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  1. New Here

  2. New guy here...

    Welcome Garth
  3. My post about why I'm WTM

    Very well written. Normally, my reasons for waiting are other than religious ones. Its refreshing to read a theological perspective on this issue. Well done.
  4. To date or not to date...

    I am a virgin and I dated someone who wasn't. I was in love. Unfortunately, her life ended in an untimely manner. I am now in my late 20s and am apprehensive of dating someone with a sexual past, even though I may feel a special connection with someone. One voice in my head makes me feel ashamed of not living to my own standards - I should not hold a person's past against them and yet I am doing exactly that. The other voice argues that I waited so I have the right to expect the same of the other person. So am I hoping for something too extraordinary? Ladies, please feel free to express all sorts of views. Apologies if I sound confused.
  5. Can a person ever change?

    Absolutely possible.
  6. The new girl in town! Hi Everyone! :)

    Welcome to the site Rachel
  7. Hi :) new here

    Welcome to the site Fabra. Being a male, I understand the way how many males behave. That being said, I truly applaud your decision to wait till marriage. Don't break your principles by buckling under discouragement. Remember, it is your decision. You have to look yourself in the mirror everyday. There are good men in this world. A man who truly loves and respects will respect your decision as well. Try being the best possible version of yourself as you can. Remember, it is easy for others to love and respect you if you love and respect yourself. Don't be apologetic about something done in the past. It is done. I have done my fair bit of mistakes as well (some extremely stupid).Learn from them and let it go. Do not judge yourself harshly. Keep the faith. You will meet your dream guy when you least expect it. Good luck.
  8. New guy

    Yeah well, urban areas (especially metropolitan ones) have all cloak and dagger stuff going on.
  9. "Spiritual, but not religious"

    I was brought up in a Hindu family and I do follow certain traditions (read - festivals with tasty culinary celebrations). Me being religious goes as far as that. On a serious note, I follow certain traditions because they help me feel close to my heritage. At the same time my folks encouraged me to learn about other religions and their practices. I attended a Christian school as well. I believe in God, and I recognise that different people worship HIM / HER differently. I will be friends with a person, based on what kind of a person he/she is, not because of the religion they follow or they do not. Would I change my faith for any reason? Probably not and not because I am overtly religious, but because of my cultural links. Being a good human being is much more important to me than being a good Christian/Hindu/Muslim/etc. etc.
  10. Which Type of Guy Are You?

    Eyes, smile. Huge weakness for a lovely smile
  11. New guy

    Hi I am a 26 year old guy from India. Nice to see a website which encourages waiting before marriage (I am a waiter myself). I am old-fashioned when it comes to love and relationships. Well that, and the notion of integrity which my parents emphasised during my adolescence. I have dated both waiter and non-waiter - the latter being a girl who was a childhood friend. Dating opportunities have been infrequent for the last 2 years. Good to be here on this website.