. You may not be consciously aware of taking the risk but it exists nonetheless. Confidence and trust in someone doesn't just spontaneously happen. It develops - it can increase and decrease. Certainly, people have different levels of base trust/confidence that they extend to others depending on various factors but that base level certainly wouldn't be enough for a marriage. A trust relationship exists because someone took a chance/risk. If not through some risk, what do you think grows trust or confidence in others? My guess would be that they've built their successful marriage through sharing their weaknesses, insecurities, and fears which gives the opportunity for increasing understanding and trust and responding to eachother's deeper concerns. That sharing takes vulnerability, it is a risk, because that knowledge can be used against the sharer. Someone you've opened up to, someone who knows you, can hurt you like no one else.
  12. How Can You Know if You Are Ready to Be a Godly Wife?

    I have read the claim that undocumented labour in the USA provides a net economic gain but regardless of that I don't think you can take this Bible text, which is of an individual nature and given to a conquered people under a foreign government and apply it as an argument against deportation of illegal immigrants by a government - and a secular one at that. This text cannot be use to effectively force others through government policy to be generous and impose open borders. Consider Romans 13:1–7.
  13. Regarding Addicts

    While you may also have some problems with anxiety and depression independent of porn consumption, from what I know they would be most likely causally linked. You are feeling some of the negative consequences of porn consumption. Its not worth it. Get help and get through it!
  14. Regarding Addicts

    I think the definition of addiction is fairly well defined. Diagnosing is what the layman may have difficulties with. Porn and alcohol aren't addictions. Addiction is a particular relationship with a substance or activity that may or may not be considered inherently addictive. Whether someone is an addict or not has nothing to do with the tolerance level of the one seeing the addict. While there are different levels of addiction they are all still addicts.
  15. You can have two dream rooms in your home, what do you want?

    What is a regular dungeon? Like...a cellar?? Dream room? A study that opens up to a private patio with plenty of room for plants and bees and some tinkering. A good kitchen is worth a lot too....