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    Having sex - If you believed this for a second, scroll to the top of this webpage to the website banner, and familiarize with the website's name.

    Ethics - I'm very passionate about veganism, as a compassionate way to live.

    Psychology - I'm particularly interested in social cognition and personality. As much as I appreciate the current scientific literature, I still believe Jungian typology and its derivatives (MBTI, Temperament Theory, Socionics) are highly underrated.

    Music - I sing and play bass, and love any kind of music that is organic, authentic, and not quite mainstream (I want to hear people playing music, not computers). John Mayer, Breaking Benjamin, and Robert Glasper are, hands down, my favourite artists.

    Strength-training - I train primarily in progressive calisthenics to improve my physical capabilities. Hopefully, I can use this strength and ability to protect others in need (read: hero complex). I also enjoy yoga and Animal Flow.

    Superheroes - my career aspiration: Batman.

    Movies - Anything by Christopher Nolan is untouchable.

    Hanging upside down - Because it's awesome! You should try it!

    God - Whatever God is, it is everything, and it is amazing.

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About Me

Compassion has always been very important to me. It is the reason I live my life the way I do - namely through my veganism and my choice to wait until marriage for the fullest intimacy.

I've always been abstinent, and don't plan on breaking my wait-till-marriage vow, but it's been frustrating being the only one (so it seemed at the time) that was waiting until marriage. My choice is made out of respect for my future wife, and respect for other men and women - I do not want my wife to be anything less than my only partner, and I do not want to take away from the future unions of other couples. So I'm keeping my pants shut until I get married.

I've recently completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with particular interest in social psychology and personality. I also continue to study philosophy, with emphases on ethics and epistemology.  In my spare time, I enjoy strength-training, reading (primarily psychology and ethics, though I am a huge comic book nerd), and playing bass guitar..

I am incredibly happy to have found this site, so that I may provide support to other waiters, as I understand how difficult it can be to be part of a rare, dying breed. Hopefully compassion and true love are together making a comeback.