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    2 states because I go to college. The states are far away from each other.
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    I love singing and am at school to become an elementary school teacher. I like good books, I like trying different makeup looks and hairstyles. I can be shy but once I meet people I am more comfortable and outgoing.

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  1. I'm so glad I found this site. Being in college I find myself surrounded by people who don't share the same values that I do- most of them pertaining to sex. I've always said I will wait until marriage and some people almost seem to think there is something wrong with me because of that. While others think it is a good choice. I know the only opinion that matters is my own but it can be difficult in college as well to find a guy who shares the same values I do. I've met men who are interested but want to go farther than I do. I've had friends tell me 'guys have needs!' Anyway I can't wait to make some new friends here.