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  1. Keep Her Guessing

    ^ OH, then I communicated wrong. I just want to know how it is lying My Honour please, I dont think it disgusting to think like that, if after you tell her that you dont want to share too much information, then she has the right to stay or leave. HOWEVER, if you blatantly LIE and say "I only have done this this and this" when in fact you have done that and a million times more then you falsely gave information which is wrong.
  2. Keep Her Guessing

    HOW IS IT LYING?!?!?!
  3. Keep Her Guessing

    Let me propose a new Situation please. Let us say that a woman asks about her boyfriend's/fiance's/husband's past. He shares what he thinks is enough to share. He tells her that he does not want to share too much in order to protect her feelings. Is that wrong? No. It just can't be wrong.
  4. Keep Her Guessing

    My Honour, I don't promote lying....
  5. Keep Her Guessing

    ^ He didn't lie to her, she knows he had premarital sex just not all the details, 29k.
  6. Keep Her Guessing

    You can't call every religious leader that you don't agree with a false prophet...
  7. Keep Her Guessing

    That video of the pastor and his wife really influenced me. Protecting someone you love. I'm not taking about crimes here. Just relationship/sexual past. I see both sides of this topic. Just depends on how you look at it.
  8. Keep Her Guessing

    She was fine of it. I don't know, maybe she loves him or something crazy like that.
  9. Keep Her Guessing

    I once watched a video in which the likes of two pastors (married to each other) answered and give advice to a people.Someone that felt ashamed or guilty or unworthy of their fiance because of their past and the Husband -pastor spoke about himself having sex before marriage and not telling his wife everything about that subject in his life NOT to be secretive or noncommunicative but to PROTECT her and I always felt that way after watching that. I think that I would do the same.
  10. Keep Her Guessing

    Also, I think that I improperly named this thread which probably has and will lead to miscommunication.
  11. Keep Her Guessing

    ^ exactly, The same applies to what I'm talking about.
  12. Keep Her Guessing

    This post has nothing to do with lying only choosing not to answer questions or to answer them ambiguously. *Just making that clear*
  13. Keep Her Guessing

    What? I didn't lie.
  14. Keep Her Guessing

    ^ I actually told the truth then she told others
  15. Keep Her Guessing

    Wait just a minute.......... What if the guy is .... really inexperienced and embarrassed? And he just doesn't want to answer because he thinks he will judged by the entire population. Had a girlfriend quite some time ago but not quite so long ago. I was a virgin and she wasn't. I told her that I was... of course expecting that information to be private and unshared. Some time after that and then I an talking to a few male acquaintances and then in conversation comes up my "status". Trust in that on the inside I was fuming. However when it came up I instinctively lied not even thinking about it. *Well not exactly lie but being ambiguous. And then I re-told whatever I said to the girl. It was a sickening ordeal I rather not go through again. I am guessing everyone just thought that maybe the hypothetical man in my post was probably a "player" but.......