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  1. Is "Submissiveness" a Turn-on?

    I have no problem being the odd one out. I'm an assertive guy, but I get your confusion. When I say "jerk" I'm referring to my blunt honesty and tendency to focus on facts instead of walking on eggshells for the sake of peoples' feelings. If I believe you said something stupid, I will inform you. I do not believe women (or any race or gender for that matter) are entitled to my respect just for being female; I judge people as individuals. I enjoy talking to people, strangers even. I take the initiative to look people in the eye and smile (but often find myself disappointed. I don't know why people have this spineless aversion to eye contact these days). Didn't mean to imply that I'm always just a d*ck to people for no good reason. And its not like I've always had these views. I used to subscribed to this whole idea of men and women being interchangeable and the same. I used to being something of a feminist (believe it or not). I used to treat women like they were better than me just for female, and that's why I was chronically girlfriendless. Now as far as relationships and submissiveness go; what I oppose is this idea that the traditional feminine role has less value as the dominant role of the male. Of course both parties are equally important for a relationship; without either one there can be no relationship! Its not a question of worth or value. I view the traditional roles for relationships not as oppressive "social construct" fabricated by evil men to oppress women (because reasons), but as an absolute standard. A principle--something people can rest their lives on. My experiences so far haven't been discouraging. If I'm going to be in a relationship with a girl, its my show. Its not up for debate. But one thing I think people tend to forget these days is that leadership is often a burden. I have to keep her safe and happy (when you give someone pleasure, they tend to really want to give it back to you). The responsibility for her welfare now rests on my shoulders. In return, I require her full submission. No, this doesn't mean she has no voice (repeat after me: female submission to male authority does not always equal abuse). Do you characterize your relationship with your employer, or even parents as slavery? I doubt it, but these relationships require authority over another person to properly function. (Anyway, this is all I'll add for now. I have a way of ruffling a lot of feathers on here...and my new job takes up the vast majority of my time and I'm falling-over tired.)
  2. Is "Submissiveness" a Turn-on?

    I find this notion that submission results in a complete loss of identity, personality, and choice interesting. Personally, if a woman refuses to submit to my authority, she is in no position to receive my care.
  3. Is "Submissiveness" a Turn-on?

    I'm happy to think both.
  4. Is "Submissiveness" a Turn-on?

    I have no desire for a woman who thinks she's only valuable if she acts like a man. I'm a jerk, so I want a sweet, feminine girl to counterbalance that.
  5. It seems churches today are more about pandering to people's feelings than Biblical truth. Truth is too "oppressive" I guess.
  6. Enter the Age of the Gentleman

    Attraction is amoral; its based on firm biological cues we have little to no control over. As such, men do not get attraction points for being good or moral people. Girls who pursue jerks or "macho" men are responding to base desires; its raw sexuality. Its when girls are raised to carry themselves with dignity that they can go beyond that, and find a man who isn't looking to just use them and bail. Take for instance the Player; obviously, he has anything but moral intentions, but he is characterized by his understanding of dark truths about women. However morally reprehensible he may be, he has no shortage of options thanks perhaps to his striking looks, or social dominance/charisma.
  7. Enter the Age of the Gentleman

    I'd definitely consider myself more "macho" now that I ever was before...I know I'm a jerk, and I can be just downright rude and uncaring. I was raised to be the nice, sensitive type, and I guess I eventually got fed up with being condescended and taken advantage of. Whereas most guys here would probably try to comfort and console a crying girl, I would most likely just ditch her. No one knows me better than I know myself.
  8. Biggest misconceptions about your faith.

    I'm an agnostic, and so are most of my friends. They seem to have this idea that I want to make fun of religion all the time, but honestly I don't. Because, well, frankly, I think religion gets mocked enough in this day and age.
  9. What makes a man a true gentlemen?

    I disagree. Anything can be funny. In the case of rape: I've never known anyone who can mention the topic of male prison rape without smiling or snickering.
  10. Color me not surprised. I've known many CINOs (Christian In Name Only). I was one.
  11. Rejection

    I think men in particular need to learn to make themselves numb to rejection, to have that self-assurance that you are worth someone's time and affection. Because being rejected is just an inescapable part of the average guy's life, whether its from employers, family or women.
  12. Gender Roles

    "Gender roles" absolutely shouldn't be enforced, but what I reject is the notion that they were created to confine and oppress people.
  13. "Bitch" as a term of endearment

    Trying to "reclaim" it as something positive will not work. Just like the (failed) attempt to defang "slut." Because men determine what is attractive in women (and vice versa). And men generally do not prefer a combative bitch for a long-term partner.
  14. "Bitch" as a term of endearment

    That is absurd. And as someone who grew up in the ghetto, I can tell you that blacks who routinely use "nigga" freely are NOT people you'd won't to run into in a dark alley at night. I know, because I used to be one of them...anyway, any attempt to defang "bitch" is destined to fail.
  15. Nonsense. I wouldn't be surprised if these people considered the law of gravity a social construct created by evil men to keep women down. Biology discriminates against women, not man. Don't capitulate on your standards, friend. If a girl doesn't like your values, next her immediately, no questions asked. Virginity isn't the end-all be-all, but you certainly should judge those who you let into your life.