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  1. PREACH! Seriously though, I really do have to co-sign what Olivier said; your viewpoints are pretty refreshing b/c even among church people the man's feelings and role tend to get left out entirely in conversations like these. You don't often hear someone speak who understands the God-given roles of men and women in the family unit, and I really have to applaud you for that.
  2. Bonjour à tous!

    Welcome to the site, Musteizer!
  3. Random Thoughts

    FACTS About Water: 100% of people who are exposed to water WILL die Water is the leading cause of drowning Serial killers, Rapists, Drug Dealers, and Terrorists have all admitted to drinking water
  4. Ladies: Does size matter?

    Never looked at it that way before. On the flip side that would explain why I don't really care for women taller than me (6'2"). As a guy, I'm in the position to protect the lady I'm with, and if she's more physically imposing (at least in terms of height) it kinda throws that off. Not that taller women can't be attractive too, but eh. Also, mind totally went in the gutter for the thread title.
  5. Good to see that you made it out of the situation okay. I guess the only thing I can really tell you is to be on guard in the future against dudes like that. The fact that he asked you for pictures despite the fact that you said that you weren't ready for that shows that he wasn't a true gentleman, and had you stayed with him he no doubt would have kept ramming away at your boundaries until either he got what he wanted or you ditched him. He was looking out for his interests, not yours.
  6. I'm engaged!!

    Congratulations on the engagement!
  7. I'll admit that the last sentence made me chuckle. Well played.
  8. I can't speak for anyone else here, but growing up in a mostly Christian-based environment (church, Christian schools, etc), I got plenty of the 'purity talks' back in grade school, and it seemed like WTM was a much more popular decision. Sure, you had a few naysayers, but in general it seemed like people were fired up about it. After thinking about it for a bit, I began to realize that a wide majority of them have given up on it by this point, including my close friends. It's a little disheartening when you still have the same values now that you committed to back then, and the ones who were with you just sort of gave up. I can't help but wonder what different factors play into that, whether it be peer pressure, temptation, ideals changing, etc. Thoughts?
  9. a great article

    I thought the article was really good. I honestly don't mind reading the comments even though most of them made me go: It's always interesting learning how other people think, plus there's some positive comments to balance out the foolishness lol.
  10. Alcohol/Drinking

    I've never had a single drink in my life, and honestly I don't plan to. If anything else I don't see the point. I don't need it to have fun (despite what people may tell you), and I'd rather be in my right mind than in an altered state of consciousness any day. I also hate the social pressure that comes with drinking; if everyone else orders a drink and you don't, you get those judgmental stares and people assuming that you're trying to be better than them, when really all you gave them was a polite "no thanks". As a Christian, I don't believe that drinking alcohol in itself is a sin (drunkenness is), but personally I just don't have any reason to partake. Pass the sparkling cider!
  11. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    I've often thought about this myself, and I'm pleasantly surprised by most of the responses. I'm 23, just graduated college last year, working full time, and...you guessed it, living at home. At first I felt like I had to have all my ducks in a row before I started dating, but once I started getting to know people in this area (metropolitan DC BTW), I learned that pretty much everyone in my age group is living at home. Honestly, the economy is so bad at this point that we can't afford to move out on our own, and that's before you factor in junk like student debt. Judging by most of the responses here and other people I've talked to, this generation understands that the old "move out after college/at 18" mantra is dead in the water. The few people my age who still think that way live in areas where the cost of living is FAR lower and they can actually afford rent.
  12. MBTI? (Myers Briggs)

  13. Which Type of Guy Are You?

    I prefer breasts and legs myself: Seriously though, I'd have to go with eyes above anything else. I feel like my standards aren't that high when it comes to physical attributes of the curvy variety (it really varies by woman; I've seen good-looking ones of all body types), but facial features, especially the eyes, can be a huge selling point.
  14. Most annoying WTM criticism?

    I don't think I've ever got a truly negative reaction for my stance. It's usually some variant of "I like/respect that, but I couldn't do it". Then again I don't really bring it up often in regular conversation.
  15. I guess I'll stop lurking now

    Hi there! After reading thread after thread of interesting discussion (as well as most of the site articles), I figured I may as well join. I think it's pretty cool to find a forum filled with people, both Christian and non-Christian, who share the common goal of sexual purity and are working together to encourage each other. Sometimes I feel like the only virgin on the planet lol. A little about me without being too long-winded: Christian 23 Tend to be kind of shy but I'm working on it I look forward to talking with you!
  16. I knew that was a poor choice of words. By 'aura' I just meant that your confidence exudes itself in the way you carry yourself, and other people can pick up on that.
  17. I think attractiveness is more about self-perception and confidence than it is raw physical looks. Not cockiness, mind you, but simply being sure of yourself and comfortable in who you are. That 'aura' tends to manifest itself in the way you carry yourself, and it totally makes a difference in how people see you. That's not to say that looks aren't important at all, but confidence acts as a HUGE buffer.