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    Hey everyone! So I've been lurking around this site for a while, reading the forums, and finally decided to join! I'm 26 years old and decided ever since I knew what sex was that I wanted to wait for marriage, for both practical and moral/religious reasons- to me it really is the best choice no matter how you look at it- from a religious, spiritual, moral, scientific, practical, psychological, physical, romantic, whatever viewpoint, IT JUST MAKES SENSE and is a very logical, intelligent thing to do- to me there really is no other way! I wish more people could see this, but I'm really glad to have found this site and it has given me a lot of reassurance and support that there are other smart sensible people just like me out there! I hope more people come around to thinking this way. I wish I could meet more people in real life who believe and understand the benefits of waiting until marriage.

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  1. Natural family planning : what do you think?

    Yes, underthesun, I absolutely understand where you are coming from! What I was trying to get at though is that doctors should be exploring other, better options for problems like that, in the 21st century we should have something better for women that doesn't have the side effects or interfere with the body's natural process. BC pills are fine for now, but we need something better in the future, and I'm optimistic that there will be! Plus, if a woman is taking them for a problem like that, does that mean she has to stay on them for life? Isn't it bad to be on them past the age of 35? And what happens when she comes off of them? The problem comes back because it was never cured! So it's a fine method in the short term to manage the symptoms (which is what most of modern western medicine is about), but it's sad that that's all we have! We deserve better! We need a CURE! I'm sure most would agree.
  2. Natural family planning : what do you think?

    But of course..yes NFP is the only way to go for me..yes it's what my religion supports, but there are many other practical reasons...altering the the natural healthy function of your body through artifical hormones is NOT HEALTHY and has a lot of bad side effects that mainstream doctors don't want to mention, and inserting weird devices in my body where they don't belong, like IUDS is just not appealing!!! If you wanna know about all the bad side effect just look it up! You will have no problems finding tons of info. Also if you believe life begins at conception (when sperm joins with eggs), then the forms of BC I mentioned could be abortive since they prevent the embryo from implanting: that is not okay with me personally! I belief in working with the rythmns of nature is better than working against it, better for the body, the environment, and the soul. Also if you use hormonal BC for health issues even that is not that great...it's a quick fix that doesn't fix the problem, just masks it and make your body more out of balance. There are better more holistic options that you can explore. Seriously! Women need better options to cure their gynecological problems than BC pills! Such bad medicine! The only artificial birth control I would ever use if I had to is condomns, bc there are no side effects, however those would not be preferable all the time because as Invincible said.."LET IT IN!!" Buahahaha! In conclusion,any man who fails to understand all I have said after I explain it to him, and still insists I alter my healthy body is a complete idiot. Thank you.
  3. Natural family planning : what do you think?

    Hahaha! I like your number 5 reason LET IT IN!!!! BUAHAHA YEA SON! Seriously, that was great...
  4. Orthodox Christians?

    Well, spirit2change explained pretty well, but I will elaborate further. When the Christianity was forming in the the early years there was pretty much just one church and there were different centers of Christianity each being overseen by different bishops. These five main centers were Rome, Constantinople (Modern Day Istabul, Turkey), Antioch-Syria, Jerusalem, and Alexandria Egypt. All of these bishops had equal power governing their jurisdiction. Now, let's also bare in mind, Christianity became legal during the time of the Roman Empire. By that time, the empire had been split in two- the Latin speaking West (so Rome and everything west of it) and the Greek speaking east, centered in Constantinople. Over time cultural and liturgical differences developed between the churches in the east and the west, but they all remained in communion with one another. In the year 1054, however, tensions between east and west which had been slowly brewing over the years came to head, and the the Bishop of Rome (west) and the other bishops in the east, excommunicated each other. The dispute involved a disagreement on governing power (the Bishop of Rome, aka the POPE as we know him now) wanted supreme authority over the others, which they did not disagree with, as well as a few other issues. So this resulted in what is called the Great Schism. The church of the west came under the complete authority of the Bishop of Rome, who later became called the Pope, and that church came to be called the Roman Catholic Church. The church the east became known as the Eastern Orthodox Church. So that's it in a nutshell. Orthodox Christians today are mostly in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, so countries like Greece and others in the Balkans, Russia, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, AND countries where these peoples emigrated to, such as..THE U.S.! So that's it! The Orthodox and Catholic churches are pretty similar when it comes to things like sacraments, the Communion being the actual body and blood of Christ, the veneration of saints and the Virgin Mary, moral teachings, etc. The main difference is Orthodox do not answer to the Pope, and there are slight theological differences but nothing major, and we have maintained a lot of the things that Catholics have reformed over the years (especially since Vatican II council in the 60's), such as stricter fasting rules (esp during Lent) and our priests can marry. Also, we follow an older calendar, so sometimes Easter falls on a later different date. Other differences are just differences in STYLE, if went to a Catholic Mass vs an Orthodox liturgy, the style would be different (music, chanting, art, etc.). Also babies get baptized and receive communion and confirmation right after at the same time, so they can fully participate from the time they are babies. Also, Orthodox Churches tend to be ethnically affiliated, due to political reasons, so if you go to one the service will partly be in a different language and a lot of the people will be from the same cultural background. So like, in the US, you will find Greek Orthodox Churches, Russian Orthodox Churches, etc, while there's just the Catholic Church, not affiliated with one particular ethnicity. The Orthodox Church is considered by many to be the more ancient Church, or the "first" Church/the one true Church", and we pride ourselves on the fact that nothing has been changed. However, the Catholic Church also considers itself the "first" and "one true Church," and both churches claim Apostolic succession- meaning they were both founded by the Apostles. Despite the differences, we are more similar than different and I get along very well and find a lot of common ground with Catholics. I know all of this stuff bc half of my family is Orthodox and half of my family is Catholic, haha! As for Protestants, that's another story. So there was just Roman Catholic and Orthodox at one point, but then many people began to become unhappy with the practices of the Catholic Church. So in 1400-something, a German monk named Martin Luther sought to reform the Catholic Church, but then the church didn't like what he was trying to do, so they excommunicated him. So he went and founded his own church- the Lutheran Church and what was called the "Protestant Reformation" began. Different groups broke away from the Catholic Church and started founding their own. Examples other than Lutheran include, Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, etc. There's literally thousands of Protestant Churches today! Protestantism swept mostly though Western and Northern Europe, and then was first brought to the US by the Pilgrims and subsequent immigrants from North/Western Europe. Protestantism further developed in the US, and even more branches formed. I can't tell you what they believe, but they do differ considerably from Catholicism and Orthodoxy of course- each Protestant Church has its own unique beliefs. Today, Protestantism is probably the most dominant form of Christianity in the US, followed by Roman Catholicism. Not many people know about Orthodoxy, but we are here! We also have a stronger presence worldwide. If you are curious about, look up a local church in your area and go! : ) So there you go! A crash course in the development of the different branches of Christianity. Hope this enlightened you! AMEN!
  5. Beautiful love story :)

    Wow, is that a TRUE story? It just seems so PERFECT! haha!
  6. Asking out an introvert

    JUST DO IT! Yes, it would hurt if he turned you down. But, what would hurt worse? Him going away and moving on, maybe even meeting someone else, and YOU REGRETTING NEVER TRYING! You really have nothing to lose! If you ask him out and he says yes, then YAY! If he turns you down..oh well! Now you know and can move on to someone else! You will not have to live with any regrets or uncertaintities, "what ifs." LIFE IS SHORT! JUST DO IT! Good luck! : )
  7. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I'm 26 and I still live at home. My siblings all lived at home until they were married. And it's not because I don't have a job or my siblings didn't have jobs. I guess my family is just old fashioned. There really isn't anything wrong with staying home until you are married. I mean I get to save tons of money that I can then use for an apartment/house/wedding, etc, instead of wasting it all now, so it's actually a smart thing to do! I'm close with my family, very family oriented, so I don't mind living with them. Why would I want to live all alone or with some strange roommates when I can live with my family? A guy that is similar to me in this regard would actually be kind of attractive. As long as he has a stable job and is mature, I can't complain! Plus I would like that he's old fashioned and close with his family. The only reason I would move out is if I got a job a long distance away (which is not really my preference, but if I HAD to), and also maybe if I was getting older, like close to 30, then maybe I would consider moving out. But even then, I don't think there is necessarily anything WRONG with still living at home. There are also cultural differences in the the way other parts of the world view this. In some countries in Europe and Asia it is very common for young adults to live at home with their families until marriage...and even after! Multi-generational homes are common. Though some do it for financial reasons I think it is a nice thing and not something to be made fun of. Basically, there is nothing wrong with living with your parents as a young adult, just like there is nothing wrong with living on you own. I would only be turned off by a guy if he had no job, and no ambitions/aspirations to get one in the near future, and was just an immature bum...regardless of whether he lived home or not. * ALSO, just want to add that living at home with the fam...makes waiting till marriage a LOT easier! Hahaha!
  8. HAHAHA love the last comment...
  9. Orthodox Christians?

    Hello! I was just wondering, out of all the Christians on this site, are there any Orthodox Christians? I myself am Greek Orthodox. Would love to know I'm not the only one!
  10. Hey all. So we all know and have discussed on here the many great reasons why we should wait until we are married for sex. But what I want to mention here is a great reason that I feel is often overlooked, and that is social responsibility. We often talk about how personal of a decision WTM is and all of the personal benefits that come from it. And this is true, however, have any of you ever thought about how WTM also benefits the society as a whole? This is in regard to a major topic that is in the news right now, especially with the election coming up, and that is the whole abortion debate. Now the purpose of this post is NOT to discuss the ethics of abortion, so PLEASE NO POLITICAL quarrels! Keep personal opinions about it to yourself PLEASE! My main point is that unwanted/inconvenient pregnancies pose a huge burden on our society. We either have the tragedy of abortion going on, or we have an over-abundance of children being put up for adoption, over-crowding the foster-care system who greatly need a home and may not get one. Now the two reasons most women choose to get abortions is 1) because they feel they cannot properly care for the baby: and MOST (not all) of the time that is because they are UNWED and feel they lack the resources to properly provide, or 2) they do it because of shame (perhaps from parents..) Married women may also feel pressure to get them, but the majority of these women in so called "crisis pregnancies" are single. Why doesn't someone look up the statistics. Thus we have this burden in our society: either innocent children are being murdered in the womb (if you look at it that way), or we have an overabundance of children being put up for adoption who are not finding homes. Well my friends, there is an easy solution to this problem: RESPONSIBLE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. Yes, married people can have unplanned/unwanted pregnancies, but usually, USUALLY they are in a much better place to deal with it. SINGLE PEOPLE? not so much! Thus unwed people engaging in the act which creates human life poses a huge problem to our society. If all single people remained celibate until marriage, I bet the abortion rate would go down a lot! Single people need to realize (and ALL people too) that sex, no matter the reason you are doing it, is STILL the act that creates another human life, and with that comes great responsibility and RESPECT. People may argue that you can be "responsible" and use birth control, well hate to break it to you, but birth control does not work 100% of the time; I personally know of a few women who got pregnant while using some form of birth control! People put too much confidence in it, especially single people, and think they can be as promiscuous as they want and not suffer the consequences. Furthermore this over-reliance of single people on birth control contributes even more to the problem of unwanted pregnancies, because, well, if you are using it, that means that you do not want, nor are in a place in your life where you can care for a baby, so if you get pregnant it's going to be very inconvenient for you! Thus we can see how single people having sex contributes to the problem of unwanted pregnancies/children in our society. The main lesson here we all need to learn is that if you are not in a place where you can properly care for and raise a child, as in you're married, then you should not be having sex, or you should be thinking long and hard about it before you do- like about what you would do if you got pregnant. We have lost respect for the act of sex, lost sight of what it's really about, lost respect for ourselves, and ultimately for our fellow man. It has always baffled me how people can engage in one of the most intimate of acts, the VERY act that has the potential to create another human LIFE with someone that they have not committed themselves to! And in our society, the one's who are suffering the most for our promiscuity/disrespect of the sex act, are the INNOCENT: the "unwanted" children created from these unions! Thus I think we can see how not engaging in sexual behavior as a single person not only benefits the individual but also the society at large. If you need another good reason to feel good about waiting, well here it is folks! : ) DISCLAIMER: in my post I am referring only to people who WILLINGLY engage in sexual behavior, and by no way referring to those who may be victims of rape, which is an entirely different situation. ALSO if any of you reading this have had an abortion, I do NOT condemn you or think you are bad, my HEART goes out to you! FINALLY this argument is by no means a reason for us to attack those who do not wait! If anything, it's some encouragement, and a way for us waiters to feel good about what we are doing! PEACE OUT!
  11. Are all men primitive?

    hahaha...this is so funny. Well, I wouldn't say it's primitive for men to like boobs and asses! It is natural and necessary for us to be attracted to the opposite sex! So...men SHOULD be attracted to boobs and asses! I certainly hope my boyfriend/husband finds me physically attractive! Just as WOMEN should also be attracted PHYSICALLY to men! I mean come on! I know I love a guy with a nice butt....among other things! So what? hahaha! BUT what makes it not primitive is that we as humans are not ruled by our urges!! Sex for us has a more sophisticated meaning. Evolved men and women know about self-control, they respect and revere the act of sex and all it signifies and we respect our fellow human beings. So, it is good and natural to be attracted to the opposite sex! It's only primitive if we treat the other like objects! There is nothing wrong with noticing a member of the opposite sex is attractive....it only becomes wrong if we go overboard fantasizing about all the things we want to do to them...making cat-calls, throwing ourselves inappropriately at them, speaking about them in a degrading way, violating their space, stuff like that! Nothing wrong with feeling attraction though!! Okay? Hope that clears this up!