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  1. Hey. I'm not really from a "religious" background but I am saved a Christian,, goes to church. Not overly religious at all. Neither of my parents waited for marriage and neither did my siblings. Which is frustrating when you need somebody to talk to. My mom was really proud of me I know because she used to tell me that all the time. She wanted me to wait until I was ready , my oldest sister says waiting for marriage is like buying a shoe without putting it on. She thinks it's crazy and doesn't really see my point of view. She is all for holding on to your virginity for as long as you can but she wouldn't marry somebody without having sex first. I'm from South Ga. Waiting is not normal in my environment besides myself I only know 3 virgins my age. Probably more around but I don't know them. Seems like people are giving it away younger and younger. My 14 yr old cousin got a girl pregnant so now he's a dad and he's not even 15 yet. all my friends and family are supportive and so are most of the people I tell. I get "I wish I would have waited" all the time. Guys think I'm nuts of course and I haven't been in many relationships because of it. I don't know what else to say lol
  2. I feel so heartbroken 😭 right now. I'm 27 soon to be 28 next Saturday and I'm a virgin waiting til marriage. I haven't dated many guys but it seems like it's relationship after relationship no one wants to wait. No one wants to get married. Meet a guy, trust a guy, develop feelings for a guy, something goes wrong, back to the drawing board. Rinse repeat. I'm about to give up. I don't mean I'm going to go out and have sex. I mean I'm thinking about just saying bump it all together, get artificially insemination and raise some kids alone... After all these men thinking I am crazy for waiting I finally met someone just my type. Virgin. Wants to wait to marriage. Basically everything I want except for one important thing. He doesn't want kids. I want them very much. he says he will not change his mind and I cannot change mine. So either it's forget him and go back to the drawing board once again or give up on a desire of my heart which is babies. Either way I lose something. Sigh. I'm about to say no love zone.
  3. Baby names?

    I'm a twin . My name is Jacara and my sister's name is Jacorey. I like matchup names but I know some people are against it. My sister has chosen to have all her kids names start with C or K. She only has two so far but she's sticking to it. My mom had all our names start with Js. I won't do that. Whatever name feels right is what I'm going to do
  4. Artificial Insemination

    Interesting answers. I always joke to my friends that I'll get artificially inseminated if I never meet the one and my biological clock got to ticking loudly but I don't know if I would ever actually do it. I don't think I would want to adopt unless I absolutely had to. nothing against it, I am just one of those people who would like to have my own experience. I have always wondered what my own children would look like... However going through with artificial insemination also kinda makes me feel like if I were to do it, itwould mean that I didn't trust God enough to send me my husband and follow His plan for my life. It is an interesting subject....
  5. Baby names?

    I definitely keep a list of names and I love coming up with them. It is sort of a hobby of mine lol. the only thing that saddens me is I know I won't get to use them all. Girls Dresden Olivia Sage December Harlow Lyric Winter Rory Kate Harbor Reegan Camille Artemis Penelope Rose Antigone Mariah Rain Makaila Chelsea Carrie Christmas Fallon Fable Piper Marlena Pepper Sienna Clarke Melanie Adair Rose Berlin Sunday Matilda Sunday Gianna Marie Waverly Rhania Paige Wednesday. Raquel Tuesday Camille September Rose January Winslet Boys Atlas Orson Christopher Poseidon Sebastian Tate Tristan Josiah Cole Orion Asher Knight Fox Harrison Riley Apollo Finley. Bronx Kaiden Knox Christian Prometheus Ares
  6. Artificial Insemination

    So I just saw this girl on Oprah. I'm not sure that she was a virgin but she was single and getting older and worried that she wouldn't find "the one" so she decided to get artificially inseminated and she had a son. So I was thinking this could work for a virgin who wanted kids before it's too late for her to get pregnant on her own. She wouldn't be having sex and she'd be able to have a kid.... What do you all think? Would you do it?
  7. Social Media Accounts!

    Dang. Yeah my bad. @carastarey
  8. Social Media Accounts!

    Dont thing my twitter is yall that interesting But @carstarey
  9. About The Body

    Hi. I was wondering how yall feel about body type. I know alot of women have insecurities about their bodies. Im no different. I have been in situations where my body matters. Not that im a big girl.. It may depend on the person but overall, does it matter to you? Do you like thick girls or skinny girls? Would you rather your lady have Beyonce's abs and Jlos backside? Or are you a Jennifer Hudson or Queen Latifah type of guy? Does a little pudge here or there bother you? Do you like the athletic type or are you confortable with whatever comes your way?
  10. I don't mind dating non waiters but it is very hard to find a non waiter who is willing to change their love life for you. Does anyone know of a dating website for waiters that will help people like us meet other people like us? I tried looking at the virgin map but it would not load. I've tried regular websites but a lot of those people are looking for sex, even on Christian mingle. Help a lone Georgia waiter out
  11. breaker?

    Its use to be a deal for me but now I'm not so sure because it seems llike everyone has children these days. Unless you .can find another waiter. I seem to be the only waiter in Georgia right now lol. It really just depends on the guy.
  12. Music during the big night?

    There will definitely be music. I got a playlistism written down lol Boys II Men I'll Make Love To You Silk More Janet Jackson Discipline, Anytime anyplace, Would You Mind Maxwell This Woman's work Mariah Carey Joyride, Yours Beyonce 1 plus 1 Lauryn Hill I Need You Baby Barry White Practice What You Preach Genuine Pony Twista Wetter Ashanti Southside Ludacris Splash Waterfalls Destiny's Child Cater to u, tshirt Tlc redlight special Christina Milian Dip It Low Chrisette Michele If I Have My Way Babyface whip appeal Can't think of anymore right now but there will definitely be more
  13. Daddy's Girl or Mommy's?

    i was a daddy's girl. my dad died when i was 16 and thats when I got closer to my mom. sigh, i miss my parents
  14. Was it really worth it?

    i was gonna ask that question too. great to hear that it really is worth it
  15. A song for your Future Spouse

    The Only one for me by Brian Mcknight or The One by Blu Cantrell