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  1. Hello everyone :)

  2. 3.97 but i have faith ill find my 1soulmate no matter the numbers
  3. Hi everyone

  4. hi everyone

    Welcome love
  5. Guilty Pleasures

    Guilty pleasures .. Watching Disney movies Pulling oreo cookies in almond milk and crushing them great shake Mint or peppermint ice cream pint Chocolate cake with chocolate thick frosting
  6. Lol blushing I'd have to say ten on a average day .
  7. Completely agree with libs . need the affection and love . Wtm is diffcult and when u get married your hoping to make up for the years of wait if something health related happens I'll still stay, by his side love him because I promised for better or worst . Now before marriage its important to talk and get to know each other on every level . emotionally needs physical needs and wants . for instance I need lots love and affection , hugs kisses and I want a family . dating is the process in which one discovers if he or she can fill those needs . Sex is important don't get wrong I heard a lot of guys say their sex drives are through the roof lol women have the same Needs and drives speaking on behalf of myself . but no matter how strong those needs are I think you can over look that for your soulmate
  8. Interesting Question

    Well I am Portuguese ... The stereotype is we are stubborn hard working and always right ... Because of this stereotype I got my first job. Lol
  9. Simple Pleasures

    Simple pleasures ... Reading a good book in the grass Taking a long bath Helping someone or making someone smile Making a baby gigle Napping ... Driving with the windows down Laying under the Christmas tree looking uP and seeing its light from underneath it . Eating melted chocolate ...
  10. Weird Thing About You

    I like eating most of my food straight out of the fridge cold . I have tiny size 5 to 5.5 size feet but always wear size 6 I am a vegan but I miss tuna I haven't found an alternative yet so I just keep missing it I love the smell of gasoline I know its bad I only inhale at the gas station I brush my teeth in the shower then again when I get out I love the rain but hate cold wet feet When I get scared or watching a scary movie my butt gets cold ... When my feet are cold so is my nose . Just to name a few ... Lol
  11. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi i am new my name is Glorinha but everyone just calls me gloria ..
  12. What Impresses You?

    Being sweet and kind to total strangers ... This is the best impression someone leaves on me. For example i admire a man who holds door for not only me but for another person ... helping someone in need ... This shows a kind heart loving matters and sweet soul