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Hey guys!


I am absolutely thrilled to have found a page about something that is very important to me and also to find people here that are like-minded. Some pages/topics/people tend to drain your energies, this webpage is the exact opposite.  After having spent some time here I feel energized, hopeful, strengthened and even more convinced that I made the right choice. I am absolutely looking forward to a great and adventurous journey which might be hard at times but is worth the hustle. I can’t wait to find myself in a loving, fulfilling, supportive relationship which is built on a strong and positive foundation.



I was born in 1989 in the heart of Europe, where I’m still living :-) I have a natural curiosity and excitement about nature and the universe, so I chose to study natural sciences. I believe that this curiosity for the things around us is an inborn ability which is all too often lost when people grow up so I am refusing to grow up in that sense. Today (in the WTM survival guide) I found out that I am an Idealist (surprise! ;) ), which is probably why I chose to major in a field where I can contribute to protecting the environment (and ultimately enabling us to live a sustainable life here on this beautiful planet).



But what is probably most important for me is my spiritual journey here in life. I am a member of the Baha’i faith and as such strive to deepen my relationship with God and to become a better version of myself with every day. I am interested in different religious faiths and getting to know people from all over the world. This helps to overcome prejudices and to realize that we are, in fact, all ‘just’ human beings. It also helps make great friendships all around the world and ultimately makes the world your home. I would consider myself a world citizen.