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  1. He has to be an almost complete virgin waiter or an almost complete virgin non-waiter converted to waiter, because that shows that he is just as dedicated to me as I am with him. I don't care if a man comes into my life and is 'almost' everything I have ever wanted in a man, if he is not an almost complete virgin I'm dumping his bum on the curb.
  2. I've been wanting to adopt kids since I was in kindergarten! The thought of loving a child that was given up for one reason or another fills me with incredible excitement and happiness; I can be their second chance at being unconditionally loved. I also feel it would be more of a satisfactory way of having kids, since the process of adoption is long and often tedious in nature. You worked your butt off to bring this kid into your life. I can't wait until that time comes to be honest!