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  1. Any high school memories?

    Well said Honour, I respect you for doing the right thing when it was difficult.
  2. Your other half being religious/not religious?

    I would personally would prefer if they weren't religious. I've had very bad experiences with Christians to the point I tend to see most of it as little more than a hate cult. I understand not all Christians are like this, but too many of them are... not trying to sound insulting, it's just what I've been subjected to and have witnessed to those close to me all my life. IrishRedHead, you've hit the nail on the head. The one who actually follows the Christian morals better than ones who simply believe in the religions, really are fine. If however they followed their religion truly and were fine with me, I am not sure, leaning mostly to no because in the past I have tried and it has never worked out for me since they try to "convert" me. If they didn't try that I could... but the chances are too high that they would try to convert you, so I would mostly say no unless they could really prove to me in their actions that they are different. just my 2 cents anyway.
  3. New Here

  4. Reintroduction.

    Reintroduction, use to post on here as Black Swordsman. Good to see a lot of new faces on here. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a job, my rabbit is still alive (10 years old and the healthiest one the vets I’ve taken to her seen, no health ailments), lost some weight, still waiting until marriage strongly. Anyways good to be back, I’ll stick around this time, missed being in a community that supports WTM.