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  1. Good Evening

    Welcome Chloe
  2. Ask an Atheist!

    Two questions for the atheists from a deist. Do you believe in free will or determinism? The implications of determinism are big for what it means to be a human being. It is a depression idea that everything we think or do would be determined by brain chemistry or other laws of nature. If you do not believe in free will, how do you deal with these implications? Or if you believe in free will, how does that fit in your world view. Evolution theory has provided a lot of explanations for human experience. Do these explanations play a big role in daily life in how you view yourself and others and what they do? Do you feel these explanations debase things like love (that it is just selfish genes trying to replicate), or are you not bothered by it at all.
  3. v card major deal breaker

    I think that you deserve better, and wish for you that you find someone who does not frown upon it, but instead appreciates who you are, and who has similarly waited for you. There is an additional section of the forum for older waiters. I suppose an admin will probably give you access to it.
  4. I have never trouble finding things to do, rather I have trouble finding time to do all the things I want to do. For example, - researching topics I feel I don't know enough about (which are many things) - acquiring new skills in areas I am not good at - creating a new idealistic website that will change the world - writing a new software product that will generate additional income
  5. When marriage begins

    I consider marriage to have started when the commitment vows to each other have been made. Telling others about it, having marriage ceremonies or parties, would naturally follow after that. Registering with the violent group called the state is not a requirement.
  6. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    Yes, men need to give up porn. It is sexual, but without a personal relationship, and therefore degrading. It is good to apply the following maxim: Treat others like a good decent person would want to be treated. If it is well, then this can be reformulated into: Treat others like you want to be treated yourself. This is also called the golden rule. Let's see what follows if this is applied to the persons displayed in porn. If they are currently decent, maybe currently married, they would severely regret having participated in the production of porn. They would desire that the porn pictures or movies of them were never made. They would wish that the websites where they are currently still displayed indecently, are never again visited. They would wish the magazines where they are displayed in, are never again bought or looked in. They would wish that, if they were displayed naked on a huge billboard at street A, people would take a detour through street B. They would wish that the owner of the billboard would send men to remove the image from the billboard. They would wish that these workmen would walk towards it without seeing it, if needed with their head turned the other direction, not because they have evil lust (because they don't have it), but to respect the privacy of the person depicted, who has become decent, and now severely regrets it. When everyone has destroyed all porn items that they own of them, they would wish that those who have watched the porn previously, would no longer dwell upon the memory of it in their mind. Acting like this is what I would call behaving like ladies and gentlemen. Honor them more than they honor themselves.
  7. Is "Submissiveness" a Turn-on?

    It is not a turn-on. Submission is only relevant if you disagree on what should be done. I would really want that such disagreements are minimal, by talking things through etc.
  8. Hello people

    Thank you for the warm welcome.
  9. Hello people

    Hello people, It is nice to meet other people that have similar values, that have decided they want to marry the one whom they will give their virginity. It is good there is a community like this. I am 33 years old, and live in the Netherlands. Wish you all the best.