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  5. Childhood revived!

    Lol that's so funny! I remember when my cousin, brothers and I would watch the Power Puff Girls when we were younger, we could watch that show for hours literally. I seriously think that boys watched PPG almost as much as girls (Puttercup was the best of the three and professor was pretty cool hahaha) I don't know how I remember this stuff...
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  9. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    "How can my choice and sacrifice be meaningful if I don't give it freely, not expecting something in return?" I like this quote, it got me thinking as to if I should be more open to being in a relationship with a woman who did not abstain which I've been a bit closed to before (I'm 22). Even though it's hard to admit it, marrying someone who isn't a virgin may not necessarily be the end of the world for a waiter even though ideally you may deeply want to be that other person's "one and only". There simply is more to a person than their sexuality and that's something that I and many others need to be wary of.
  10. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I most definitely view a virgin woman or man who's waiting till marriage as super attractive, in terms of character, regardless of his/her looks, faith, background, etc. People are so eager to "give it up" nowadays that the thought of sleeping with a woman who has been with other men casually is quite disgusting to me personally. I'm a current college student, so I'm regularly surrounded by the "hook-up culture" and it can be pretty tempting and depressing especially if you're hoping to find someone who is on the same mission as yourself. I read recently that about 80 percent of sexually active men and women are infected with HPV (the most common STD) at some point in their lives but most of them never know that they even have the virus which is rather disturbing and keep in mind that this nasty disease can cause genital warts, a fury of cancers, and of course death. It can be treated/go away over time but the thought of contracted something like this is completely grotesque. Back to the main point though, saving one's V-Card till your wedding night is extremely attractive in that I know that I don't have to worry about STDs, no comparisons with any other past sex partners, we get to experience the act together for the first time which makes it more exciting and intimate, and if you've waited this long you're less likely to cheat on me which would be absolutely devastating. I hope that I never fold from now until my marriage and that my future wife is a virgin as well because I don't think I'd be getting an equal return if she wasn't which would be somewhat disappointing and unfair in my mind. It's just as valuable for a man to remain chaste until marriage as it is for a woman, society likes to place more emphasis on female virginity which is a mistake and creates a double standard. So continue to stay on the path fellow waiters because the benefits will most definitely outweigh the pains once you've found your future spouse. Thanks for reading!!!
  11. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    Race:Black Nationality:American Ethnicity: (Africa) 75% Ivory Coast/Ghana 31% Cameroon/Congo 23% Nigeria 7% Senegal 4% Africa Southeastern Bantu 4% Benin/Togo 4% Mali 1% Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers <1% (Europe) 22% Ireland 14% Finland/Northwest Russia 4% Great Britain 2% Scandinavia <1% Iberian Peninsula <1% (America) 2% Native American 2% (Pacific Islander) <1% Polynesia <1% Results via AncestryDNA
  12. New kid on the block

    Hey there! The name's Devante, I'm a student at DePaul University in Chicago, IL in my final year studying Psychology. I thought that I might give this site a shot in the hopes of connecting with a few people who share similar beliefs as I (it's a rare principal nowadays unfortunately) and maybe make a few friends along the way. Although I live in the city I do enjoy escaping the concrete jungle ever now and then to experience the freedom of nature along with discovering different and new cultures in order to expand my horizon. I have heavy interests in History, Philosophy, Art, Music, Photography, Activism, Protesting for a good cause, Cinema, Theology and so much more. I'm Agnostic and Vegetarian btw; I would consider myself to be loyal, open minded, and shy which are all characteristics that I find attractive in a girl (shyness can be a bit of a turn on actually lol), I think this is a good start in terms of an introduction, I don't like getting too much in depth, if you're interested at all then give me a quick holler (I won't bite I swear) and we can go from there Someday...\/ \/