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  1. I agree for the most of it but I am pro abortion even married because sometimes it's the better decision. My maximum for children is 3,we wouldn't have enough ressources to have more. I don't have children yet but probably I would sterilize myself. I don't know. But sometimes it's better not to have a child than having it.Problems in the marriage - it would be worse if you have a kid meanwhile. I married virgin,I am happy and so on but I would never say that the personal choice of someone which doesn't affect me,it's wrong.
  2. Hello! As you know I am married and from a waiting christian community. I have older girlfriends who are very concerned about the age these days and I have no idea what to tell them. Me and my husband wait to have kids but we are still young (below 30s) and I don't think that much. My friends are one 38 and the other 42,waiters and singles for now.They are worried that they won't be able to have children and whatever I say,I feel that doesn't help because I am ''young and married''. What you think in this situation?If you were at their place,how would you feel? Thank you! Charlotte
  3. That's true. I know people who sort of "became" WTM because they weren't able to find someone to be and have sex with.I am sure that they would stop immediately the waiting if they find someone willing to have sex with them. For me people who wait are not loosers but I have to admit that I see a difference between " can but I wait" and "can't and I wait".
  4. Adriana Lima's divorce and the waiting

    Yes,I agree with you. Actually my biggest concern always was and will be - marrying too soon and not living together.But with wtm living together is a very big deal and not possible in the most of the cases.I had the chance to marry young so I had the possibility to have the time to wait.When your clock is ticking ,you don't have this choice.. Thank you!We have our problems but still trying to resolve them.
  5. Adriana Lima's divorce and the waiting

    I agree with you and I don't understand at all that..I am a succesful waiter with my husband... Just one thing in the articles seems like something to think of..."he idea that he couldn't tell if he was really in love with her or not because he couldn't put his penis inside her to check". We had two years of relationship before getting married and we were together very very often..I know that they are stars but...of what we see,we can find that: They married very quickly - 9 monts and also I assume that both of them were busy at the time to pass more time together and so on.Also she is a super model...probably it was like waiting for christmas to find your present under the tree ...So not enough time together + too big temptation with conditions and probably they had some pretty big things in common but I for example discovoured my husband fully after the marriage and when we started to live together.. Just some questions here,yes...but still...
  6. Hello everyone! As a teacher I am in vacation and little bit bored so browsing on the internet. I didn't know that Adriana got divorced and because her husband was cheating. I saw others comments like ''He married her because he wanted to have sex with her so badly and that's why he thought he is in love with her and after it he found out he is not'' and ''She was like only missionary,just to conceive as we see 5 years - 2 children and a normal man can't hadle it''. What you think about it?
  7. Greetings from Denmark!

    Hey Jacob!Greetings from France! I heard that Danes are very beautiful
  8. Courting

    I don't know the girl very well.But according to our friend ,the issue is partly because of her beliefs,partly because of her education. She is very religious.Our friend not that much - he is waiting because of him and wanting the one true love,not exactly for God (not like me - I waited for God) She doesn't want to talk about sex - she says that this is something natural ,happening upon the marriage and that's all. About everything else - after the marriage. I agree with her but at least we have talked before.And still we have problems after it. Actually the biggest concern of the guy is that she could not want to have sex or would do it only to please him.
  9. How many…?

    He was my first date.I've never been with anyone else before.He was my first kisser and everything else
  10. Was it really worth it?

    Yes,it is
  11. We have our issues right now so it's not a good time for children (especially according to my husband).He wanted some time to get to know each other in the intimate way even if I wasn't sure about it.I also want at least 3 kids. I understand the issue about waiting and the bio clock.I have thought about it before my marriage and I was so affraid. I hope soon to have a big news to annonce!
  12. Courting

    Hello fellas I have my friend here who is WTM like us.He has a girlfriend for 4 months already and for now the things are good. But there is the problem - she is quite shy and also she is supporting the "holding hands" - deosn't want any physical intimacy as kissing or even hugging. He accepts that but feels a bit worried about the sexual incompability because they haven't even really touched themselfs,he doesn't know how she reacts to him touching her and the sex topic makes her uncomfortable. I don't know what to say to him,neither my husband. Thank you for every possible answer.
  13. Moral Relativism and doing the right thing

    Hey, As a fervant catholics,I agree with almost all of you.I don't know how is in USA but here this points are sooo stretched out that nobody,even me, cares. For example we even have something called PACS and it is some kind of contract as what we live together,we pay the taxes together and we are presented as a couple in front of the State.But it is not marriage because you can simply finish it with one signature. You can be gay and also be married here. And this is one of the countries,housed the pope. But I have lived all ly life like that and to be fair my faith become more an "everyday" faith.With that I mean I try to accept everyone with a statement and I don't juge.Sometimes I am even looked at as some kind of a alien but it is not important because I do it too.
  14. A french in your community

    Thank you,all!
  15. A french in your community

    Bonjour, I am Claire-Charlotte and I am married to my husband Philippe .I am 26 and my husband 27.We are fervant christians and we waited succesfully. I wrote about why I am here in the "private area". I am happy to meet you all! (sorry for the errors that I might make,it is not my native language..)