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  1. OP was drunk and was coerced. That is not consent.
  2. OP, I hate to say this, but if coerces forces sex from you when you aren't able to consent, that is rape. Being raped does NOT count as losing your virginity. Losing your virginity is a choice. You did not choose.
  3. Hi guys n gals! I'm posting this thread partially to express things that I have difficulty expressing, partially because I'm not comfortable turning to anybody I know IRL on this topic. A bit of background, I'm a 31M, non-virgin-turned-waiter who is dating a 28F virgin waiter. Both of us have committed to this path for religious reasons. Both of us committed to this path before meeting each other. Obviously, I have not always walked this path, but in the here and now it's something that is not negotiable. When I met this girl, I liked her a lot right off the bat. I was honestly deathly afraid that she would expect sex on the Xth date and that I would have to walk away. The night I found out she's a waiter was SUCH a relief! What I'm struggling with is keeping to boundaries. We are both been fine with making out, but that is as far as we're willing to go. Clothes on, hands away from naughty parts, and not sitting there on the couch for hours every time we see each other. Seems reasonable to me. My problem is that, the other day, I found my hands wandering in a way that made her feel very uncomfortable and, the next day when I really had a chance to reflect upon it, made me feel very uncomfortable as well. I find myself wracked with guilt for going against something I had committed to (even if it was in a very small way) and for not showing respect to her commitment. On top of that, I feel that the passion and love in our kisses were replaced by lust - something I found quite jarring and concerning (although I'm not sure she had a problem with that - just the hands thing). We have been together for only two months now, but I can see myself being with her for a lifetime. The insecure side of me is afraid that I've done irreparable damage to our relationship. We HAVE spoken since then and I described all of these feelings and concerns to her, so the secure side of me knows that it will be ok. She's incredibly caring and understanding. I am not used to this type of relationship. I am not sure I know how to keep that side of me in check, no matter how important it is to me. I have no doubt that this is something we all struggle with, but really don't know how to deal with it. Any thoughts (suggestions from a M, reassurance from a F, or whatever else) would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    I have given up porn. It was incredibly unhealthy and I feel better for it. The reddit nofap community has a lot of positive things to say about the experience of giving up porn and masturbation in general.
  5. Which Type of Guy Are You?

    Definitely eyes Also fond of shoulders, neck and back The rest of her too!
  6. When would you like 'xyz' to happen?

    I'm almost 32. Call me eager to get this ball rolling.
  7. When to tell that you're WTM?

    I'm a tad confused. Are you saying that guys think it's ok to cheat if their partner wasn't a virgin when they met? I'm pretty sure everybody has the expectation of openness and honesty in a relationship - whether they've had intercourse or not.
  8. When to tell that you're WTM?

    My girlfriend told me about 3 weeks into our relationship (5th or 6th date), when I had brought up exclusivity. I could tell she was extremely reluctant to mention it, but she just kind of spit it out. Later, I learned that she normally mentions it earlier than that, but had gotten so used to being dropped like a hot potato that she was afraid that I'd do the same thing. I was quite taken aback when she mentioned it. If I recall correctly, I somewhat awkwardly replied "Good" and said little else for a few minutes
  9. Pursuing a Girl/Woman

    It really, really is! Personally, I decided to wait after having one long-term partner (long, long ago). When I met my current girlfriend, I didn't know her background. All I knew is that she's modest, reserved and didn't jump on me after the first few dates (nor did I!). Knowing little else about her history, that was definitely good enough for me - so long as she was willing to wait. Turns out, she's a waiter! I didn't expect virginity, but I'll confess to being relieved when she told me (most guys cut and run at that point, so I think she was quite surprised when she saw I was relieved). All I want is somebody with similar values. Their past matters little compared to that.
  10. 7.78 for me The good news is that I already met one of them!
  11. I intend to propose to my girlfriend of one month, who is definitely "the one", on or around our one-year anniversary. Whether that becomes the one-year anniversary of our first date or of "becoming a couple" (which was a few weeks later), will get ironed out when I get closer to that time lol. I'm leaning toward recreating our first date and doing it that way...but anything could happen.
  12. Which Type of Guy Are You?

    Definitely eyes