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  1. Are we seriously going to debate whether or not it's OK to call people sluts and whores? Etymology. GJ on the red herring. How about I call your dad a motherfucker because it perfectly describes him?
  2. It's like when someone calls my co-worker an idiot because they animate everything pose-to-pose. And when I tell you guys about it, you say "well they need to own that or make changes to their drawing" and "OF COURSE they're an idiot. It's stupid to use pose-to-pose when straight-ahead is so much better, so why are you so bothered about your co-worker being called an idiot?" No. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Whether or not pose-to-pose is better than straight-ahead animation will make animations better is not the point. The point is that this is an abusive setting where people's emotions and humanity is only valid if I do things your way. So if you call a girl a slut, be honest that what you're doing is abusive. But if you pretend being a Christian or a moral person has ANYTHING to do with dehumanizing and insulting a CHILD, my stance will be "no it doesn't".
  3. I get better perspective up here. QFT.
  4. Are you saying that derogatory terms are a-OK as long as it's "true"? Oh happy is the day I bequeath the title of Ching-Chongs and N*ggers to my friends! She made a choice, and her consequence was you becoming a criticizing, judgemental "friend". Good job! Now if you go online and call her a slut, she'll REALLY understand the gravity of what she's done! If I was the girl in this position, I would want us to mutually agree "yes, this won't work out" and amicably go our separate ways WITHOUT HIM CALLING ME A SLUT. Is that asking too much from anyone?
  5. It's good you cleared the air on expectations now rather than later, but nothing you've said makes me think she's saying or choosing this to spite you. She's been honest and up-front about what she wants, and I think that's more admirable than having you on the side as the "safe guy" while she dates other people. From what I gather, she's just different than you expected the "ideal her" to be, and that's not anything that warrents ridicule or bitterness. Personally, if a guy I dated stormed off after I told him how I want to persue more relationships and then went online to call me a whore/slut, I'd feel relieved that I found out about his crippling narrow-mindedness earlier rather than later. I was never anyone's "ideal woman" and if a guy gets upset because I somehow didn't live up to his image of me, fuck him. I'll fart as loud as I want, wherever I want.
  6. Wait... people don't do this? And how would anyone know they're on a date if they don't dress up or make it clear they're on a date? D:
  7. Wife Zone

    Huh. As someone who's married, I think it would bother me if I knew explicitly what he did not want to do with me but did with someone else. Then there would be a discussion where I would ask him why he didn't want to do some specific thing with me. If the reason is because it's become physically uncomfortable to do or is an emotional trigger, then I would leave it alone until he feels comfortable to do it. It would still bother me, though. I would need to work on accepting the situation slowly until it doesn't. If there's no real reason, then I would tell him that he shouldn't have said anything about how he did this or that with so and so, and I was upset that he thought I'm "too wifey" to screw a certain way. Along with asking him if he has a girl for every shenanigan he wants to do but not do with me. In that case, whether or not I want to do it is irrelevant. This tells me he's more interested me functioning as a wife based on his image of what a wife can or can't do rather than discussing it with me like an equal human being.
  8. I told you to lay off of Mirage (and Steadfast by extension) because you were using ad hominem attacks on them. Their advice given to be helpful, and you responded by being completely dismissive and basically saying they were stupid. If that's how you treat people with advice or views you disagree with, I think that's a big issue in any relationship you'll have, platonic or otherwise.
  9. Dude, lay off. If you're going to disagree with Mirage for stating her observations, either keep it to yourself or give some logic behind it. Also, Mirage's advice is still valid: Go date. Don't think "until I lose weight" or "until I'm physically fit". Find someone who's right for you. It doesn't have to be a "liberal girl that will only date me if I'll bone her." In fact, it's best if it isn't. But if you're SO CONVINCED that your virginity is keeping all the single ladies from dating you, go to a bar, start a conversation with a random woman, get drunk and fuck. Congrats, you're not a virgin anymore and liberal women will flock from the far corners of the earth to date you. Then again, I don't understand why anybody cares about people who judges others by how often they got laid. Friend or not, that's none of their goddamn business.
  10. Do whatever you can to feel like you are comfortable and safe, especially on a trip that takes you far from home. If that means getting a separate bed or room, just make sure you have the money for it. If you're staying in a hotel alone, make sure the room has a chain lock or something similar (a staff member once barged into my family's hotel room without knocking. I'm pretty sure they wanted to pilfer something because who opens a locked door to ask if we have towels?). You could also look up Airbnbs too. They're actual rooms/houses/couches people rent out, and you can choose to have a place that has the owner present too. Or think about inviting other friends to go with you too. It'll be a lot more fun that way, and if someone forgets something, chances are someone else will have it llD
  11. Too ambitious for marriage?

    Well, I'm assuming you plan to marry just one person. It'd be a problem if everyone seemed right for you.
  12. Food date

    I'll take whichever tastes better.
  13. So you find out homosexuality is wrong/right. What does that have to do with God's commandment to love one another? You still treat them with love and respect. When the country tries to pass laws that hurt or reject them, you fight against it. When they tell you in happiness that they got married, you congratulate them. When they're sad because they're going through a break-up, you buy them a tub of ice cream or buy them a drink. When their parents disown them because they came out, you comfort them. If homosexuality is seen as a sin and goes hand in hand as an excuse to be unloving, than it's better to be wishy-wishy and loving. For the women thing, read up on Galatians 3, particularly verses 23-29. That is the best case scenario; the Utopia version of society which you'll be hard-pressed to find on Earth. And because their society doesn't exist and culture is so different from ours, I believe that's where people start seeing contradictions (don't quote me on that tho). But if you can't find answers, there is the thing Jesus said how everything in the Bible is tied to loving God and others (Matthew 22:37-40). If any explanation violates that, then it's pretty damn likely it's not a part of Christianity.
  14. Ooooookay... There's quite a bit of throwing technology under the bus in this article. People don't automatically start connecting with their spouse or having sex once you take social media out of the picture. People also don't stop looking for attention when you take the internet away. If you take the internet away, the symptoms the author describes — selfishness, vanity, one-up-manship — will just manifest itself in a different form where there are less witnesses. Anywho, that's what I think.
  15. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    @JDmantel: This was my basis when assumed Amarillo was against the bill. The stuff before it was too confusing otherwise ^^;