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  1. Guy's Voice

    Not gonna lie GP, when I hear a man singing and he's able to go from a really low pitch to a really high one, it gives me the tingles! Hahaha. And it is lovely when you hear someone talking gently and it's so soothing, it makes you just want to take a nap. Like when someone plays with your hair.
  2. Guy's Voice

    I can't really say I have a preference.. I've heard a lot of different types of voices that I enjoy. I listen to a lot of alternative rock so I will say that I dig deep voices! It's like my eardrums are being wrapped in a giant manly hug ;D
  3. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    Whenever my family plays board games it gets super intense and usually at least one person walks away insulted lol. Especially if my older brother is playing. He's ummm *ahem* competitive. I brought my super fancy Zelda monopoly to Thanksgiving last year.... never again.
  4. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    I love playing video games every now and then myself (I used to play them like 24/7 haha), so I love it when a guy is into them too. I of course have to find him attractive to begin with... and then that's just a bonus It's nice having similar hobbies to bond over. I have to add though, I met a "gamer" dude last year and developed a mini-crush on him because his apartment was FULL of nintendo amazingness... that crush died quickly once he turned out to be immature and rudely sarcastic. Man I wish I had a key to that apartment.... lol.
  5. Favourite hair colour on guys?

    Haha yeah I'm not really feelin' THOSE types of locks!!
  6. Favourite hair colour on guys?

    I as well always pictured myself marrying a blonde man as a kid - specifically, Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Lol I've appeared to move on to liking dem darker locks now. I don't think I could ever dye my own hair either.
  7. Hello All

  8. Johnny Depp? Pirates of the Caribbean got me hooked on Jack Sparrow..... I guess I have a thing for drunken men with bad hygiene hahaha
  9. Hi! I'm new here!

    Welcome!! That's pretty much how I ended up here too, haha It has been very helpful for me! I'm sure it will be for you as well
  10. I chose to use one of me because I want to share my smiles with everyone ;D Perhaps it can help people relate to me better. Also, growing up, whenever I would join a website that had avatars I always used random images of things I liked (mostly animals of course) because my face was not one of them haha! Now that I have become more confident I feel that there's no problem with putting it out there.
  11. Oh no! I have heard some terrible ones in passing haha. Let's see.... ...If I told you that you have a nice body, would you hold it against me? ...I thought happiness started with an H, why does mine start with U? ...Was your father a baker? Because those are some nice buns! ...Dang girl, are you an astronaut? 'Cause you are out of this world! ...My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in. Lord help us all
  12. Nice to meet everybody :)

    Welcome! Oh man I just turned 22, and my personal never-been-kissed record is still going strong! Haha
  13. Cheerio

    Well, it said to go ahead and introduce yourself, so hello! My name is Amy, and I am a senior in college. This appears to be a great community with good advice, reassurance of values, and positivity - a lot of which seems to be lacking in my particular environment I look forward to getting to know more about the site, and possibly making new friends along the way!
  14. Baby names?

    I have a twin brother, and my mother named us Amy and Andrew. Growing up, she would make us matching clothes. They were actually quite adorable, and not in a cheesy way! I honestly love when people refer to us haha. "Amy and Andrew" has a nice ring to it! Especially with mine being first Now that I've been away at college for a few years, I've begun to miss it!
  15. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    Haha. Or maybe, "I plead the fifth!" It is a pretty personal thing to talk about, but it seems like now it's kind of one of those things you have to get out in the open soon with someone you like. I've already experienced a few people unwilling to give me the time of day once they found out. It's a shame, really. Thankfully there are so many wonderful, understanding people still out there! (Much more than I thought, now that I've stumbled upon this site).
  16. Cheerio

    Thank you! Oh how I yearn to return to England someday! The one day I spent there was definitely not enough
  17. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I've always found this question interesting. Like with all topics, opinions can vary drastically. For me personally, I think a man holding onto his virginity is extremely attractive! While I have had little crushes on people who were not virgins, ultimately nothing came of them. Unfortunately, the few guys I know that are virgins are not compatible with me in other ways. As someone who values virginity myself, I think it would be silly for me to see it as a negative in my partner. Many people have told me that I'm never going to find a male virgin, and the reason I have been single for my whole life is because my standards are too high. Man or woman, never lower your standards! I am one of those people who looks at virginity as a deal maker or breaker. That isn't to say that I won't end up marrying a non-virgin who decided to wait (we'll see what God has planned for me) but as of now I will say that I would rather not, haha. I know there is much more to a relationship than sex, like communication, honesty, and more. However, I want to be with someone who also waited for me from the start. In no way do I see virginity as non-masculine. Your sexual abilities should never be used to define you as a man (or woman). Of course, I still respect those who chose not to wait, those who choose to wait but value certain aspects of intimacy differently, etc.
  18. Cheerio

    Thanks everyone! Amarillo - I am quite excited to get to know others I share things in common with Steadfast - Yay! What a coincidence, I hope your year is going smoothly! And Nicole, thank you haha. I don't know many other Amys, but I would like to report that I am pretty awesome (and Steadfast, too!)