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  1. account delete option?

    You're... doing it wrong, love. Somehow, I'm leaving. The time has come! The time is now! Adios
  2. account delete option?

    I echo the sentiment exactly. It was fun getting to know you all, though! Even if you did think I was weird, don't worry, I probably thought you were weird too. It was fun, I know you enjoyed arguing with me. And we learned a lot. But I need to get a life. (OMG, this would make the perfect eulogy) Beam me, Scotty!
  3. Most embarrassing moment...

    I basically have one every day, they usually involve an ironic foot in the mouth. Sometimes I can play it off as intentional, so, I just kind of roll with whatever I say. Like, if I accidently say an innuendo, out of naivety, I'll act like it's on purpose, instead of just me being stupid. I just try. Hm, the most embarrassing story that I'm willing to share involves my mom labeling my underwear when I went to summer camp. I was in my early teens, so, just imagine the potential problems. At least they were mailed back to me. So embarrassing...
  4. It's starting to look more split now: I'm actually not voting yet, so as to not tamper with the results. I was surprised at first, because it seemed like everyone wanted to be told.
  5. Your mum i$ a direct rejection, Vicomte. Oh!
  6. I think there's that initial period where it's fair-game. Like obviously, "wassup" "nt much u?" getting to know someone doesn't count. Alright, well hopefully more classy than that. So... the poll concerns after the "hey" phase.
  7. Right, as a female, you'd pick female. Sorry to not clarify that!
  8. Yeah, pretend that you like her for her personality.
  9. Dude, you're taking it personal! Lol @ not a chance, ha ha. I was being light-hearteder.
  10. I think as long as you don't fall into the trap of only having sex to get your way, and he's reasonably satisfied, he shouldn't cheat. And if he does, eff him. Plus if you guys are doing it enough, you'll be able to tell, because he won't seem as interested. Then, I'd say, call him out. A lot of times, I hear women complain that their men cheat, and at some point, they'd stopped having sex with them.
  11. Ew, I don't want your a$$. It's not about you. (I have to use dollar signs, so I don't get kicked-out, it $uck$)
  12. Yeah, they get mad sometimes. I had an incident in school where the guy stalked me and tried to smear my reputation. I was literally shaking and had a hard time concentrating on homework. No one listened to me, except my now BFF, who happens to be skilled in the martial arts. Because she's a bada$$. I even had my name put in an angry banjo song in front of the student body (like, my worst nightmare, lol). Eventually, the people that I hung out with finally understood what was going on, because he started targeting them. At that point I was like, "Well, go figure!" Finally, my brother had a hard time getting a job on campus, and then my family got mad and told the Dean of Men what was going on(?). Without my permission, obviously. The creep actually got promoted, and still works at the school. So, don't be that guy. And that's just dating. Not working, not the classroom. You could write a book about the sexual harassment that I've gone through, during my walk on the straight and narrow. Your average thir$ty dude thinks it's his right to have him a wo-man, and there she is, just for him. When I was a kid, I had no idea that working, going to school, and living would be such a hassle, for this reason. Especially now that the economy's collapsed, and people are desperate. The only places that I feel safe going to by myself are shopping places and coffee places. I don't feel safe going anywhere alone past ten, which it's a shame that that's my "curfew," because I love the night. I can't travel alone, like men are able to do. I can't go hiking alone or do outdoor activities alone. You do miss-out on so much of life, because of the danger. I think that's why women are conditioned to be so "nice": if we don't have our social group, what can we do? It's really difficult, though, because if it's a place that you visit often or a campus or whatever, and the guy asks for your number, you're screwed. If you don't give him your number, it might make him mad. If you do give him your number, he expects you to reply to him, and as soon as you stop, he gets mad.
  13. Twiliiiiiiiiiight omg j/k