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  1. Hey Everyone!!! Excited to Join :)

    Hi and welcome!
  2. A french in your community

  3. What type of GIRL are you? :P

    Everything Seriously though, it's really hard to decide. I kind of notice everything at once, like how everything fits together (how the eyes look paired with the hair, the general face shape, the body shape, etc). Then I'll focus on the hair and eyes. I love long hair in guys, but it has to be well-kept, not long and greasy. Eye colour doesn't matter but I do notice if it's particularly striking. What I mostly look for in the eyes is the impression they give off - they say eyes are the window to the soul and I completely agree. Then I'll go for the chest. He doesn't need to have abs, but I like a strong-looking chest without too much hair.
  4. Christian Feminist and Successful Waiter Here

    Welcome and congrats on your marriage! You sound like a very interesting person, I'll check out your blog Curious - where are you from? Je suis aussi francophone (I grew up in Switzerland)
  5. Shared interests (girl edition)

    Haha! A small number of people still practise Paganism in most countries, as far as I know. But yep, that's why I try to be open-minded about faith because it will take an open-minded person to accept mine
  6. Second Amendment Awareness

    I'm not from the US - I've only been there a couple of times - but gun debates and the Second Amendment are something I have close at heart. ***trigger warning*** Several friends of mine died in a shooting a bit more than a year ago, and I still struggle with the loss. Since then my stance on the Second Amendment has changed a lot. I used to love shooting guns (I've been doing it since I was 5), but now I won't touch them. I believe there are some people who shouldn't have access to guns, but I also believe the majority of the population should have access to them for self-defense. I don't know how the two can be balanced, and to be honest I don't want to get implicated in it (the whole gun control, background checks thing). All I know is that we need to find a way to balance them. I don't want any more lives lost because of guns, but I also don't want lives lost because of a lack of guns. In any case, I'm glad you're safe.
  7. Biggest misconceptions about your faith.

    I'm Pagan and there are SO many misconceptions about my faith. Here are the "best": Having the same beliefs as other Pagans: since there aren't many Pagans, people tend to stuff them all into the same box. True, almost all of us (except Dianic Wiccans, I think) are polytheists, but that's pretty much all we have in common. There are many branches of Paganism, all very different from each other. It's like saying all Christians have the same beliefs - Wiccans and Asatruar have about as much in common as Catholics and Pentecostals do Making it up as I go: Yes, a few branches of Paganism are relatively new and do, to a certain extent, "make it up as they go". However, I don't belong to any of those - I believe in doing what feels right, but I also believe in doing it how it used to be done. Since most branches of Paganism are at least 1500 years old, it's impossible to know exactly how people used to worship in those days… but I do my best to find out. Having studied Ancient Greek language and culture extensively, I like to think I'm keeping the made-up parts minimal. Hating God: Some people seem to think that because I worship Pagan Gods, I hate the Christian God. In fact, I have a have a great respect for Him and His followers. I've been to a couple of church services, and I love visiting churches - they have such a spiritual atmosphere. But I just feel more comfortable with my Gods. Though Christianity is a beautiful religion, and though I've met a lot of amazing Christian people (with the exception of a few annoying ones who don't "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - but every religion has a few of those), Paganism just feels right in my heart and soul. Being a Devil worshipper: UGH. This is the one I hate most, probably because people have actually used it to discriminate against me. I don't worship the Devil. Just because Cernunnos, Pan and Satan all have horns doesn't mean they're the same being. Goats and buffalos have horns too, but I've never heard of anyone burning a buffalo on the stake for that reason. Having bunny sex: Apparently all Pagans like to have sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone. This is clearly untrue since I'm WTM!
  8. Shared interests (girl edition)

    I wouldn't so much want a shared faith as a compatible one. Sure, it would be awesome if we had the same faith, but since mine is pretty rare, I don't have my hopes too high. What matters most to me is that we are able to agree on the big things. I definitely want him to be spiritual though! I *would* like him to have an interest in literature, art and music, as well as general intellectual topics - I'm fine if he's into sport or video games, but it would be awesome if we could have a good philosophical debate from time to time When I tell him I love Schubert or Tchaikovsky, I would like him to understand why instead of just answering "yeah, sure". Same goes for Victor Hugo, Emily Dickinson, Akiane Kramarik, or whatever. Literature, art and music are extremely important to me and I need him to understand that. As for liking "girly" things… Dear gods I hate them! I only cook because I need to, and I usually put off shopping until my clothes fall to pieces I like to take care of myself (I wear makeup, dress nicely etc) but I won't go out of my way for it. I don't do stereotypically male things either (me, fixing cars? no way) - but I just never really got into "girly" things.
  9. Hi guys! I joined this forum a couple of months ago and felt at home right away. But since then I've started to doubt my choice to wait. It's always felt like the right thing to do but… sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to make it. I don't worry about not meeting that special person (I trust that he *is* out there somewhere), I worry about giving in. I don't know if I have the will to make it. As well as that, I've never been in a serious relationship so a part of me wonders if, when I do find that special person, I'll regret what I missed out on. What I mean is that I sometimes wonder if I decided to wait because of my lack of experience, and that when I get a taste of it I won't be strong enough to keep waiting. Does that make sense? Anyone else doubt their decision?
  10. Doubting my choice

    Thanks for your support I've done a lot of thinking and I've come to the conclusion that I'm strong enough to WTM. I can do it It's something that I strongly believe in and since I usually stand up for my beliefs, I don't see why I wouldn't stand up for this one. Again, this is a great forum because it has just what I need - the support of like-minded people!
  11. A waiting gal new to this site!

    Hi and welcome! I love art too - I don't know what I'd do without it
  12. How old are you?

    I'm 18, turning 19 in two months
  13. Doubting my choice

    Thanks for your answers! Jess, I like what you said about avoiding creepers. That's definitely true and one of the benefits of waiting! In my heart, I know that WTM is right for me, but there is so much pressure not to wait and sometimes I wonder if I can do it. But at other times, knowing that I have made the right choice, I'm confident that I will make it. Amarillo, praying is a good idea - I'll do that!
  14. How many kids do you want?

    For me, 4 children makes the perfect family, but I wouldn't mind if my husband wanted more. I've set a limit at 10 though - I've told my family that if I do have that many, at my 10th baby's birth celebration, they are allowed to bring condoms as gifts XD In any case, I want a large family. Most people can't imagine themselves having any more than 3 children... I can't imagine myself having any less!
  15. Hi!!!

    Hi everyone! My name is Frances and I'm 18 years old. I am originally from New Zealand, but I moved to Switzerland as a child and now I'm studying at university in the UK - but if all goes well I'll be moving back to NZ in May/June. Really looking forward to it! I never really decided to wait until marriage - I just realised one day that that was why I didn't feel the same desire as other people to have sex with the first person they saw… I've always felt that sex was something sacred and that you should only share it with the right person - "the one" if you like. It's the most intimate and special gift you can give, so it should be saved for the most special person It's been a bit difficult for me, as someone waiting until marriage, because of the community I'm part of. Several of my friends are hippies and New-Agey types who are very sexually liberal. Being Pagan, I believe that sex is natural and good, but I also believe that it's sacred and I want to save it for the right person. I'm really glad to have found this site, it feels like coming home. I got a very warm welcome on the chat last night, so thank you for that I look forward to talking to likeminded people who understand my decision to wait until marriage!
  16. What animal do you identify with the most?

    A butterfly. They're so colourful, they're like the artists of nature, which I think suits me since I live and breathe art. I love flowers and anything beautiful, and I like to fly and be free And like butterfly wings, I'm also very sensitive.
  17. This or That!

    Stairs! They keep you exercised Mac or PC?
  18. Hi!!!

    Thanks everyone!
  19. 25 facts about YOU!

    Oooh I want to participate! 1. I'm good at languages. I can speak three fluently: English, French and German. I'm also quite good at Swedish, I can understand some Norwegian, and I'm learning Maori and Icelandic. 2. When I was 12 years old, I became obsessed with Ancient Greece and decided to study the language at college. I was told that I wasn't allowed to because I hadn't studied Latin, so I caught up on 3 years of Latin in 3 months to prove that I could study Ancient Greek. 3. I have way too many things that make me weird and that nobody has heard of before. First, I'm hypersensitive - both emotionally ( and physically (I have food intolerances and my skin is very sensitive to chemical products). 4. Second, I have mild synesthesia. 5. Third, I have all of Dabrowski's overexcitabilities: 6. Fourth, I'm double jointed. I love creeping my friends out by twisting my fingers. 7. Oh, and I'm left-handed. 8. I'm Pagan, but I also believe in Jesus and in Buddha and in science and in aaaaah so many things! 9. I'm vegetarian, but I hate cooked vegetables. I get around this problem by eating them raw, and by eating meat substitutes (those things made of soya). 10. I love children - like, I really really love them. If I see a baby I can't help but smile and coo at him/her. I want at least four children of my own, although I've considered having as many as ten. 11. I've seen ghosts. In fact, I wouldn't believe in them if it weren't for the many times I've encountered them. 12. I'm both liberal and conservative. For example, I have a lot of socialist and idealist views but I also believe in gender roles, waiting until marriage for sex, and mothers staying at home with their children. 13. Art is my life. I express myself through music, writing, painting and dancing. 14. I've been obsessed with the Titanic since I was 11 years old. I know the names, ages, birthdays and stories of every child on board, and I collect their pictures. 15. I'm also obsessed with Les Misérables. I've read the whole book in the original French, and I know all the songs from the musical by heart. 16. I can't pronounce "post-apocalyptic". I always end up saying "cost-apopalyctic" or something like that. 17. I was bullied all throughout my school years. One time, a girl tried to strangle me. 18. I've never been in a serious relationship. The longest I've ever been with someone is 3 months. 19. I'm pretty patriotic. Not to the point of singing the national anthem in front of a flag every day, but I have a deep love for my homeland (New Zealand). 20. I have a sister who is my polar opposite. 21. I can't stand tomatoes. I won't touch them or anything that has touched them, and the thought of people throwing rotten tomatoes at bad artists horrifies me. 22. I can remember as far back as when I was 6 months old, but nobody believes I can. 23. I collect porcelain dolls, stuffed toys and stones (crystals, amethysts, quartz etc). 24. I've never broken a bone or had a tooth cavity. 25. I feel most at home in nature. My favourite place to be is in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand.