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  1. I have to be honest, I have never been in a serious relationship, and I have never gotten physical beyond cannonballing right next to someone in the pool So, what would/did/do you do if you end up with someone who doesn't share the same value? How in the world do you bring that up in a conversation?
  2. Hey I'm Jordan

    Hi Jordan, and welcome! I'll be honest, I may not chat with you much, (I pop in and out, sporadically) but it's nice to see you here!
  3. What do you do for work?

    I'm the color guard (marching band, not ROTC) tech at my old high school. That basically means I make copies and help with choreography and get hit with flying equipment. But I love it!
  4. I've seen a few articles like that. Most of it is bull, but they have one solid point. Women who are more intelligent tend to also be more driven, which means they are most likely to attend college and pursue a career. For most such women, it's near the top of the priority list, which makes developing a relationship less important to them by comparison. Sorry, I know I'm not a guy. I was just too interested to stay quiet. I found it depressing too.
  5. Hi, I'm McKenzie

    Hello McKenzie!
  6. Wassup?

    Hi Sara! Welcome to the site! I can agree with the (hopeful) location.
  7. Romance languages

    Haha does what we already know count? I speak Spanish, and I have a working knowledge of Italian. I have a friend from Romania, though, and I think the language is beautiful!
  8. I'm just going to preface this by saying it's a very loose metaphor, please don't extend it beyond what is reasonable. I know, I'm not married, but this is something I've been thinking about for awhile. Before a baby is born, it doesn't need to breathe. Its life just does not require respiration to exist. But after the baby is born and takes its first breath, it needs to breathe to live. So, I think after you find a person who really complements you and enhances your life, it would be something akin to death (metaphorically) to remove them.
  9. Most embarrassing moment...

    Once, in Spanish class I forgot how to say cheese. I had been studying Spanish for three years! The whole class laughed, and the teacher just shook his head.
  10. Most embarrassing moment...

    I was on the color guard (like marching band cheerleading, for the layman) and I was changing in the locker room, because the guard girls were the only ones in the band room... Or so we thought! One of the drumline walked in and saw me and a couple of other members in various stages of undress. There is only so much surface area a girl can cover with her hands :/ I can't look him in the eyes to this day.
  11. I have to agree with The Crowing. If a guy can't take a hint, then anything short of "Go away" will be seen as "Oh! She still likes me!" I learned that one the hard way (I should listen to my mother more often!). But, on Allisha's side, there are a lot of guys who still hope after a blunt no :/
  12. Which Type of Guy Are You?

    Haha this will always be something girls wonder, I think. But do you know what I think would be great? A "me" guy.
  13. Re-introducing myself

    Hi Wanderlust! Cool name. Welcome back? Haha you make some good points. See ya 'round!
  14. Random Questionnaire

    Cool! 1. Were you named after anyone? >Yes, my aunt (Mom's little sister) 2. When was the last time you cried? >A couple of days ago, reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom 3. What is your favorite lunch meat? >ew 4. Would you bungee jump? >YESYESYES 5. What is the first thing you notice about people? >their posture and speech patterns 6. Who do you miss the most? >my best friend Hope (moved away, not died, thankfully) 7. What was the last thing you ate? >the last thing? or everything in the last meal? um, a nectarine, 5 taquitos, a bowl of spaghetti (very last was the nectarine) 8. Mountain hideaway or beach house? >a mountain hideaway that isn't too far from the beach! 9. Favorite sports to watch? >marching band 10. Hair color? >dark brown (I swear, it's not black!) with a weird fringe of red on my hairline. I can't get rid of it. 11. Eye color? >medium brown, but they look reddish in the sunlight (so I'm told) 12. Do you wear contacts? >nope, only glasses 13. Favorite food? >Pizza! 14. Scary movies or happy endings? >bit of both 15. Last movie you watched? >Hello, Frisco, Hello! 16. Summer or winter? >Winter! 17. Hugs or kisses? >hugs first, kisses depend on who they're from 18. Tea or coffee? >tea 19. What is on your mouse pad? >I don't have a mouse pad. I'm on my laptop. 20. Favorite dessert? >OREOS! Or cookies and cream ice cream, or Oreo milkshakes, or mint Oreos... 21. Did you like answering these questions? >Sure, it was fun. But now I want mint Oreos!
  15. I don't think love is important, in the way most people would say. I think to say that, I would be using love as a noun. As a verb, love is the most important thing you can DO in a marriage, and if I could simplify it I would say that I think it boils down to effort.
  16. What is your dream job?

    Miss Chuyaco, I must be a nerd too, because that sounds super interesting! I'm a big fan of Russian artistic metalwork and old murals. (if anyone laughs at me for that, just don't tell me about it) Amarillo, I love that answer. DanceSingLove that is so beautiful! I can bet that would be difficult, but then altruism is never easy, is it? Thank you for doing that, I love hearing about things like that.
  17. What is your dream job?

    I know there is already a dream/fantasy future topic, but that leaves a wide span of possible answers. I want to know, what is your dream job? How do you picture yourself using your gifts and talents?? I've always wanted to be a translator. When I was in a little girl, saw a court proceeding for someone who didn't speak English (he spoke Spanish). I thought the court interpreter was the coolest person in the world! I've always been good at picking up languages, but I didn't think I could ever put that to use (at the wise old age of 7, I thought my future was hopeless ) When I was in 10th grade, I had the good fortune to speak with a literary translator about her job. The passion in her voice and the joy she clearly took in her job helped me make up my mind. I want to be a translator! Though my sights are set on intelligence; I want to work for the CIA! What about you?
  18. For the Strong, Independent Women:

    I think there's another part to this: what guy hasn't been intimidated by girls/women? I think all girls are "intimidating" to some degree just because estrogen. However, some are more so than others. I'm one of them. I'm not tall, but I am stocky. I exercise a lot, and I build muscle more easily than I lose fat. So I think part of what makes me intimidating is my body type, but oh well, I can't change that. Like kquest87, I'm shy in public, but unfortunately that comes off as stand-offish. It's frustrating, because it's like, I'm so shy I make people shy. What a crappy cycle.
  19. The Baha'i Faith

    If you really want to do some individual research, try and religious You might want to be careful about trusting some of the interpretations on, but both websites are really good places to get information on many religions (I've used them so many times) and sometimes comparisons between religions that are closely related or commonly confused.
  20. I don't have an answer or advice. I just wanted to let you know that I can sympathize. I've had to cut off communication with many of my family members, for various reasons. It hurts every time. But it's the best thing to do in some situations (the worst best thing ever), and there are always other family members that will help you and build you up.
  21. Supernatural

    I think there is some Catholicism mixed up with Christianity when it comes to "religion." Is paganism a religion? The pagans I've asked about it say no, because (to paraphrase) it's not a set of rules, but a way of life. I can dig it. But I think Supernatural just takes the names from mythology and stories and write them into a Hollywood interpretation. The show used to bother me, but it's fiction.
  22. What is your dream job?

    That's interesting. I had to look up baglama and ney.
  23. What is your dream job?

    What instrument(s) do you play?
  24. What is your dream job?

    Cora Jay, that is cool. I used to toy with the idea of doing something like that. But I can't see sick people all day. I'm too much of a baby, and I just couldn't take it. Haitigirl9, it doesn't pay the bills, but it sure would be fun! Paul, my mom works with low income, mentally ill patients, and I serve with special needs kids at my church. I think the world definitely needs more teachers who are willing to dedicate time and patience to those who need it, but too often don't get it.
  25. Tamora Pierce has a few series (quartets, really) with strong heroines and no underage sex. Yes there is sex in her novels, but nothing graphic, and always adults. My favorites are the Beka Cooper trilogy And for the hopeless romantics, I recommend The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman. One of my absolute favorites!