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  1. Hi from Maryland!

  2. Warning: Phishing site

    I'm getting it with the whole forum. I reported the problem to Google, so hopefully they stop labeling it as a phishing site.
  3. I don't know how accurate this information is, but it sounds like she's as guilty as Tebow for going after people who don't share similar values. Tebow is probably one of the most famous waiters right now, and she wouldn't have known that going into the relationship?
  4. Orthodox Christians?

    Orthodox seeker, but you know already.
  5. To christian guys

    If she was the one for me, of course I would. None of those things would be her fault to begin with (or *were* her fault, assuming this is an actual person we're talking about). I'd be concerned, however, about her mental and emotional state, and how much progress she had made in coming to terms with her past trauma. I'm an emotionally weak man myself, and though I've "been the therapist" in at least one relationship, I wouldn't want to take on that role again. It's just exhausting, even though the idea of protecting and nurturing a vulnerable woman is attractive to a lot of men...
  6. I'd only do this if they were a reasonably good friend and were already taken, or weren't interested in me anyway. But, if you feel like they would respond well to your request, then definitely do it. My ex introduced me to a couple of people after we were forced to break up, although I didn't end up liking them...
  7. Surname after marriage

    If my wife is of a noticeably differently ethnicity than me and has a name that reflects that, I'd prefer her to either keep her name or to add my name with a hyphen after her maiden name. It would just sound weird otherwise, you know? But it's their call. I wouldn't change my name, though; I've grown to like it a lot.
  8. Chat Problems =(

    Yeah, it's saying that for me too, Geraldine.
  9. Are you shy?

    I'm shy at first, although I'm more talkative and open when I'm in a good mood. I open up pretty fast, too (I'm an extrovert at heart). I tend to attract and be attracted to more outgoing girls, but sometimes I wonder if a quieter, calmer girl would be better for me. It's hard to approach those types, though, because if they flirt with you, it's either very subtle or unnoticeable.
  10. Are there times in life...

    ...when a guy just shouldn't date women, or even seek them out as potential partners? Where he should improve himself before he even thinks of burdening a women with his baggage? For example, I'm a post-graduate currently looking for a full-time job (any job would do right now, but I know that part-time/minimum wage jobs aren't exactly attractive to the opposite sex), but to add to my problems, I'm not even that enthusiastic about my field, since I basically completed school to prove that I could finish something for once in my life. I'm almost 25, too, so if I went to school again, I would have to pick something fast. I really don't know what I want to do with my life other than work with the diploma I have, and I'm not even sure what my real passions are these days. I'm pretty insecure about that fact, too, but I don't know when that state of mind will pass. If you met a guy like me, would you avoid him like the plague until he got his life together? Would it be beneficial for him/me to stay away from romance as well? I know guys are supposed to take the initiative if they want a women, but would putting myself out there in my current, insecure state make things worse?
  11. Greetings from Asia

    Welcome KIP! Good talking to you in the chatroom.
  12. I cannot believe in a literal six-day creation. If that were the case, then I should also believe the earth is immovable and doesn't revolve around the sun, because that's what the Bible "literally" says, too. Science is the observation of created things, and God created all things. Therefore, I trust science.
  13. What qualities are you looking for?

    I can't say I know many people who are quiet and shy due to sexual abuse, since I barely know anyone who's been sexually abused in the first place... But you're right, I should keep an open mind and be a friend if I ever meet someone like that.
  14. Hello from Russia