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  1. Crystal is back, Crystal is back, Crystal is baaaaaaack :D

    1. CrystalFaerie


      Thank you! :) It's funny you say that, because I was actually trying out Elvish hairstyles when I took that picture!

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  2. Guess who's been a member of for a year? :D

  3. Stressed to the max about life, is it possible to just pack up everything and start again?

  4. What a powerful experience I had today. I connected with a person I never imagined talking to - and it was beautiful. We are all human.

  5. "We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we merely borrow it from our children."

  6. Happy Birthday, lovely Faerie!

  7. For all you ever take, give. (…) For the kindness you take, pass it on; for the love of a friend, give your own. And to take from a maiden her most precious gift, there's but one thing to give her: your heart <3

  8. Thank you all for the "proximity of my birthday" wishes! They are cherished as a part of my actual birthday. :)