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  1. Giving up

    Its ok! Thank the Lord it happened before we got married
  2. Giving up

    Yes, I have felt this way. My last relationship almost ended with the two of us getting married (we were VERY close to that), however, my significant other found another guy while we were still dating... there's nothing worse than getting close to someone and then have them leave you, regardless of the reason. But what I think you have to keep in mind (and what helped me) is to understand the value you bring to ladies and to have confidence in that fact that you are one of a handful of top shelf guys out there. You need to realize that you are indeed handsome, and that just because one (or even more than one) girl thinks differently, does not mean that they have the authority to say you are not attractive. I know young ladies that most guys think are drop dead gorgeous, but I could never date simply because they aren't attractive to me. The key is finding someone who loves you for you. Its amazing how attractive someone becomes when you love them and you'll find that someday. Just don't lose hope and keep your head up. Have confidence in yourself and what you bring to the table. As soon as you fully realize how great you are and how lucky your future spouse is going to be to have you in her life, you'll start to know that the ladies that don't want to date you are really missing out and its ultimately their loss, not yours. You just can't let droughts in love (no matter how long they may be) discourage you to the point of hopelessness - especially when you are one of only a few good guys out there - because you're too valuable to let that happen. You're going to mean so much to someone someday that when you look back on this time now, you'll be so thankful for that person who is now in your life. Just hang tight.
  3. Hello Hello!

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the site and thought I'd say hi to everyone! Its so so nice to have found something like this. I'm 24 and I think I can count the number of girls I know are waiting on one hand and can't readily think of any guy friends I know that are waiting. I'm in dental school and most of my classmates have different values than I do so it'll be nice to make some friends on here. Its nice to meet you all! Joseph
  4. Was it really worth it?

    Ok thats great here! Thanks everyone!
  5. I've decided to wait until my wedding night but at this point it doesn't seem like there are many people like that out there (its nice to be on here!). So I was wondering if waiting is really going to be worth it?