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  1. I'm going to give you some friendly advice and tell you that complaining about the "Friend Zone" is literally the most unattractive thing a man can do. By doing so, you devalue your friendships with women. The "Friend Zone" is not a real thing - either someone wants to be friends with you or they don't. To say that a woman is "evil" for not developing romantic feelings is all kinds of insulting. As for the actual question - it's awkward for a little while. You wonder how to interact with him, censor yourself more, maybe don't hang out as much. The important thing for the guy to do is to stay connected, show that you value the friendship. When you turn a guy down and he is suddenly absent from your life, it makes you think that you weren't worth it if it didn't lead to something else. It's a little different on this site since people are more focused on long-lasting relationships, but for most girls, if you turn a guy down and he disappears, it's interpreted to mean that you were only worth talking to when he thought there was a chance for sex. So if you want to stay friends, just be a friend, fight through the awkward, and if she doesn't want to stay friends, there probably wasn't a real friendship there to begin with.