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  1. Greetings from Denmark!

    Welcome Jacob! So you build robots? How many do you have so far? And video games!
  2. Random Thoughts

    On another note...... I'm the 500th comment on here! Yay me hehe.... AND this commercial cracks me up! Gone! Get! Hehehehehehheheehheee
  3. Random Thoughts

    Now that's just conceited.
  4. Random Thoughts

    What exactly are you talking about? How am I supposed to know what you did?
  5. Random Thoughts

    Some people disgust me and I just really want to tell them but I don't want to be mean..... *sigh* DANG MY KINDNESS!
  6. He has an addiction and he said that he's trying to quit. You can hold him accountable for it just as much as you can hold the porn industry and whomever may have introduced him to it accountable. One way you can help him is to continue to pray and even fast. You can even ask him to fast with you. Fasting from technology even the television is a great way to kick the habit. If he's downloaded the bible app he can do a study plan on porn and sex period. I understand you're frustrated but the best thing he needs now is a woman that he can trust to have his back as he continues to strive to be a better man. He was honest about it and was probably more than likely finding a way to tell you. He will kick the habit. Also this site (http://xxxchurch.com) is amazing! It helped a lot of people kick the habit! God be with you both!
  7. Guys I need an advise

    Obviously I'm not a guy hehe but I felt to comment........ They (some) know that you are "religious" and that means that you have standards. You are respectful and you aren't like the rest. My advise......... there's no need to continue to tell them. Just show them. Yes the ladies hand you their numbers and flirt with you but in order for others to understand what you mean by being "religious" show them. If you're at a party and they are trying to get you to do something you're against stand up and say no thank you as simple as that. Peer Pressure is always going to surround you but you have to stand strong and keep holding on. Treat every girl with respect and every guy as well. Keep being you and hold strong to your beliefs. I hope this makes sense!
  8. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    My thing is why did the meaning of gay change? Gay means..... well meant to be happy and joyful now it's twisted to being a person being attracted to the same sex..... it's ridiculous really. Anyway carry on
  9. I'm not talkingabout MerelyARumor I'm talking about old banned members. Unwelcome said that he lurked before joining so I'm sure he saw it.
  10. This question was already posted.... and you of all people already know that so why stir up the pot again?
  11. Random Thoughts

    Heheheheheheheheh *sigh* cow raisins
  12. Random Thoughts

  13. Saw something on Facebook; curious about what people think

    Your name is "meandmyfaith" think about that for a moment...... now think about how you'd react to someone calling your beliefs Traaasssshhhhh.... food for thought
  14. Hola!

  15. What would you do?

    I'll keep waiting. And if they try anything I'd use my military training and kick some behind!
  16. Male Doctors....

    Am I the only one that see a huge difference in male doctors and female doctors? In my experience I've wanted to choke all but one of the female doctors I've ever had. And the one I liked was transferred to another state (jerks). The male doctors I've had have made me feel more at ease and they are more gentle and they do the job i as for and not the extra have you had this or you need to do that routine with me. Am I the only one that go through this?
  17. Singlehood

    Choice. I get offers but I'm not interested in dating at the moment.
  18. New Member

    You sir are a great role model and will make your future wife proud and thank God that he's helped this far! Keep holding on and welcome to the community!
  19. Random Thoughts

    Who me? Never! Hehehe
  20. Random Thoughts

    Thanks! I totally forgot about police officers! Silly me.
  21. How do you Men control yourselves?

    I'm not sure how it's troubling but it doesn't matter. All that matters is you and the future you're asking for.
  22. How do you Men control yourselves?

    Wow the Internet for relief? Hmmmm
  23. How do you Men control yourselves?

    Ok so you had sex with one person...... the question is are you waiting or are you a non waiter? If you've already been waiting my advice is that if you want a virgin wife keep waiting for her if you can't wait for you. How can you expect something of someone else when you can't give them the same? Some if not almost all women can and will look past that one partner especially if you're honest with them about it. If you can't control your urges and need "relief"... instead of having sex do something vigorous such as play a sport like basketball or football or maybe go for long runs and go workout. No one said that you are damaged goods nor can you marry because you're not and you can. You just have to get you mind set on if you're a waiter or non waiter and go from there. My advice is keep "it" in your pants and learn to control yourself by focusing on other things and take yourself a cold shower. But I will say this (again) you cannot ask for a virgin wife if you start having sex with thousands of women or eve hundreds or more than one. It's definitely hypocrisy. Just my opinion.
  24. Random Thoughts

    How can I block an unknown number though? It's untraceable
  25. Random Thoughts

    He asked for me by my full name. I didn't say to ask what else he knew about me because I was angry and scared at the same time. Maybe it's an ex but he had an accent like he was from the Philippines.