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  1. OCD people: I'm disappointed in you.....

    Lol see majority of us OCD ppl aren't here to see it. No need to hide I'll protect you!
  2. How old are you?

    I'm now 26 I'vebeen here 3 years!
  3. Could You....

    I know a few people with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) my self including. My OCD isn't as severe as some. Others can't really mask theirs while I can actually mask mine to a certain extent. Some can't finish their day if they don't do something in the exact same order as they have done before.... such as blinking 5 times when he or she wakes up, tapping his or her feet left right left left before he or she stands or for me making sure I walk a certain pattern and speed before stepping on a crack in the ground or line in the floor or tapping my fingers a specific way to name a few..... My question is.... could you or would you court/date and or marry someone with OCD? Why or why not?
  4. Meow

    Now that's what I call an entrance! Welcome!
  5. No longer fun..... (?)

    Lol well it's not gossip if it's true. Vince that would be amazing. You come up with some awesome stuff!
  6. Lol no its more catholic..... they're singing to Mary. Basically saying "hail Mary full of grace....... blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus" I believe. Christians don't sing to anyone but Jesus.
  7. Loved them! Sad they broke up but his new stuff is good too!

    You know. I've said the same thing but I say of you're proud of what you're doing show it. It wouldn't hurt to educate people on why you decided to wait and what benefits it has not only for you but to everyone else. Your friends will accept you and may even look up to you and if not..... it's their loss!
  9. Looking at others

    First of all...... I kind of feel like finding her and having a "little" talk (?) With her. Second..... I agree with you. I mean it's nothing wrong with seeing someone and obviously see they are handsome or pretty but just drooling over them I find it distasteful. I know this has nothing to do with religion and I do not want to offend BUT as a believer in Christ we are to look upon others with respect and not lust. It is also written that anyone that looks upon another in a lustful (drooling) manner has already committed adultry. I find that to be a form of cheating and also it shows that the person is shallow and finally..... for her to start posting comments like that towards you because you are a GENTLEMAN and NOT A PIG is just ignorant and if she doesn't get her act together, she'll never find someone as sweet and caring as you are. Thanks for posting this.

    Oh my goodness you're are just the sweetest! I could just hug you! I understand and I believe what you believe too. If you ever feel like talking please feel free to talk to me anytime !
  11. Turning 27 in 3 Days

    Well to each their own I guess. Happy birthday as well. I hope you find what you're looking for but I must say not ALL American women are like that. Those that reject others only reject out of fear. A stammer doesn't.... well shouldn't change how people see you but sadly in a society like ours a freckle will turn people away. I hope you don't get hurt going to Europe. Not sure if you're a believer in Christ but either way I'll pray for you! God bless and congrats on the 6 pack lol.
  12. No "wedding dress" for your wedding??!

    Thank you I live your idea to haven't altered! I'm doing that for my prom dress for our 10 year reunion!
  13. No "wedding dress" for your wedding??!

    For me personally I choose an elegant Rustic White Dress as to show my purity. I don't want another colour because that's what White represents to me. I do plan to have a second dress for the reception. I love soft colours so I'd still have an elegant dress but it would be a dress I can rewear on like a 1year anniversary or some other time. But the White dress for the ceremony is a must for me.
  14. Having children?

    #1 ALL THE WAY! If I find out that I can't I'd be more than devastated though. Adoption is another thing I want to do as well.
  15. I know that a lot of you have a lot on your plates but I really need help. My mom and dad have no idea what I'm up to and before I started this, she nor my dad has told me about their financial issues. I found out on my own. About an hour ago min ago my mom asked me to help her fill out a form and I was reading the form and it's basically putting in for a loan from my dad's job to pay the mortgage. He's already pulled from his retirement and I'm not sure what else he has done. I just know that they need help. I didn't realize how badly the help is needed until I read the form. I made the fundraiser a week or two ago.....

    I started a fundraiser for my parents. I'm hoping to get enough to take a bit of the burdens and stress off of them. I can't give as much as I would like to and I have in the past due to me not getting the same income as I've had before and schooling has taken a lot as well. I know there's a season for everything and this is my parents season to rest and not worry. Their mortgage is past due and they need help now.


    I am a very extremely proud person and I keep a lot of things to myself and that has caused a lot of agitation for me so now I'm asking for help. I want to surprise my parents and if you can give that would be amazing and if not sharing this would be amazing too. Thank you all and God bless.



    1. 'tis the Bearded One

      'tis the Bearded One

      Yikes, mortgage troubles. I hope your parents get through it okay. Praying for you :)

  16. I need help and As hard as this is for me to do. I'm asking for it. God knows I'm a proud and private person but it's time for me to speak up and humble my self. Please help me give back to my parents. And please share.



  17. When the times right I'll be leaving the site. Seems like there's not much to it anymore..... sad but true. Until then I'm praying for confirmation! God bless you all! 


    1. 'tis the Bearded One

      'tis the Bearded One

      :( I have noticed that lately too...especially when you notice that people you thought were active aren't. So sad. You can always come back though and don't need to get your account deleted...

    2. Jasmine23


      I'm thinking on it. I'm still counseling a few people here so we'llsee how it goes! ^_^

  18. Why

    Why does it seem like this section is always so quiet!? You fellas need to liven up this section!
  19. Would You Allow Your Wife To Groom You?

    Better hope she likes that sort of thing haha.
  20. Getting very broody

    Every. Single. Day.
  21. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    Yes sir...Nothing wrong with a man living at home as long as he's not mooching off mom and dad but instead helping take care of things! I'm 20 something and I still live at home so why can't a man. I always had a thing with people that are willing to pay someone to live in their condo or apartment etc. That money could be given to your parents. (Not sure if I answered this)
  22. Porn : need some help to figth against it ?

    Evidence? Look at all the broken marriages and families. Too many people are divorced or going to marriage counseling because of this addiction. As I've said in a post about porn before, I've counseled plenty of people older, younger, and my own age about this. Porn causes sexual dysfunctions. It's disconnecting and leads to abuse. Not just physical but mental and emotional. It is also a form of infidelity. Most people will say they aren't addicted but ask yourself this..... do you think about it when you're not watching? Is it your go to to relieve stress? When you watch, which do you do more..... perform or watch? Do you tell your friends and family that you watch or do you keep it private? Are you more annoyed with people than usual? After watching and or "acting out" are you happier or more drained? Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts that leads you back to watching? These are just a few questions. Would you want your husband treating you the way women are treated in those videos or movies and vice versa.... if your husband isn't aroused unless you are wearing some type of skimpy outfit or act a certain way other than yourself.... isn't that a form of erectile dysfunction? That goes both ways. Yes majority of us are religious but even non religious people can tell you porn is bad. There are ex porn starts speaking out about it. For those of you that are believers in Christ and have this issue there are awesome bible study plans togo through. I'd be more than happy to help you. Just message me. I really hope this makes sense I'm half asleep!
  24. Chat Problems =(

    Seriously what's going on!?
  25. Obeying Your Husband

    Woah....... just woah!