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  1. Read, go out and meet people, visit family, volunteer at an elderly home, work out, PRAY.
  2. Vincent DS

    Congratulations on your journey. I know some addictions can be hard to kick and I'm happy to read that you have kicked the habit. No matter what your past is you've bettered yourself and you're wtm and that's an amazing accomplishments! Welcome to the site. I do help people (teens-young adults) that have different types of addiction so if ever you need to talk feel free to pm me. We are a helpful bunch of people so feel free to join the conversations or start a new!
  3. What is your dream guy?

  4. Hello...

  5. So we're not supposed to take you seriously?
  6. Are STDs a deal breaker?

    First of all if you're going to come at me for simply saying no, do it with a bit more class please. Second, My answer is still NOOOOOOOOOOO! And trust me if your partner wanted6to kiss you or have sex with you and they had an STD your heart would be pounding out of your ears. Finally, I don't say no or answer questions without thinking of my answers or how a person may feel first so jumping to conclusions about me is just ignorance. Who wants to be going and getting tested every 3 weeks or month? Anyway I already said how I feel above you can read that too. Also, I'm NOT the only one that said NO. I saw "Ew No" as well so don't just point fingers at me please and thank you.
  7. what are your favourite Christian preachers?

    OH OH OH! I FORGOT CLAYTON JENNINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You take what they say as a stepping stone to better what they see is wrong. Your parents aren't going to tell you something that isn't true and if what they say isn't true prove them wrong by showing them. Don't run (move out) from disagreements stand up to them. Sit down with them and talk and if they don't listen show them instead. Your age doesn't matter it's your maturity level and if you want them to hear you do it with maturity. Also I'm not sure if you're a believer in Christ or not but prayer changes things. Hope this all makes sense.
  9. Are STDs a deal breaker?

    I understand the fact std's can be transferred through birth or rape or drinking after someone and it's not that persons choice but the answer is still NO! I'd like to keep the healthy life I'm trying to live and not be bombarded with an std or two. Why would I risk that? Why would anyone risk that? If my husband has an std (GOD FORBID!) We'd have to use protection for the rest of our lives HOPING I don't contract it. I want to have children of my own besides adopting so my answer stsys at No because it is that easy to say NO especially thinking of the consequences. Yes God says to love our neighbors and be kind to others but He also said don't tempt Him. Wouldn't you be tempting Him with the life He's given you buy having intercourse with someone with an std? Yes I will shiw kindness and lovd to people with an std or multiple std's but I will not put myself in harms way. I know people with std's and it's hard enough that we sometimes have yo throw our cups away because we mix them up. I can't do it.
  10. Hello Fellow Posters

    Welcome Ringer!
  11. Are STDs a deal breaker?

    No no NO NO NOOOOO! Come on....No! I have no other words but NO! Just no.
  12. Artsy! She's just Amazing! Besides myself she's the only girl I know that plays Hockey and has similar taste in men hehe I love her bunches. She gives great advice and she's super funny as well is a brilliant ARTIST! Any man will be blessed to have her as a wife! Eugene! Hubba Hubba hehe seriously though...Eugene is Awesome. He is so heartfelt and loving. He's so respectful and give great advice. Very hardworking and great with Technology. Any woman will be blessed to have him as a friend as I do and he'll be an awesome husband! Francois! He's the BOMB (no pun intended)! He just like Eugene is heartfelt, loving, and respectful. He's very knowledgeable and Is like a big brother to me. His girlfriend is blessedto have him and I am blessed to have him as a friend! Dave! Dave Dave Dave! Always a joy to talk to from the day we started talking. He has helped me see so much especially when I had panic attacks with ocd. God bless him! He'll definitely make a woman happy! Josh (Josh88)! My oh my! I love having biblical conversations with Josh. He is very informative and challenging. He has a loving heart and is very respectful. I'm glad I've gotten to know him. He will make a great husband someday! Honour(King Khan) we may have different religious views but Honour is an honorable man! He is super funny and I consider him to be a great friend. Luke! We haven't known each other long but I look up to Luke. He is a truly amazing Godly man. He's straightforward and honorable. I believe he'll make a really awesome husband someday! I believe I've gotten everyone. If not I'm sorry and when I think about it I'll add!
  13. what are your favourite Christian preachers?

    Jentezen Franklin, John Hagee, Doug batchelor, my Parents
  14. Maybe you're looking too hard. Maybe God is saying it's not your time yet and wait until He tells you it's time. You cant force it or it'll never happen just be patient...... I must admit, i did think you were trolling lol
  15. Hey Yall!

    Welcome Rick. Don't forget to join the conversations old and new; even start your own! I also hope to learn more about you and your religious beliefs!
  16. Comfy clothes around the house...

    This IS SO ME..... except the pajama bottoms and boxer shorts.... that's why us girls have boyshorts lol I love the tshirts and sweaters to be comfy though!
  17. Haha AMEN GodsPhysicist! That's what I've been saying since it was created! I just clear them now.
  18. Hello from Russia

    Welcome Eben! Don't forget to join the conversations!
  19. Random Thoughts

  20. Exactly like me? Definitely NOT! The only thing I'd want and have to be exactly alike is believing Jesus Christ is the son of God, Sex, Children, Missionary work, and Healthy. Everything else has be opposite. How can he complete me of there isn't one single thing different besides body parts. We'd clash because its alway YES OR ME TOO. Besides, if he was just like me or if a guy was just like his wife..... wouldn't that make him gay and vice versa?
  21. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

  22. Random Thoughts

    There was a man that added me on Skype and he said he got my information from WTM..... I don't mind anyone adding me but when you expect me to be open with you, I expect you to be open with me..... I have not spoken to him in a while but I'm just thinking about him even though I don't remember his skype name..... weird I know
  23. Happy birthday first of all...! Second.... maybe you're coming on too strong and maybe not strong enough. Only you could know. Maybe ask them?
  24. "The One God Has for You" vs. Free Will

    This.... *slow claps*