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  1. FINALLY I can access the site again now through Chrome, which doesn't put up that annoying phishing warning. Glad to be back.

    1. Faeries


      Yay! It definitely was annoying.

  2. My novel is terrible, someone give me a hug :(

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      *hug* I know how you feel :)

  3. Crystal is back, Crystal is back, Crystal is baaaaaaack :D

    1. JesSea


      Beautiful new profile pic! Reminds me of Lady Galadriel/Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings.

    2. CrystalFaerie


      Thank you! :) It's funny you say that, because I was actually trying out Elvish hairstyles when I took that picture!

  4. That moment when you decline going to the park with friends on the off chance that your crush might be at the river, so you hang out at the river instead, then find out hours later that your crush went to the park… Sometimes I have the urge to bang my head into a wall.

  5. Awake at 6am and having allergic reactions all over again. Something tells me this is not going to be a fun day.

    1. Daz


      I feel your pain lool it always seems worse in the morning. Hope it clears up (Y)

  6. Titanic anniversary tonight. Thinking of all the beautiful people who were lost 103 years ago… <3

  7. Dreamt that I was getting married :) don't know why I dreamt it but it was pretty sweet.

  8. Haven't been online much because I don't have internet in my new house (the library is my best friend)… But I still love you guys ^^

    1. faizan


      :). Yeah I have not been here much in the last few weeks due to lots of work. I will check out the forums this weekend to see what people are talking.
    2. faizan


      talking about*.

  9. What a powerful experience I had today. I connected with a person I never imagined talking to - and it was beautiful. We are all human.

  10. Woke up to an earthquake last night! Life in New Zealand is full of excitement.

    1. Andrea92


      Take care and be careful! :)

  11. New post on How to Interfaith: Inspired a lot by what I've learnt from you guys on WTM :)

  12. Off to New Zealand! *happy squeal*

  13. For all you ever take, give. (…) For the kindness you take, pass it on; for the love of a friend, give your own. And to take from a maiden her most precious gift, there's but one thing to give her: your heart <3

    1. Daz


      That's beautiful, where did you find it?

    2. CrystalFaerie


      Thanks! It's part of a poem I wrote :) You can find the rest on my blog:

  14. Take my hand, and lead me to salvation / Take my love, for love is everlasting / And remember the truth that once was spoken / To love another person is to see the face of God...