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  1. Romance languages

    o-o Spanish is not romantic at least not Cuban Spanish. If you don't believe me, just come over to Hialeah. all you gonna hear is Cubans yelling Penis in Spanish.
  2. How do guys feel about a girl who is always talking to the guy first or making the moves first on him. I am just wondering, because some people say it has to be like the old fashion way of waiting for the guy to come to the girl. Some people say that guys like girls who come to them. So, tell me guys, how do you feel. Would you hate it or like? Do guys think its annoying? ( I just found the pic btw, do I know the artist, no)
  3. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello! I am new here too! even though I am not a virgin, I have finally choose to wait until marriage. I hope to make many new friends! Also learn new stuff too. Anyways, I hope everyone has a nice day.
  4. I understand how you feel. I am also a non virgn who realize now that I should have waited. I wouldn't mind dating someone who wants to wait, I would respect thier wish. Heck, now I am trying to wait due to a promise I should keep to a friend plus I do feel bad for not waiting. True love is accepting the person for thier past and flaws or just for who they are. So, just try to stay strong and remember that everyone makes mistakes.