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  1. Random Thoughts

    Lol, for what it's worth, the garlic works very well (eat it with some honey to neutralize the taste a bit). My sore throat hasn't progressed into anything at all since I've started taking it. I just didn't expect raw garlic to be so spicy; your mouth will burn like crazy until you wash it down with something.
  2. Random Thoughts

    *gets sore throat* *reads that eating a raw clove of garlic can stop a sore throat* *purchases garlic and chops a clove* *eats it*
  3. Random Thoughts

    I really don't know how I made it through college without drinking any form of caffeine whatsoever. I wish I had discovered green tea years ago...
  4. Honeymoon baby?!

    I'd like to do what my parents did: wait 2-3 years before having kids after getting married. Gives you time to really grow in your marriage and do things you won't be able to do as much after you have kids, like travel.
  5. Someone wrote a pretty good response to her article: http://phyliciadelta.com/i-waited-until-my-wedding-to-lose-my-virginity-and-its-the-best-thing-i-ever-did/
  6. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    Absolutely. I think it takes a certain level of commitment and willpower to say "no", and I have a high level of respect for anyone who's going against the cultural norm. That said, there are plenty of other factors in a mate that hold more water (i.e. emotional maturity). Preferably, no. I don't view "experience" as a plus; I'd rather us be in a situation where neither of us know what we're doing rather than them having to teach me, it's something that we can both learn together. Plus I know how I think, in the back of my mind I'd wonder if I'm being 'graded' lol.
  7. I always feel bad when I see cases where a church has twisted the message of purity to the point that it affects those who were brought up under it negatively. In a lot of cases it gives people a bad idea of what WTM is actually about. Also, when people make purity pledges at like 10 years old, they really don't know what they're getting themselves into until later on in life. If they don't have a good foundation behind it aside from a simple "God said so", they either don't stick to it or end up waiting without any sense of purpose behind it...the latter of which happened here.
  8. Pursuing a Girl/Woman

    I don't agree with pursuing more than one person at once. You can observe multiple people at once in a friendship/group setting to evaluate whether you want to court/date them, but once you begin that process it should be an exclusive thing out of respect for her.
  9. Sibling Loyalty

    I don't think I've ever been happier to be an only child.
  10. @Jas There's a difference between disagreeing with someone's actions and attacking the person directly. Personally, I don't agree with homosexuality either, but I'm willing to respect the person despite their choices, the same goes for a number of actions I don't agree with. When you call the person "disgusting", it dehumanizes them and gives off the impression that you think you're better than them, when in reality we're all sinners. As Christians we have to treat everyone with a spirit of love, even if we don't agree with their life choices.
  11. Interesting read: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/life/relationships/have-we-made-idol-out-sexual-purity Thoughts?
  12. Virgin Territory

    *watches trailer* Well, at least it's better than '16 and pregnant' Honestly though, the whole premise of the show seems kinda creepy and exploitative. When you make someone's virginity the highlight of the show, it kinda comes off as, "Hey, let's chronicle the lives of these strange people!", especially when you consider MTV's target audience.
  13. Hoo boy, I have a story for this one: In college, I remember bumping into one guy on campus. I didn't know him at all, but he somehow remembered me, found me on Facebook, and added me. Since we went to the same school and had no reason to be suspicious, I was like "why not" and accepted his request. For a while he was flirting with one of my best friends who didn't even go to the same school, which kinda creeped said friend out, who eventually ended up un-friending him. Next semester, the guy asks me if I want to grab dinner with him at the school cafeteria, and I agree to it. After dinner and some chitchat, he drops the fact that he's into both asian women and "black guys who act white", which gives me a little pause. Those who know me know that I fit the latter category to a tee, but again, I'm assuming that he's not talking about me and instead some other dude. We talked/hung out a few times after that. A few weeks later, I get a text asking if I want to come over and "snuggle" while watching a movie. I never did respond to that text. Sidenote: For what it's worth, the fact that the guy was bisexual didn't bother me in terms of hanging out with him as friends, he was a nice enough guy. The problem was that the dude was clearly interested and I don't play for that team, so I wasn't really sure how to react. It's flattering but...no.
  14. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I'm surprised that no one brought up the other variable; non-WTM women that are into male virgins b/c they want to 'break them in', so to speak. Of course, as a waiter they aren't the type that you want to be with, but they are out there.
  15. I am engaged!

    Congrats on the engagement!
  16. Random Thoughts

    Lol, the pot was a decent size, but at the heat it was cooking at it was just splattering like crazy. Probably should have turned it down before opening the lid to check on it. Yep! The Rocky movies were so good!
  17. Fun Thread!

    "We think there should be an oath between two parties, between us and you."
  18. Random Thoughts

    Why does pasta sauce have to splatter so much when it's cooking? Opened the lid once and now I've got to clean this stuff off of the wall.
  19. Acting like a virgin

    ^^^ I tend to keep it under wraps for the exact same reasons. It can be awkward when people make a big deal out of it when they find out, heck, in a lot of cases it almost comes off as them being obsessed with it, even if they agree with your stance. And yeah, in the same token there are women who will consider a virgin guy a "conquest", so for the same reasons I'm wary about that fact getting out lol.
  20. I saw this topic pop up in the "what if you married someone who didn't wait" thread, and decided to make a separate thread because it's an interesting topic. For me, the answer is yes. Growing up, both of my parents cooked/baked on a regular basis, so I never saw it as a "woman's job", so to speak. I view cooking as an essential life skill that everyone should have at least at a basic level. She doesn't have to be an expert or anything, just someone who at least knows what they're doing and are open-minded. There's also the nutritional aspect, cooking meals at home is a lot healthier, and I'd like to raise my kids on home-cooked meals as opposed to eating out a lot. Oh yeah, it's cheaper too.
  21. not attracted

    There's definitely seasons where you can feel content where you are. I'll still find people physically attractive during these periods, but as far as knowing them on a deeper level and being attracted...nah. I think it's a good place to be in where you're comfortable with yourself and you don't feel like you need to be in a relationship ASAP.
  22. Honesty, I'm kinda wary about the idea, it almost gives me the impression of elevating the status of virginity too high. Having a virgin roommate/friend/babysitter/etc. doesn't necessarily make them better or even more pure than a non-virgin one. It just gives off a really clique-ish vibe; I'd rather evaluate someone's character for things like that rather than their sexual history, but that's just me.