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  1. I couldn't find a page that asked this. I just wanted to know how many of you have told family you're waiting until marriage? I told my brother and his girlfriend recently, and they made a few awkward jokes and we haven't really spoke about it since. I haven't told my parents. I was just wondering how things have changed, and if you feel excluded. Thanks for the input.
  2. I was wondering if any of you have ever thought of not waiting any longer, because you were afraid of being cheated on. I keep seeing people getting cheated on and cheating, and it makes me think whether or not there is anyone that wouldn't. How can I know? Most people who will cheat on you, wouldn't tell you they're going to cheat, or else they fall to their temptation and cheat spur of the moment. I've been really nervous about that lately because people close to me, that I would have never guessed would cheat have cheated. I'm starting to wonder if I even want to get married. I know I want a relationship with a woman and have kids. However I was thinking maybe I should just say screw it, have sex and when I'm ready just adopt a kid. I hate that I would be giving everything up however, it's driving me crazy. Sorry for any mistakes I wrote this quickly. Also sorry if this is posted in the wrong place or has already been posted.
  3. Fear of being cheated on?

    Thanks for the replies. I am trying to have faith that God will lead me to a good woman. It's still scary that I could potentially be cheated on by my spouse that I would give everything to. To any fellow Christians reading this prayers would be appreciated. To any non Christians, thanks for reading and taking the time to respond.
  4. Take Charge?

    I started working at my brother's restaurant. I started talking with two of the cooks. One of the cooks asked me when the last time I had sex was. I told him I never have, and I was waiting until marriage. He apparently told some others. Which led to my brother asking me if I am really waiting until marriage. He also told me I need to pop the cherry. He asked me if I wanted him to hook me up with a server, and I said I'm good. He then told me it was a bad idea to wait because girls want a guy who takes charge and teaches them things in bed. I was just wondering what the girls thought of this. Sorry for any grammar problems.
  5. Take Charge?

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
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  7. Hi! I'm new here!

  8. Hi everyone

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    I'm a little late, but welcome to the site!
  10. Random Thoughts

    I hope that doesn't mean I'm losing my sight.
  11. Random Thoughts

    Anyone else see that dress as blue and gold?
  12. Random Thoughts

    I'm upset because I like to read all the comments on a topic, but there are so many on this one. Also sorry to hear about the loss Amarillo. Also I never understood that dress thing. Until I scrolled back up and the dress changed colors.
  13. Does your family know?

    What country are you from Raz? If you don't mind telling me. I didn't think many people anywhere waited. That's cool to know that there are still large groups of people waiting together.
  14. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    If I change my name now, people will get confused haha.
  15. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    I was thinking group confessions, but personal confessions are also more safe for people who don't want to share information with everyone. Also my name is Tyler.
  16. Does your family know?

    PhotoGirl That's terrible. I remember my older brother was asking his girlfriend to hook me up with one of her friends. He said if I sleep with a girl, my mind would change. I was like that's what I'm trying to avoid... Sorry If I used that face wrong. JesSea That is disturbing that you were made fun of for being a sixteen year old virgin. NicoleNova I'm happy you and your family are so close. I've never really had a girlfriend, and my parents are probably thinking something is up. I have had friends find out. That was usually followed by "I'm hooking you up!" My oldest brother told me that when I turn twenty-one he is going to get me drunk and hire a stripper for me. He doesn't know I'm waiting. I can't wait to tell him the only thing I'm doing on my twenty-first birthday is hopefully getting my concealed carry license and shooting my new handgun.
  17. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    I completely agree. Ever since joining this site and confessing some things, I have been smiling more. I have started feeling better. Actually to a point where I'm honestly confused by all the change. I never used to smile. But I may have shifted the conversation from porn to confessions haha sorry.
  18. I'm a Christian and believe that the only reason for divorce is adultery. However, in this case you married someone you thought was different. You didn't know he was lying. It's like if you went and bought a car, and the salesman said it was a great car. You drive off and it breaks down. You take it back and they say no returns. Was it the salesman's fault for lying, or your fault for not bringing a mechanic. I believe it is a little of both. However, You wouldn't have married him if he would have told you the truth. Some people don't tell the truth no matter how much you ask. I believe he lied. I don't think you should beat yourself up by saying things like "if only I had asked more straightforward." So I think it would probably be ok if you divorced. As for the kids. I know of kids who grew up to be good with divorced parents. Of course having a happy family is ideal, I just think it shouldn't be made into an excuse for the kids to misbehave. Parenting is important. However, choice is the main thing people overlook. I heard a story from Pastor John Hagee about twin brothers who's dad liked to drink. The twins grew up. One twin drank and the other one didn't. When asked why they drank or not, they both gave the same answer. They both said "Because my dad was an alcoholic." My dad cheated on my mom. My parents are still together. My mom was going to divorce him multiple times for things he did. From being a drunk to physical/verbal/emotional abuse. I was a little kid and didn't understand what happened. My mom finally told me all of the stuff when I got older and said she didn't divorce him because I asked her not to. However, I wish she would have done what we needed and not what I wanted. As I grew up I realized how big of a jerk he was and I have recently been telling my mom to divorce. I think your kids might not understand now, but one day they will understand the pain he has put you through. Also I know some really good liars, and they are only sorry when they get caught. He wasn't sorry while he was lying. I think he might only be sorry because of what he is losing. He might have a huge legal battle. He might lose the kids, the house, and he will lose the respect of many people around him. I hope he feels bad for hurting you. However If he didn't feel bad in the act of lying, he probably doesn't genuinely care afterwards. Hope my opinion helps. I'm praying that God will help you figure things out.
  19. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    I actually have been thinking about that recently. I've been trying to stop for awhile. When I read your comment about God holding our future spouses until we quit, I felt like you were speaking for God. I know that sounds weird, but something just clicked in my head and I went awhile without watching videos like it was nothing. I ended up cracking. However, what you said kind of gave me something to mentally grasp. Thank you for sharing your personal experience to help me. I appreciate the support. I also think this site should get a confession area haha. I have confessed things on here nobody I know in real life knows haha.
  20. Sibling Getting Married

    Congratulations! I have two half bros and two half sisters. I'm the youngest. My oldest brother has been married to his second wife for about two years now. I don't think they had a wedding. Although I remember my cousin got married. His wife's name is Dora. I was a kid, so I got her a stuffed Dora the explorer doll.
  21. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    I just finished reading the comments. I have to say the letter from the girl to her dad was the main thing that stuck with me. Imagine if instead of finding out that your parents watch porn, you find out they are in the porn industry. Imagine the suffering that kid would go though if the kids in school found out. I'm pretty sure I remember a time in high school when a student had a nude picture of a girl, he covered the face and showed another kid in class. He asked him what he had thought, and this guy said he liked the picture and wanted to know who it was. He uncovered the face and it was his sister or cousin or something. I can't really remember who or where this was, but the kid was humiliated. Imagine getting harassed like that because all of your peers have seen what your parent does or has done. I read an article by a former porn star who has kids. They probably had to develop a very thick skin. It would also be worse if the parent was still doing porn and not sorry for it at all. Recently there was a mom who had sex with her sons high school peer. She was caught and accused of rape. I don't know what all she got charged with, but I'm pretty sure she was charged with abusing her son. Point is that it isn't just about how the things we do hurt us. It's about how what we do can also hurt people close to us. I have had a porn problem. I've just started getting over it recently. I said in a previous comment that men should try to never even start watching porn. I still stand by that, because I know what problems it can cause. I'm not trying to excuse what I've done, but I have had a huge mistrust of people because of stuff in my past. Porn only makes it worse. I hope and pray that I can be 100% porn free soon. I want to get married, and I don't want porn anywhere near my family. I hope this isn't as awkward to read as it was to write haha.
  22. Decorating?

    I like things to basically remain neutral. My dad used to build spec homes and he would always make the houses neutral colors. I think for main rooms where guests would be, I would monitor what she wanted to do. If it was a more private room like a bedroom, I would be a little more lenient. I never understood how to match furniture to homes. So I would probably agree with whatever she wanted unless it was really off the wall.
  23. Have you ever cried during a movie?

    I didn't read all the posts yet, because I didn't want to forget my list. I almost cried for Marley and me, UP, and the song Christmas shoes. I know you didn't ask for songs. I just figured I'd add it because it was the only thing that actually ever really made me cry. It got to a point where I would have to leave the room if it was playing. I was also about ten at the time. Long story short, not much makes me cry anymore.