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  1. "I am afraid, you have learned far too much already" Dogville
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  5. Hello to you all

    Thank you, Artsygal. And I am looking forward to read your posts.
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    Honor is mine, Jasmine. Thank you.
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  8. Artificial Insemination

    PS. One important thing I forgot to mention (that is if some ladies here are interested in this technology that I described in my previous post) is that you have to freeze those precious eggs, earliest you can. Do it now if you think you are going to be waiting. Think it as an investment. Even if you meet someone special much later in life, you will have an unbeatable edge over your younger competitors. The best time would be in 20's and if not then at least by mid 30's. After that, things become difficult since the quality of eggs drastically reduce proportionately with a girl's fertile age. And beyond fertile age, then it gets even more difficult needing a miracle. If I was a girl, I would have already done it as an insurance policy. Just in case.
  9. Artificial Insemination

    While I remain non-judgmental over such issues, but I think for a virgin who is waiting for a special one, this does not sit well. So here is my advice: The proper thing to do for such a girl would be to freeze her eggs, preferentially by two different companies/institutes that are physically as far apart as possible (even in different countries). One is primary and another is backup. Then and when she has married, and if she can not conceive normally, she can go to the primary source. If zombies have taken over that location, she still has the backup. Safe and sound. One proud family.
  10. Guys. Make-up or natural?

    Whatever she does is fine with me. A mystery is a mystery. Wrapped in gift paper or not, it does not lessen her appeal from my perspective. I am more interested in her than the gift paper. I would love to discover her, regardless.
  11. Maybe. But please allow us to err since for thousands of years, we have been fooled by your makeup which ranged from fake mustaches to fake complete hairless-ness that now we are confused and don't know what the real thing actually looks like anymore. No man has yet seen a woman without her multiple layers of mysterious shrouds. It takes a life time to peel one bare. And then the life is up and it is time to leave forever. It is a mystery we are stuck with forever. But it takes away our boredom on planet earth, while we are here. So please, allow us to err. To solve this forever alive riddle. It helps us to live.
  12. Interesting Question

    As a geek. Liked it before. Not anymore. Because I am not one any longer.
  13. For me it is not a problem. In a historical perspective, ideals of beauty change from time to time. Now mostly because of media we have a certain perception of beauty that was not necessary the case in the past and certainly will not be in future. In some old cultures for example in Iran, women having a faint mustache was considered so appealing and sexy that even the women who did not have them used to draw it for themselves as part of their wearing make-up: But times have changed. By the way facial hair shows higher testosterone levels which then follows from it higher sex drives. So, no, those Iranian men were not crazy. They knew exactly what they wanted. PS. You should not be worried over such small and unimportant matters. If still you do not like it, then you can do laser or electrolysis for longer effects.
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