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  1. controlling yourself

    I agree!! ^^ WTM is cool
  2. The Baha'i Faith

    Just out of curiosity, hehe, maybe this time more luck: Are there any other members of the Baha'i faith here on WTM??? would be cool to connect
  3. Is it fair?

    Hehe thanks for saying thanks xD To be honest, I never ever thought I would bring that up in 'public'. My mom knows about it and I recently told my brother and that was it. But then again it rarely (or never?) happens that you meet people with the same kind of experience, so I wanted to let you (and anyone else with that experience) know: You are not alone in this! And there's nothing wrong with you, you're just right and lovable the way you are.
  4. Is it fair?

    Dear NoName, I know exactly how you feel. What you wrote could have been written by me, except replacing 'guy' with 'girl'. I've had years of confusion in my teens because I felt ashamed and I didn't know how to handle my experiences and I didn't know what they meant. I've come to a point where I think I can look at it more from a distance and accept what happened as part of my past while not letting it determine who I am or who I want to be. What happened to you is in no way acceptable and puts an immense burden on a young soul. But here comes the key point: It was not your fault!! When a child trusts another person fully, there is not much physical force needed to get it to engage in things it might not understand and which are not good for it. It needs just a bit of psychology to get a child to engage in stuff when it fully trusts the person who asks of it. You also said something very important: you were too young to know anything of sex. So in no way can you be blamed for what happened. You were taken advantage of. Now to answer your questions: Of course you can WTM! What has happened to you has nothing to do with your adult conscious choices. (In any way, even people who used to have sex can decide to change their lifestyle and wait.) I agree with the above commenters: You absolutely deserve to have a woman who waits for you as you wait for her. I am sure you will find a woman who understands and who loves you and accepts you fully (as I am sure I will one day find a man like that ^^).
  5. Hi guys, just wanted to say hi to y'all! And that I am happy to have found a page centered around something so positive. Feel free to have a look at my profile where I wrote a little bit about myself. minoo
  6. Yup.... I actually know many who were mostly virgins before marriage. There are a lot in my family, actually, my parents for example! I know a lot of people, if I think about it, but that's because WTM is so highly valued in my religious community. Of course there are a lot where you don't really know what happens behind closed doors, which is alright because it's private! No need to know I am really only thinking of those where I know for sure that they are successful waiters.
  7. Hello WTM community :)

    Thanks guys
  8. Hello WTM community :)

    Thanks, Steadfast Madcap ^^
  9. Personally, I set myself the rule to date a person at least one whole year before engagement. A friend of mine said nicely: in one year you can go through the one year cycle together, with all holidays and anniversaries and hopefully already successfully went through a crisis together (I'm serious about that). But then again, you never know. My parents met for the first time, got together, engaged and married all within a few months (even though my mom nnowadays sais it was risky and today she would decide to take it more slowly). Then again I know one 'miracle' couple where he proposed to her after just 3 days and they got engaged after one week! Absolute success story Ve said he just knew she is the one and she was certain he's the one. Tzey are still married to this present day and have two grown up children in their 20s. Again: you never know, but still I have set myself the at least one year rule as I have seen how rushing into marriage can also end up in catastrophe.
  10. The Baha'i Faith

    Hi Paul! I've just recently stumbled upon WTM (the page, not the concept ) and as I was interested to see if there are maybe other Baha'is active here, I found your thread! It surprised me to see that so far no 'actual Baha'i' has answered to it. I am a member of the Baha'i community, so feel free to ask me anything. I guess, you have already heard of the basics, it's a young, monotheistic religion that very much centers around the concept of oneness: The oneness of God, the oneness of religion *, the oneness of mankind. The prophet founder (His title) is Baha'u'llah, which is Arabic and means 'the glory of God'. That's why as His followers we call ourselves 'Baha'is'. * As the concept of the oneness of religion was mentioned above, I thought I would elaborate it a bit more. The Baha'i faith teaches that all prophets were sent by God to humanity to give us guidance. As humanity evolves and progresses, at each age new problems arise and religion is there to teach us (again) about God and morality while at the same time adjusting the laws/rules to the new needs. In that sense, all major religions can be seen almost as one. They are just God's progressive revelation to us, to bring us back to Him and on a path of progression. Often this metaphor is used: Religions are like the different school grades. You start first grade, than second, third... each is based on the previous year, but adds to the knowledge, also with the years the students become more mature and are able to grasp deeper meanings. I had a look on your profile. I saw you like exploring many different faiths, as I do. I would be happy to get into a conversation with you. Greetings from far away, minoo