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  1. Dating While Waiting?

    Thanks for the advice everyone (: I really appreciate it (:
  2. I have had issues dating recently and I am just looking for some advice. When I met someone, I can't just come out and say "I am waiting until marriage" without sounding completely crazy. The thing is, I dread the idea of going out on a date with a man who isn't aware of my choice to wait. I have turned down several men because I can't find it in myself to tell them right away. I have had relationships, but only when we have been friends first, so obviously they already knew that I am waiting. I am talking about how to tell a guy when you meet out in public and they ask for your number? I will text them for a while and almost immediately they will ask for a date. I never get a chance to even mention that I am waiting. Then I am faced with the fear that they will try something on the date or even leave if they find out. I can handle the rejection over text, but in person... I can not deal with that. I guess I just want some advice on how to date while I am waiting? I also have problems with flirting because I am scared that the guy will get the wrong impression. I feel like I am so limited. Is there anything I can do?
  3. I have dealt with a situation similar to yours. I am just going to say that you should never be with anyone who makes you feel bad about any decision you make in regards to YOUR sexual life. He knew what he was getting into. If he has an issue, maybe you should take some time apart. You want a partner who supports you and helps keep you strong. I know you love him, but you've got to love yourself more. No one who loves you should make you feel badly about what you want, or make you question yourself. I am truly sorry you have to go through this. But, it doesn't sound like a healthy, loving relationship. I would suggest counseling or a break. It shouldn't feel like you have to fight him. He should respect you. If he felt the way that you feel about him, he wouldn't press sex because he would be afraid to lose you. You are feeling it right now. That fear of losing the person you love. Is he feeling that way? It doesn't seem like it. A lot of times men will push and push because they don't value you. They aren't afraid that you will leave because they know you love them. Or they don't even care if you leave because their goal is sex, not a meaningful relationship with you. He is playing a dangerous and hurtful game. I'm sure he cares for you, but that is not what love is. It hurts to realize that, and act on it. I hope you find a solution that works for you (:
  4. I always make sure that I tell a man before we get serious that I am waiting until marriage. I have yet to find one that accepted and supported my decision to do so. That being said, I don't think a man will love you more for waiting. He may respect you more. But, waiting allows you to find a man that values the same things you do (: Not every man cares about whether his partner has waited or not. But waiting for marriage will show your commitment, patience, and willpower. I think that everyone appreciates those values. My last boyfriend was ok that I was waiting, in the beginning. He thought that it made me unique and he appreciated that about me. But he does not have the same outlook as I do. He didn't love me more, but that's because he has a different life style than I do. I value a man that is waiting, because it is important to me. I think it is the same for men. When you run into a man who has suffered through waiting like you have, he will think highly of you because he will understand the challenge you have faced.
  5. Giving up

    I feel like a lot of people on this website really understand how you feel. We have all felt that terrible feeling of not being wanted, or not being enough. For me, I often feel this way because certain men want nothing to do with me because I am waiting until marriage. It feels like rejection and inadequacy. I know it feels hopeless, but it isn't. You just haven't found a person worthy of your heart. If someone is only valuing you based solely on your appearance, what does that say about them? You have to keep your head up and wait for a quality individual to come a long and see your true value. I recommend that you don't worry over people who don't deserve you. Their opinions hurt, but that is natural. Try not to let it stop you from valuing yourself. Everyone has a different perception about what is beautiful! (:
  6. Just Joined

    Thanks Francois 85, I didn't even know that was there (:
  7. Hello all!

    Hey Eric! I just joined too and this community has been extremely welcoming (: I think you'll find a lot of support here (:
  8. Just Joined

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and words of encouragement (:
  9. Just Joined

    Hi, my name is Marinda. I just joined this site, well... because it feels like no one else is waiting. I am glad I found a place with people that are supportive of something that means so much to me. I have been really struggling with dating lately (due to my waiting until marriage), and it feels like I am seriously the only one. My last relationship really had me questioning myself... I was starting to think asking a guy to wait was unrealistic. But I wanted to let you know, you have to put yourself first. Anyways, I felt alone when I was going through my break up. Kinda like a freak for wanting to wait. I am here to reach out to anyone feeling that way to help them stay strong under the pressure of society or even the one you love. You aren't alone. If you feel like you are the only one, just let it all out here. This song really got me through it, check it out. For Those Who Wait- By Fireflight. You are worth it.