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  1. This or That!

    Green day. Don't listen to Blink 182. Lose an arm or lose a leg? Happy choosing that one.
  2. I am a christian. 1. I'm from the Church of Christ denomination. That's my denomination because I was raised in that church. I've been to other churches on visits and I like some but I guess my heart is stuck on my church at the moment. 2. I kinda already answered this but yes, I was raise in that church.
  3. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    Well I carry things I need to survive in the Wilderness. Jk I'm a heavy packer and I pack for the the what if moments. So here we go. In my purse I have: Cell phone Ear buds Writing equipment (pens, pencil, notepad) Book (always have to have one) My phone charger Blistex Lip gross and/ lip stick Moisturizer Hand sanitizes Keys My purse ( wallet) Flat shoes ( you never know) Chewing gum / sweets A snack or two, three Umbrella ( depends on the season and weather) Feminine products ( For that special time of the month) Handkerchief ( mommy taught me to always have one) Hair pouch ( comb, brush, hair ties) Random elastic bands Klinex Pills Glasses ( reading and shades) Water ( I get thirsty) Random stuff Ipod ( always have to have my music with me) USB cord But I tend to not have garbage in my purse. Wow! I carry around a lot of stuff. However there are times when all I need is my wallet, cell phone, a book and my Ipod. My friend once said " A purse is your home away from home."
  4. This or That!

    PC. Fried or Bbq?
  5. Hey just jointed

    People tend to judge and state their perception based on where one comes from and not who they are at times. Not saying your are one of them. Just saying. Oh, I didn't say that to offend or attack you. If I did either I'm really sorry.
  6. I would tell him that was forward and not his concern, well not at the moment. But, yes. I am a virgin. Problem? ( in a sarcastic and jovial voice)
  7. Females always say that size doesn't matter but that's a lie. It does but the careful thought and preparation that goes into choosing the perfect ring. That what should matter the most. But here's mt dream ring.
  8. Your type

    Do you find intelligent, corky, nerdy, witty girls? Bonus : What's your ideal type of partner?
  9. 1 - 10. Scoring.

    How do you score girls and why? What are the things that going into deciding if a girl is a 10? ( I know this might be archaic but I always wanted to know)
  10. This or That!

    To the future. I want to know if all that I'm doing is going to work out and if I'll be truly happy. Playstation or Xbox?
  11. Hey just jointed

    @Markb4 I'm from Jamaica Please don't judge based on the negativity associated with my country. But I'm proud to be a Jamaican
  12. Hey just jointed

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Lock forward to being a part of your community
  13. Hey just jointed

    Hey I'm Maci just joint this site and so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. I like the friendship and the sense of comfort and community. Just wanted to say a general hi to all the members. So hi!
  14. This or That!

    Bicycle. That"s the only one I can ride Books or Movies?