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  1. Hello, new here

    Hi. Welcome
  2. Greetings from Asia

  3. Will You Only Marry a Virgin

    I would like to but it's unlikely. As long as he respects my choice to wait then I wouldn't care. Unless he's a man whore. Meaning hump and dump kinda guy. That turns me off
  4. She has 3 more years til 18. Tell her she can get married then. Honestly getting married for sex is wrong and sets one up for failure. The marriage isn't going to last. I had siblings get married young to have sex. They're divorced now. Once that lust attraction wears off what's left? Nothing. I would never get married just to bang. If she can't wait til 18, then talk to her about birth control and condoms.
  5. Ask an Atheist!

    I'm definitely not religious. I'm still trying to find my way. Thanks for answering my questions. I have a few more. What are your views on the after life? How do you deal with "God" being all around you? Including in our laws/ politics. I wish America would elect an atheist president, but unfortunately that means actually following the constitution . A lot of people well religious people I know of talk about having morals. Or getting rewarded with heaven if you do good. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think people need religion to have morals? Do you think religious people do good deeds because there might be a reward? How does it feel to not depend on any religion for comfort? That's there's no God to turn to? No God to prevent things or make things happen? That its only you. What do you wish for our American society to know about atheism? How do you show people who have stereotypes against atheist that they're wrong.
  6. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    I don't know if this been asked, but why don't Catholics use birth control? Why do they view every sperm and egg sacred? I heard that sex is for creating babies(which it is) and Catholics should be open to conceiving every time they have sex. Even condoms is forbidden.
  7. Ask an Atheist!

    How did you know you were an atheist? How do you deal with bible thumpers? What are you political views and why? Would you be willing to marry someone whose religious? How would you feel if your kids decided to become religious? Btw I totally respect atheists. I have atheist friends and they know more about religion than religious people. They have nothing to hide behind, so when they don't personally like something they just say they don't like it. Which is why I asked the political views question.
  8. Boo hoo. These kids are entitled. Welcome to the REAL world. I had to read and do things I hate, but I still had to do them. Duke isn't a christian college. If they wanted a christian education then they've should've chose a christian school.
  9. Engagement rings?

    Do you really have to have an engagement ring? I really don't care for one tbh. Whatever he gets me I'll be thankful.
  10. how do you plan on finding your spouse?

    Everywhere. I travel because I love learning about different customs, cultures, religions, and people. Everywhere I go it's a learning experience.
  11. how do you plan on finding your spouse?

    I'm a triangle if you mean what's my religion, I'm currently non religious.
  12. What was the last film you watched?

    Saving private Ryan
  13. A car is an object, you can replace it. A person is a person. A person has feelings and can't be replaced. Whenever I hear that, that to me says fuck you and your feelings I just want to fulfill my own personal needs
  14. I had people tell me they can't believe I'm WTM because I'm too pretty not to have sex. Or I could just bang any guy because it's a waste of time to wait.